Kite inventory / quiver 'positioning' question

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Appreciate any input here, i'm a new kiteboarder and am through my first couple lessons as of last week so I"m looking to get setup w/ gear now.  My water starts are  reliable and I can get up and stay on the board OK considering my 10 hours of experience thus far.  Also I'm a 200 pounder+ ,  shit flexibility, but lots of stamina

Based on instruction input and online research, buying the 165cm LiteWave 'wing' as my beginner / eventual light-air board.

Much of my sailing will be great lakes in the spring-summer-fall (read: light air) but I travel to the carib each winter incluing next month where I should see 15-25 knots.   I also will start snow kiting as soon as the lake that I live on freezes over.  I'll have easy access to that, so this is a pretty big priority in terms kite-time to improve skills

For my summer / light -medium air "go-to" kite, would you start with 12 or 14m ?

Prolly start with 3 kites, so maybe go like 9-12-17 ?     In the interest of simplicity I plan to stick with one brand for kites+bars, and cabrinha has been suggested by a knowledgable local friend


- Cabrinha Contra 17 (or should this be 18 ? 19 ?)

-  Cabrinha Switchblade 12 (or 14?)

-  Cabrinha Moto 9 perhaps (prolly my BVI kite / snow kite ?)

for sure buy new for my main-event kite but may look for new-ish demo or slightly used stuff for the less-often needed light air and heavy air kites

I'd be super grateful for input or correction to this plan !


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