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Gear Anarchy

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Purpose: This forum is intended to provide a place to ask questions and make comments about companies, products or services. Good, bad or indifferent, we want this to be about honest dialogue about the gear in our sport. The idea here is also to involve Marine Industry Professionals to discuss their products and postings about them. This could and should be a really good thing.


Rules: This is not a place to come and simply bash vendors. "Harken is shit" for example just won't fly. You may post a complaint about a product or company, but tell everyone what exactly is up with the thing that you are talking about. If you're smart, be sure that you take reasonable means of solving the dispute with the manufacturer or vendor in private. You may also post any correspondence to and from a vendor as well. Bring your comments, just don't like an idiot - you will be bounced.


Product or service reviews: You may post reviews of products or services whether good or bad, but we want the comments to be specific - tell what did or didn't happen, what you expected, etc., and do it in a way that communicates the experience that we can all understand. The Anarchy spirit is of course fine, just don't be an ass about it. That is all.


Have fun,

The Anarchy Team

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This topic is now closed to further replies.