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The first i550 in Africa

Posted by sailskkf, 09 January 2013 · 510 views
i550, i550 blog and 3 more...
The first i550 in Africa http://471.sailspace...0107-214819.jpg

The first i550 in Africa is now under construction. So far we have 3 boats under way and we are looking for more African builders to join in!! I have a pretty detailed blog going at Http://www.471.sailspace.org/wp  or https://www.facebook...iteElephants...

MSC 2011: Aftermath

Posted by sailskkf, 11 July 2011 · 432 views

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Well it's over. At least until next year. And if I'm left with one sentiment ringing through my head it is that the JS 9000 is simply incredible. I went to Durban full of trepidation. A nasty weather synopsis, big swells, offshore winds and statements like; 'your boat...

3rd man auditions and MSC Week 2011

Posted by sailskkf, 20 May 2011 · 273 views

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With the 2011 MSC Week Regatta starting to breathe down our collective necks the final flourishes need to be put in place for the Frumious Bandersnatch MSC Challenge... In the last few months we've re-engineered and licensed the trailer, acquired a towing vehicle, had the mast...

Back to the future

Posted by sailskkf, 07 April 2011 · 298 views

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I have been out on an Internet adventure looking for inspiration for a small sports boat design and while browsing the wave piercing bows, wings and canting keels forums around the world I turned up this remarkable beast.. She's a 14m canting keeler concept yacht from designer...

Margo MacKay Night Race

Posted by sailskkf, 26 March 2011 · 187 views

Just back from a great sail. Took us 3 hours and 45 minutes to complete the course and the wind was mostly a steady 7-11 knots throughout the race. We had a close fight with Baleka until the penultimate mark...then they disappeared in the dark. The theory is the Rum and Cokes got the better of them....

Don't forget to pack some common sense

Posted by sailskkf, 17 March 2011 · 182 views

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For those who don't know, the new South African Maritime Safety Act has been in force for some time now and like much of the newer legislation it seeks to apply a prescriptive approach to safety at sea rather than a rule based approach. To accountants this will be a familiar...

Race report: Spring Series 4

Posted by sailskkf, 17 March 2011 · 134 views

It was an unpromising day when I looked out of the window in Bryanston. Overcast, drizzle...it looked a lot like the good ol' Blighty I remembered. I thought long and hard about whether it was worth getting out of bed and driving the 1.5 hrs down to Deneysville. I didn't have a crew to sail with, so nobody to let down but also no one to rely on if...

To quote the duke of Wellington, that was a 'Damn close run thing...'

Posted by sailskkf, 17 March 2011 · 309 views

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The 2011 single handed round the island race saw a very close duel between the two JS9000's. Using GPS Action Replay we can deconstruct the results...

The race between the two boats ended on a knife edge. Having changed lead twice on the beat, Agattu was able...

Local Hero. Finally a boat we can afford

Posted by sailskkf, 17 March 2011 · 275 views

Those of you who have spoken to me recently know that I have been yakking on about trying to find a low-cost/high-value modern boat accessible to the home builder. One reason is that I've always wanted to build a boat and now that I live in South Africa I potentially have the space and time to do it. Another reason is that I've met a lot of...

An insular mentality...why South Africa needs to look abroad

Posted by sailskkf, 17 March 2011 · 230 views

Captivated by the big blue sea? Maybe you are addicted to racing? Maybe you just want to mess around in boats? But before you put that deposit down on a South African boat think hard. Very hard. South African yachts are inexplicably expensive and very poor value for money. The yacht market seems to be living in a dream-world where there is no recession,...

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