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3rd man auditions and MSC Week 2011

Posted by sailskkf, 20 May 2011 · 275 views

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With the 2011 MSC Week Regatta starting to breathe down our collective necks the final flourishes need to be put in place for the Frumious Bandersnatch MSC Challenge... In the last few months we've re-engineered and licensed the trailer, acquired a towing vehicle, had the mast painted a snappy shade of white. With all this going on the boat has barely been on the water since the RTI in February especially as it's happiest time of year...audit in the real world! Now it just remains for me to complete my Dayskipper's course courtesy of Offshore Sailing Academy, the VHF exam, get the boat 'Roadworhtied' again by Dicky Manten and get some painfully expensive insurance renewed and we are good to go to the blue blue shark infested waters of Kwa Zulu Natal....Almost.

You've probably guessed that Sailspace isn't showing a re-run of Orson Welles' epic on it's video channel - we're afraid the free account won't spring for that! What we are doing is auditioning for our very own 3rd man.

Frumious Bandernsatch regular Tim Horak has taken himself out of contention for MSC week, due to 'career' considerations...so the team is looking for a new number 3 to come to the coast. If you are interested please email me asap! All you need to do is pay your own accommodation and food (lets be honest, it's all going to be liquid anyway!). We plan to travel down, boat in tow on the 2nd July and back to Deneysville on the following Saturday.

Email: willg@wilderness.co.za Cell: 0725 727 431

Ps. if you want to come and are female don't let the title put you off, I'll happily kick the 2nd man off to accommodate if necessary!

Pps. The MSC campaign is short a Ford LDV wheel and tire to serve as a spare for the trailer too...donations welcome!

PPPS. Frumious Bandersnatch is a 30 ft JS 9000 sportsboat, she's very fast, very fun and very wet. View her here: http://www.wix.com/w...00-south-africa

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