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Event: PMYC Crab Festival Regatta

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Added by Ballard Sailor, 18 Jun 2013

Taking place 06 Jul 2013 through 07 Jul 2013 (Ranged Event)

Ballard Sailor

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For 2013 we’re bringing in a new race for the enjoyment of everyone – The Crab Festival!  Back in 2011 We put on an IOR rendezvous that was to all accounts a full success even though we couldn’t figure out how to actually score the boats with an IOR rating – oops.  But one thing we did notice was the rendezvous and racing was put on the first weekend of July and since Crab season opens on the 1st, people brought crab pots and we had a huge crab boil at the club later that night.  Which got us to thinkin’…  Port Madison is such a great place for crabbing, why don’t we focus on that, do some racing, get members and friends out, and then do a crab boil and potluck at the club along with some fun shoreside games.  The Crab Festival came into existence.
The 2013 Crab Festival will have PHRF and Cruising Class divisions along with One Design and Portsmouth Dinghy divisions if interest arrises.  Everyone knows what PHRF divisions are like, but what is the Cruising Class you ask?  Great Question!  The Cruising Class incorporates what you have traditionally know as the Non-Flying Sails Division but with soo much more.  PHRF ratings for this division will be developed by the race committee incorporating a myriad of items that we feel effects the performance of your boat.  Flying and Non-flying sails are encouraged to enter and we will be rating everything from roller furlers, sail age and type, bottom condition and boat configuration.  The entry form has a large group of questions to narrow down for us how your boat is set up.  Attempts will be made to send this division on a more reaching course with less corners than the other divisions.  As well, the cruising class will incorporate rating credits for things like women drivers, under 18 year old drivers and how many crabs you provide for dinner.  The idea is to make this a fun event for everyone and every type of sailing vessel – so get that boat out and plan on having some fun in July, 2013!
Shoreside activities Saturday night will include, of course, the crab boil and potluck.  Dinner will be a A BYOB event!  We will be boiling up those Crabs caught during the day and Appetizers, Side Dishes and Deserts will be provided in the following manner: Boat Names A-H bring an Appetizer, Boat Names I-P bring a Side Dish, Boat Names Q-Z bring a Desert.  You do not need to race in order to attend dinner, just bring some crab and potluck items!  The evening’s festivities may also include rain gutter racing, crab racing and spinning yarns around the outdoor fire, so bring some s-more makings!
Rain Gutter Racing & Crab Racing, What the heck are those you ask?  Well let me tell you!  The Rain Gutter racing will be a team event.  Basically teams will be blowing a homemade boat down a length of rain gutter filled with water.  One entry per boat or non-racing family.  No limit on the number of teammates.  Boats will be made from plywood, duct tape and skewer sticks, no other materials permitted.  Boats can be pre-made, or materials brought to build boats onsite.   Rules:  Entrants will have to decide their teams relay pattern, but each member of the entered team is encouraged to participate in the gutter racing part of the event.  Boats will be propelled via human generated wind power alone.  Contact may be made with the boat in the event of a capsize, to only right entrants vessel, incorporating a 3 second penalty added to the finish time per contact/capsize event.  Boats must not be “pushed” from the starting area.  Boats that are pushed will be disqualified.  Entrant with the fastest elapsed time wins.  Sounds fun right?  And the Crab Racing will be an attempt to see who’s crab can reach the baited crab pot first!  There will be one entry (crab) per boat or non-racing family participating in the Crab Festival.  Each entered crab will have a bobber (with boat or person’s name on it) on a length of mono-filament line attached to the top center of it’s shell with a small amount of fast drying epoxy.  When the horn is sounded the crabs will be released into the water from the beach area in front of the clubhouse.  The first crab to reach the baited crab pot set in the dinghy basin wins the race.  Please bring a bobber, mono-filament and fast drying epoxy if you plan on racing your crab.  Now that sounds like good times, eh?  All the fun and excitement of the Cow Bay Crazy Canadian Games without any of the blood, gore and carnage.