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  2. SloopJonB

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    You have a problem with herding cats?
  3. Looks like more people from the Trump house are going to be looking for jobs come Monday....
  4. Looking at a Mac 26. I hear it planes like a TP 52.
  5. totally stone age construction there
  6. peterbike

    Gunboat 68

    harryproa, congrats on the new website. It is good to have all the relevant pieces of info in one place. ( although I am itching to see the exhilarator 40 drawings ? ) The kick up boards are a VERY good idea ; & I think we will see flow on from your ideas very soon. Lastly, I cannot find the "page 6 ultime thread" ? Keep up the good work !
  7. Glenn McCarthy

    DHS takes on the RRS

    Mulling on this: 1. The best action US Sailing could do is inaction. 2. If the USCG thinks they have solutions, they should make it for all boaters. They already have required safety gear to be carried by boats, they enforce the IRPCAS right of way rules. Are they really saying that their prior work is a failure?
  8. Hot off the drawing board ! Latest Rapido 40 Renderings !
  9. bgytr

    ORC For Dummies

    I don't think there will be definitive trends, but will be more what your conditions are and tailoring the boat to the course and locale. It largely will depend on how the RC implements the handicaps especially for long distance races. Ex. Bermuda race tends to be more upwind and close reaching in moderately strong winds. So if a boat is fast in those conditions but slow in most other conditions it will be somewhat favored because of the equal weighting given to other points of sail that may not have occurred during the race which will tell the algorithm that the boat is slower. There are ways for the RC to specify conditions over the course to account for such, but I've rarely seen it done- literally one race back in the IMS days over my 50 plus years of racing have I seen the RC specify a percentage of wind direction and speed to be used for handicapping purposes. Usually you get an "ocean" or distance rating based on a circular random type approach.
  10. Ishmael

    Since we know the Russians are here

    Please! That particular froot loop is nothing like He is devoid of any class.
  11. Clove Hitch

    I am waiting for an apology from the libtards

    You better check Facebook for the latest news
  12. Nice, thoughtful, thank you!
  13. toddster

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I met a millenial who thought he was making a living by buying stuff from Amazon and selling it on Craigslist. Cats and Dogs are pretty good at photo-bombing every conceivable image. But... there are four cats in that picture.
  14. Mrleft8

    Drip Drip Drip

    So..... Lil Rocket man and Vlad the Impaler are going to meet....... In Russia..... Funny how Lil' Kim'll go to Russia, but made Trump come to S.E. Asia to meet with him.... Who's the fucking wet pussy in this trio?
  15. Olsonist

    The Redacted Mueller Report

    Ask Manafort, Gates, Flynn, Cohen, Papadopoulos, Zwann and Pinedo how much they got for doing nothing.
  16. Ease the sheet.

    Drip Drip Drip

    The fact that warbird thinks that anything on facebook is news is not surprising. Scratch that. Warbird thinks?
  17. jack_sparrow

    Brexit, WTF

    Hardly two faced and Brexit is hardly running along political lines plus Nancy applied same comments to the EU. Don't forget there is a lot of Irish sentiment in US so her message and those that write about it has a large domestic flavour. The positive of her visit and comments is it puts Brexit into US lounge rooms which is not a bad thing, remembering Trump calls himself “Mr. Brexit” despite evidence that a disunited E.U. undermines U.S. security and economic interests. For instance Minneapolis Star Tribune. "The West is enduring an irresponsible era of destruction of institutions that have helped deliver decades of relative peace and prosperity." “It’s easier to break something than construct it,” Bart Oosterveld, director of the Atlantic Council’s Global Business and Economic Program, told an editorial writer. Mary Curtin, diplomat-in-residence at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School, told an editorial writer. “Imagine if all that energy had been put into addressing some of the societal issues that may have led people to vote for Brexit.”
  18. Seems to me if you don't want people fucking with your shit you should take care of it yourself and not impose on others.
  19. phillysailor

    The Redacted Mueller Report

    Not my reading of the situation. Trump doesn’t get his day in court while president. After his term(s) are up he is open game for prosecution and civil suits. It does mean the onus is on Congress to deal with any high crimes while a sitting president is in office. Mueller did his best to make the evidence available, and he’s laid a road map for simpletons to follow. There has to be overwhelming political will to turn impeachment into punishment or removal, however, and it’s safe to say no one has made the case that exists. Trump is an American problem, as are his cult like supporters.
  20. Importunate Tom

    Hold my beer...

    When you write a sentence like that one, you should stop and think, "Why am I writing it here for free, where it could be victim of the next whimsical purge, and not writing it in the book and getting paid and keeping control of my content?" And then continue to entertain us for free.
  21. phillysailor

    Since we know the Russians are here

    It’s lazy posturing. H28 tried out a stupid idea to see if it would gain traction. He had put no effort or thought behind his words, but enjoys the response, trolls for more. Mid hate to think he represents many people in the auS, but believe he might be the norm. Unthinking, uncaring & convinced he’s right. But really, just lazy.
  22. Importunate Tom

    "National Cleavage Day"

    So I heard Misty May doing a radio spot for a varicose vein treatment center. I couldn't find the thread about her... uh... cleavage. So I guess that's cleavage-related news? Trying to decide if it's more or less depressing than seeing that Ford Mustang with the "ANTIQUE" plate.
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