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  2. billy backstay

    "National Cleavage Day"

  3. billy backstay

    "National Cleavage Day"

  4. Boink

    Restoration Ron Holland IOR racer Flirt of Paget (2)

    Fabulous stuff happening here. Thank You FOP! Quite literally in awe of the quality of workmanship that you bestow on your pretty Lady. Please included as much detail on all aspects as you can be bothered to describe. I am guessing that the hunt to shed weight (mass) is the driving factor behind the new engine, carbon fibre toilet, carbon fibre everywhere that is not either originial Wood, Zebra wood ( and v.beautiful) or titanium. What finish did you use on that propeller - Looks more like high end Door Handles finish, than a propeller..... Do you use PropSpeed just before launch or stay with the varnish? A new rig will transform her characteristics should the weight savings follow the route suggested by boom upgrade. Are New Sails planned? Is the Red Dye & White paint a means of Weld checking - or is there something else going on here? Speader Tip Cups - Titanium or SS (looks to be SS to my eye)? New Chainplates following a rig re-design? Material? I see you and your Lady has made an appearance in the Luna Rossa Thread #3218...... Nice! Looking forward to seeing lots more. Fingers crossed your new rig arrives on time and everything fits like a glove. Figure you are planning splash time in readiness for Mid Summer festivities.
  5. Sailabout

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    so google apple starbucks etc have always paid tax in separate EU countries since they appeared or just based themsleves in ireland and paid there? How did that include the UK when they were a tax loser as well?
  6. I've done some of the ICW with a measured air draft of 64' 3" (Windex removed, VHF turned upside down). Your ability to estimate clearance from the deck is virtually nil. 5' clearance and minus 2' clearance look about the same. On the ICW, the designed height was supposed to be 65' but this is confounded by many things: construction/surveying error, post construction settling, unpredictable tides driven by wind and rain, inaccurate depth boards, lights or cables hanging below, and shallow water depth. The latter because often you cannot transit at low tide - you are squeezed between the bridge and the mud. When I designed the rig I wanted it "ICW capable", hence the air draft of less than 65'. If doing is again I'd go 62 or even 60'. The butt clenching while approaching a questionable bridge is substantial if you are that close. One thing I had thought to do (but didn't) is put a camera on the masthead. At the time of construction I didn't want the wire, now it could be wireless and smaller. Trouble is, I think the picture would just scare the shit out of me every time.
  7. Steam Flyer

    Comfort zone: air draft/bridge clearance

    Find a boat going the same way as you, with a mast 1' taller. Follow them under bridges. If they break off more than 1'of the top of their mast, stop. Don't go under that bridge! Problem solved. You're all welcome FB- Doug
  8. Thank you for your contribution to the imoca thread.
  9. Sailabout

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    hedge funds have shorted what?
  10. That's good to know. I see that the the ILCA's approval process also requires the potential new builders to produce 10 pre-production ILCAs to prove to the ILCA that they can do the job. Appendix A3 – Pre-Production Approval If the applicant has been successful with their formal application, they will be invited to proceed to the pre-production approval process and be issued with full details of the IBM. This will require purchase by the applicant of the necessary moulds and equipment produced from the master plugs, preliminary training of staff by the existing builders nominated representatives on the IBM requirements and techniques and then construction of 10 pre-production boats to prove to the ILCA and WS technical staff that the builder is capable of meeting all the requirements of the IBM.
  11. El Boracho

    Sailing from LA to SF, Solo w/ Little Experience

    No way that person was a FF girlfriend or even applicant. Maybe in an incel's dreams. Both the woman and FF had their plans arranged around Mr. Moneybags to the right.
  12. billy backstay


    Will that valve allow droplets out??
  13. IStream


    Only the industrial N95s, which are meant to keep dust out of your lungs, have the exhalation valve. There are other industrial N95s that don't have the valve (they're cheaper). No medical N95s that I'm aware of have the valve. If you've got a valved N95, just put a cotton ball inside the cage over the flapper to defeat the valve.
  14. Cal20sailor

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    Very. However, Trump has blood on his hands for dragging his feet knowing that this was going to crater his "greatest economy of all time." To say this could not have been handled better is foolish.
  15. solosailor

    Design Project - Seeking Input

    Can't think of a damm thing. We've already got vest/handheld GPS, VHF w/DSC, AIS, sweeping lasers and RF devices. Teleportation?
  16. El Boracho

    Design Project - Seeking Input

    A proper terminal kit for Starlink Broadband. Two nearly impossible design constraints: 1. The physical design needs to be directed by someone who has actually fitted and serviced products on offshore boats (Vs. Garmin, Raymarine, etc) 2. The user interface design needs to be directed by someone who can copy the properties of a slick user interface (Vs. Motorola/Iridium) Don't laugh. Marine products seem to be from designers with zero lifetime experience. My credentials? On an Internet forum? Really?
  17. Dog

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    Testing could have been rolled out faster if Trump hadn't contaminated the reagent in the first batch. Other than that I don't know of any examples of the states not getting the support they requested. It's indicative of the bias and TDS in this forum that so many let stand the ludicrous proposition that Trump is responsible for the deaths due to a pandemic. "Donald J Trump is now the leading cause of death in the United States"..... How fucking stupid is that?
  18. Uh oh. That sounds like the immature desire for gunpower by black people that scares Jocal so much. Yeah, our cities are burning, patience is gone. And Tom displays his pattern of race-baiting.
  19. jack_sparrow

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    That's down the line. Don't forget the "now".... the rich have a more pressing problem. While Brexit occured on 31 January there are plenty of places it can start falling off the rails starting with an extension due to economic uncertainty right through to economic chaos/emergency election/ rejoining the EU etc. An extension and why it will never happen? Guess how much money is shorted (betting on a drop) caused by a No Deal and has been invested by many of the same who backed Cummings/Johnson and shorted Remain in 2016. They are at it again. That is one principal foundation stone to the FRAME and why Cummings is still in the job. I have a feeling The Times is slowly joining the "framing dots." May 30 - The Times - Teflon Dom Cummings sets his sights on one thing only: BREXIT There was also an interesting Cummings reveal at 13.18.40 on Wednesdays Future Relationship with the European Union Committee Hearing
  20. Amati

    Some people aren’t getting it

    Not that hard, looking out at at Haro, there are medium naval vessels that appear to be patrolling the international border, from both sides. A lot more serious threat there than my personal warning shot at a safe distance. Although most Trumpaloos think no one would dare fire on them. The inadequacy of response is palpable, no?
  21. Charsel

    Picture Sharing From Your Boat

    Racing on the Manatee River
  22. Sol Rosenberg

    “I can’t breathe” Part 2

    You didn’t see what your eyes saw You didn’t see what your eyes saw You didn’t see what your eyes saw. c’mon bullshitters, in unison: you didn’t see what your eyes saw. Look down the barrel of a loaded gun. Pull the trigger. You didn’t kill yourself. You were going to die anyway. You didn’t see what your eyes saw. Good bullshitters.
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