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  2. olaf hart

    Crossing an Ocean, lets try this again

    Love it, you are doing a really good job of being brutally honest about what it’s loke out there. its a rare sailor who hasn’t said a prayer or two on a long passage...
  3. RobG

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    No. The breeze there would be better characterised as light and flukey. Not as bad as NY for sure, but not easy, particularly when the crews had had very little time in the boats. Some struggled to even get foiling consistently, could foil gybe maybe one in three and couldn't do foiling tacks at all. Very different to Cowes, by which time the crews had learned to sail the boats and had glamour conditions for the practice races. I think money is the big killer for stadium sailing races. The crews need to be full time, with two or three reserves, full time support and repair crews and each team needs a second training boat so they can train hard without potentially wrecking their race boat. So whatever Larry is stumping up for SailGP needs to be doubled for it to be independently viable. I really can't see that happening, but I'll enjoy the show while it lasts. :-)
  4. El Boracho

    Crossing an Ocean, lets try this again

    I like it. Thanks. I too think the hardest part of shorthanded* sailing is keeping your mental condition healthy. Reasonably near sanity. Someday you may be challenged by hallucinations. Can be fun, frightening or fatal depending on the individual. I doubt quick release pins, with the ball retainer and maybe a pushbutton, have no place in the rig of an ocean boat. * Two is shorthanded in bad conditions. Or if debutants.
  5. He did say ‘Only he could save the world’, what, a year or two ago....
  6. badlatitude

    Buy Greenland

    I'm confused. I thought God could have made this deal happen?
  7. rustylaru

    Farrier 18ft trimaran

    And a plywood boat of this age will have water intrusion somewhere. I rebuilt a 720 16 years ago. Beam recesses on the forward deck were rotten. Fixing these plywood glass boats is easy peasy. They sail real nice too.
  8. Grinder

    J111 Worlds Chicago, IL

    Cooler Jockey is a coveted position! Fancy.
  9. You are a boating accident fan, and proud of it. (You conspire for others to hide their battle gun problem.) You choose to peddle a gun-hider lie, true to form. You delight in corroding to civic values in general, but I find that Libertarians are not just into shitty citizenship, but they also peddle dark money, and blythe carnage, without skipping a beat. What a package... Roger Stone with gunz. Think about it. After we hide the guns, from dwelling to dwelling, somewhere, we either sneak around with them after the kids are in bed, or we just kinda train the kids to lie about them. All our kids can keep secrets, right? No burden or conflict there, as they tell fibs about AW's then cringe down in their regularly programmed active shooter drills... It would be fun to do a search for how many times per month you use this boating accident gag (as if it is clever at all). At least it's not race-baiting. Or tools. Or flowers. Or more proliferation. You have a certain style, fella. love those dogballs, out.
  10. smackdaddy

    SailGP 2019

    This is something I'm personally very interested in. Since SailGP is annual, it becomes the top-teir of global professional sailboat racing. But what exactly is the pathway to getting there? Since we're talking foiling cats it's a pretty blurry line. What I mean is you have Besson coming out of the Nacras, Fletcher and Outteridge coming out of the 49ers, Kirby the Moths, Robertson the M32s, Slingsby the Lasers - and saying he's now going to the Moths. (Plus all the past AC experience of these guys.) So, what is the best route toward sailing an F50? Judging by Slingsby's plans, it sure seems the Moths are becoming the preferred platform. It will be interesting to see what the AC foiling monos do and how that changes this equation even further - if it does at all. The bottom line - foiling is the new performance sailing. So those UFOs of yours are starting to look pretty cool, martin!
  11. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    Uglybuilding Admiration Society Hangout

    I like the formal resemblance to a slash burner - and it's nice to see they've got a spark arrestor on.

    J111 Worlds Chicago, IL

    Beer Ferry and Snacktician are a couple of positions that have been used
  13. I click through the pages of the "concept" pages on designers' websites when I have a lotto ticket in my wallet. There are some amazing proposals out there that never get built.
  14. Jud - s/v Sputnik

    Anchor sizing - i.e., bow roller fit

    Wow, small world! Funny enough, I very recently came across an article he wrote in Good Old Boat about that. He certainly has a range of experience, from a full Cal 25 strip out and rebuild, to a steel boat on an extensive Arctic cruise.
  15. Russell Brown

    Layup schedule for Chameleon dinghy

    Can you imagine how it feels to be WEST System epoxy, who were around decades before West Marine and have people constantly refer to you as West Marine? Not only are they different companies, they are completely different businesses and business models. I know it was an honest mistake Zonker, but DON'T DO IT AGAIN!!!!
  16. chum

    Uglybuilding Admiration Society Hangout

    I really like the window to God on top. I think that’s an aiming reticle up there. I drove by that place some years back and it was seared in my brain. It’s been a little cathartic in a way to be able to submit it to the Society. Any tornado would make short work of that. If you were lucky the spider might be left.
  17. bodega87

    J111 Worlds Chicago, IL

    Lots of funny things added into yachtscoring for positions. You can also be a cooler jockey if you choose. I wouldn't read into those much.
  18. Steam Flyer

    Drip Drip Drip

    you do know that the investigator was not able permitted to indict Trump, right? Tweaked the wording for you. Mueller might have been "able" to indict Trump but his boss made clear that it would not be allowed. - DSK
  19. Grabbler

    College Football 2019

    Wonder what a Vandy baseball scholarship's worth?...
  20. You don't recognize Donald Trump's psychotic, delusional behavior? If you had a family member exhibiting this type of irrational behavior, you wouldn't even be here, you would be out seeking help trying to get them immediate mental health care, and making damn sure your children were shielded from an out of control relative. This isn't a joke. This is an important fucking problem, seriously.
  21. Fakenews

    Buy Greenland

    The trickle down effect is already happening.Iceland just canceled a meeting with Pence. When it’s become more apparent to the world that he’s going to flame out spectacularly no one will meet with his admin. Not even Putin or Kim will take his calls.
  22. Bump-n-Grind

    Ferrari and a naked woman in Ibiza

    what color was the car again?
  23. So I posted part 1 of this already and the response has been a mixed bag. I’m only posting part 2 because I’ve had a few people encourage me to keep contributing here. So lets be clear, if you find this offensive, boring, badly written or wish to not see this… By all means do not read it, your life is too short and too precious to waste it on something you don’t like. Since life is short and precious please do not waste any of it posting negative comments or angry replies. I don’t want to be held accountable for precious life being wasted. On the other hand if you enjoyed the first part, and lets face it, it’s not all exciting, but it’s real. This is for you:
  24. lasal

    Uglybuilding Admiration Society Hangout

    That's tornado country so perhaps it was meant to provide shelter in more than a spiritual sense. I agree that it begs to be climbed. Those exterior trusses may also reference an oil rig, given the local, as well as perhaps being built from oil field parts like used drilling pipe? Or it may have actual agricultural or industrial origins and was converted to a church. Left 8: I think it's past the new roof stage. Those are holes! The interior has got to be trashed. I think the preservation society will be happy with some high quality archival photos when that church is relieved of standing upright. As a building it's likely very strong, but at the same time the trusses look insufficiently tied in along the outer edges. It's likely the building is in a county without building codes so who knows if it was engineered. It has everything in terms of discussion, that's for sure.
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