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  2. El Boracho

    Buy Greenland

    Messiah Donald moves in a mysterious way.
  3. IStream

    Crossing an Ocean, lets try this again

    Good read, thanks.
  4. Bro.Town

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Knowledgable..... wow... ummmmm NO...
  5. Amati

    Uglybuilding Admiration Society Hangout
  6. Ishmael

    Uglybuilding Admiration Society Hangout

    They are pretuned and that's it?
  7. hoom

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    That was an interesting thing to point out, an extra foot of righting moment is big. That was a thing I was pretty concerned about watching the last AC: several teams including ETNZ looked a lot like they were sailing with foils out past the max beam -> cheating. But they got okayed by MC & from recollection there was later mention that this was a thing being carefully monitored for -> must have been keeping it legal. I did slightly wonder if boards could be built to stay within for static measurement but to flex wider than max beam while on the water.
  8. CruiserJim

    Crossing an Ocean, lets try this again

    Thanks for posting!

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    That’s a good point also depending on his ability to clean up damage the “stump”. Would still provide some lateral resistance for working up the Atlantic
  10. So you know what you can do in 2020? You can vote for the sane candidate who'll be elected. It won't be hard - pretty much everyone on the ballet will be more logical and sane than Donald - and one of them will be elected most likely the one with the D after the name. They might not give you perfect policy..... But they won't be fucking nuts*. *Bernie, Marianne and Tulsi excepted.

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    I was on a 55 I think this winter which had centerboards. I did not know that they came with dagger boards now. I came away thinking in my opinion I would have a smaller forward cockpit with no seating and a larger aft cockpit with built in roof. Does Chris have a reason for the raised aft cockpit floor.
  12. EbenBruyns

    Crossing an Ocean, lets try this again

    I am busy writing about the preparations and the process we went through, yet we still felt like we weren't prepared enough. To say that we've learnt a lot about ourselves and ocean sailing is a bit of an understatement. I'll be honest and say that I didn't know if I had it in me to sail across an ocean when we started, guess I did have it... Boy did we learn a lot about ocean sailing, in fact it was all learning all the time. That is actually a large part of the appeal, the learning!
  13. charisma94

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I forgot about Alby, I guess he's one of the first for hot girls in hot places on a boat? He had a TV show in Australia back in the 80's. But same genre, different delivery platform than we have today. He was a bit of a creep though. And beware if you watch... he had a penchant for really short shorts & Speedo's.
  14. EbenBruyns

    Crossing an Ocean, lets try this again

    Glad you like it, I try to be as honest and accurate as I can. I've been told that I don't have a romantic bone in my body... I don't want to mislead people by romanticizing about what it's like, I want to be honest and real.
  15. Marty6

    Brexit, WTF

    The Italian disaster is just another almost comical, if it wouldn't be so serious, example when those rightwing nationalist parties get into a position to actually rule in a country. Look at Wilders in Netherlands, FPÖ with either Heider or Strache in Austria and now Salvini with Legia in Italy. It always ends with a big F for Fail. The FPÖ in Austria recovered for a second attempt with Strache, lets see if three times is the charme. Salvini managed to get the other parties closer to each other. If there is a new election in the longer future, or even better a coalition without him as it looks now, it could be a shot into his own foot. When ever rightwing nationalist came into an actual position to rule in a country they left stage right amid utter chaos.
  16. Keith

    Crossing an Ocean, lets try this again

    Your getting excellent hands on experience, this is the best teacher. Remember to be a boy scout, and always be prepared. you've both learned a lot about yourselves and ocean sailing. Thanks for writing about your adventures.
  17. Trump isn't attempting to defend Israel, he's attempting to divide people and benefit. And whether Trump is racist or antisemitic has always been besides the point for me. He's a white nationalist authoritarian demagogue doin a job. And badly. I could give a shit about his personal opinions on race or ethnicity or religion. They are vapid and empty no question about it, so who cares? He is violating the first amendment rights of Jews by saying they are wrong to vote democratic, this we know. And let's talk a second about the rabid fundamentalist evangelicals like Mike Pence and his "love" for Israel. Note I said "Israel", not "Jews." Hard right wing Christians (like him) do not give fuck #1 about Jews per se, either individually or collectively. What they care about is fulfilling prophecy, and Israel must exist for the end times to come around. I shit you not...look into this stuff some time. It's all about the prophecy. I have literally hear, live, born again fundamentalist sorts preaching about this sort of shite. “We don’t have to protect the environment, the Second Coming is at hand.” - James Watt, Secretary of the Interior under Ronald Reagan
  18. EbenBruyns

    Crossing an Ocean, lets try this again

    Two is definitely shorthanded. How ever the boat was built for only two. This makes it more challenging because you can tell it's a two person boat in every sense of it, but when you're doing stuff you can feel another body or two would be handy. It's hard to explain what it's really like sailing this little boat, her builders were so capable that you feel almost inadequate when trying to do anything because it's always going to be shorthanded.
  19. Mrleft8

    Harmonica Virtuoso?

    That was actually Jimmy Gordon on harmonica, not Norton Buffalo.
  20. Windward

    Flaming Good Drone Video

    Exactly... It looked like the hose was fixed on the bow. If so, this is an area that may be improved. Or perhaps only one person in that boat.
  21. Mrleft8

    Harmonica Virtuoso?

    Jimmy Gordon was one of the best..... Not sure if he's still able to play (MS) or even if he's still alive, but back in the 70s-80s he was called in by the best of the best to play on their albums, or on tour.... Better than Norton Buffalo. Magic Dick thought Jimmy was so good that he asked him to play on one of his albums....
  22. olaf hart

    Crossing an Ocean, lets try this again

    Love it, you are doing a really good job of being brutally honest about what it’s like out there. its a rare sailor who hasn’t said a prayer or two on a long passage...
  23. RobG

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    No. The breeze there would be better characterised as light and flukey. Not as bad as NY for sure, but not easy, particularly when the crews had had very little time in the boats. Some struggled to even get foiling consistently, could foil gybe maybe one in three and couldn't do foiling tacks at all. Very different to Cowes, by which time the crews had learned to sail the boats and had glamour conditions for the practice races. I think money is the big killer for stadium sailing races. The crews need to be full time, with two or three reserves, full time support and repair crews and each team needs a second training boat so they can train hard without potentially wrecking their race boat. So whatever Larry is stumping up for SailGP needs to be doubled for it to be independently viable. I really can't see that happening, but I'll enjoy the show while it lasts. :-)
  24. El Boracho

    Crossing an Ocean, lets try this again

    I like it. Thanks. I too think the hardest part of shorthanded* sailing is keeping your mental condition healthy. Reasonably near sanity. Someday you may be challenged by hallucinations. Can be fun, frightening or fatal depending on the individual. I doubt quick release pins, with the ball retainer and maybe a pushbutton, have no place in the rig of an ocean boat. * Two is shorthanded in bad conditions. Or if debutants.
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