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  2. Pipe Dream

    I still call Australia home

    I'm amused at the fact that Plibersek was fully committed to being deputy pm if labor won but as soon as they didn't, suddenly she doesn't have the time anymore and wants to have more family time. Family time is the most overused excuse for a politician to excuse themselves. Surely they should be able to just say "no thanks".
  3. SloopJonB

    Tattoos, Smoking and "Class"

    Best description of Trump was that he was a poor persons idea of a rich person.
  4. Varan

    Team NZ

    Yep, heard they are after some tit...
  5. Innocent Bystander

    Niki Lauda DTS

    The car fire, 2 kidney transplants and a lung transplant. He lived longer than many expected and was a force in F-1 up until last summer. RIP and Dorado is right. You are funny and you are going to hell.
  6. Navig8tor

    Do All Losers Have an Impossibly Big Ego?

    Already addressed in:
  7. SloopJonB

    Another Interesting Home Built Steel Boat

    I don't think you need to be concerned about that.
  8. Navig8tor

    Drip Drip Drip

    Expect an EPIC twitter tirade tonight. McGahns testimony would be a watershed event. Donnie's phalanx of attorneys must be running around like the keystone cops. Where,s rudy? He should be coughing up bullshit and distraction on all the major networks NOW.
  9. Cisco

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Went to the Auckland show maybe 4 years ago - when my boat was in NZ- I found it quite sad. All I recall of new boats in the water was a benny, a bav and a Hanse....maybe 45 feet... dunno... Stuck my nose in the Hanse .... a couple of a certain age were making very impressed noises .... may have even been thinking of buying it. I was anything but impressed .... not even a decent marina queen in my eyes.
  10. RandyM81

    R2AK 2019

    Much ado about nothing. You can see the logs and deadheads during the day. At night because of the difference in coefficients of thermal expansion between wood and seawater the logs sink below the surface and go to sleep. Nothing to worry about. But seriously, how often are boats sinking in the PNW due to hitting logs or deadheads? We certainly saw a lot of logs in our R2AK run but no deadheads. In a few thousand miles of PNW sailing (not saying that's a lot) I've only seen a deadhead once. It seems to be something that terrifies everyone, but how often do serious incidents occur? For our R2AK we ran flat out day and night. We would back off a bit when we knew we were crossing an area of flotsam at night but that was it. I figured the race involved substantial risk to the boat. I figured we could lose a daggerboard, rudder, bow, or the rig. Any of those was potentially race ending and could potentially lead to the loss of the boat. These were acceptable risks. Multihulls are really hard to sink and even so we were suited up to go swimming at all times in case we got tossed. The calculus might be different in a leadmine without watertight bulkheads, or in a boat you're not willing to walk away from. As it turned out we hit a heavy branch one night at speed. It made a big bump and took a quarter size chunk out of one of the bows. Scary moment, but not as nerve-racking for me as Johnstone Strait with wind against tide. Good luck to all the teams this year. Pear Shaped Racing has no excuse short of a major gear failure. But they've had a decent amount of time to work the boat up, so hopefully things are sorted. That said, I won't be surprised if we see the Angry Beaver on top. Wish I was there, but looking forward to my tracker junkie fix this year.
  11. Owen

    Mikewof triggers!

    Just on a hunch. I mean, they're no Samurai but HEMMINGS CLASSIC CAR From derisive hoots to award-winning technology: How Ferguson and Roy Lunn developed the Eagle for AMC .
  12. Kris Kobach has applied for a White House job, it came with a few demands. Kris Kobach’s Conditions for Becoming Immigration Czar Mr. Kobach submitted the following list of demands during discussions for an administration post. 1. Office in the West Wing. 2. Walk-in privileges with the president. 3. Assistant to the President rank - at highest pay level for WH senior staff. 4. Staff of 7 people (2 attorneys, 2 research analysts, 1 scheduler, 1 media person, 1 assistant). 5. POTUS sits down individually with Czar and the secretaries of Homeland Security, Defense, Justice, Ag, Interior, and Commerce, and tells each of the Secretaries to follow the directives of the Czar without delay, subject to appeal to the President in cases of disagreement. 6. 24/7 access to either a DHS or DOD jet. Czar must be on the border every week. 7. Ability to spend weekends in KS with family on way from border back to DC, unless POTUS needs Czar elsewhere. 8. Security detail if deemed necessary after security review. 9. Serve as the face of Trump immigration policy - the principal spokesman on television and in the media. 10. Promise that by November 1, 2019, the president will nominate Kris Kobach to be DHS Secretary, unless Kobach wishes to continue in Czar position.
  13. I'm just going to come right out and say it, the Finn is a shit boat, and I am ashamed of it. It is an archaic dog. Like the Optimist, I hope it dies. Both give sailing a shitty appearance. This is the fucking Olympics, the apparent "Pinnacle". Boats Like the Moth, Foiling Cat, Planing Skiff and Planing Keelboat deserve to be the classes. This should be the best of the best, the hardest of the hardest, the fastest of the fastest, an impressive feat to watch compete, as that is what the Olympics is, gladiators competing for a crowd to be crowned champion. Seriously using the Finn is like having the guys doing the fencing using 30kg steel broad swords wearing 100kg of armour barely able to move. If the Finn class and it's great philosophy of sailing is so amazing, then fuck off from the Olympics, and run your own world tour of the Finn and go around calling it the pinnacle of sailing. Oh wait the only reason the shitty class is still around is because it's been in the Olympics. Not for any other reason. It's literally the fattest slowest dinghy for fat men. Get off your god damn high horse.
  14. Battlecheese

    The Official "War with Iran" thread

    Bolton's provocations? Are you referring to that missile attack which was attributed to Iran? The "sabotaged" ships?
  15. ExOmo

    I Rember When This Was Built

    so in the heyday was it the only tall structure in the area?
  16. unfix8r

    How do you stop a British Seagull?

    I'll never forget taking my girlfriend at the time out for a cruise, and after I pulled the ripcord like a man, and the Seagull started on the first pull, I thought my girlfriend was aghast that I had started the motor in such a manly and efficient way. Turns out it was a shriek where I whipped her in the face with the cord. As if my lack of love life needed helping along.
  17. Terry Hollis

    Team NYYC

    Feature America’s Cup: Late but worth the wait Published on May 20th, 2019 Terry Hutchinson, skipper of New York Yacht Club’s team that’s challenging for the 36th America’s Cup, has been patient. The plan was for American Magic to launch their first AC75 by the first date permitted, March 31st. That was Plan A. So much for Plan A. What’s missing has been the bird-like foil arms that are being supplied by the Defender and Challenger of Record to all the teams. There are a number of one design parts for the 36th edition, and the foil system was among the list, but problems have slowed the delivery. Scuttlebutt editor Craig Leweck checks in with Terry for an update: Providing one-design parts is meant to save time and money, right? It is an effort to do that. Certainly with the development of the control system for the foil arm, and for the actual arm itself, it’s definitely an effort towards trying to equalize gear and to help reduce some of the cost. It’s a complex piece of equipment and what they are doing is not easy, so from our perspective, it’s one less thing we have to focus on. The rest is a good read by Terry Hutchison here ..
  18. Navig8tor

    Tariffs on Chinese goods.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch , Here's an active graph of China's growing trademarks applications. Watch China come from nowhere in the 90's Are you Winning yet? Active_China_Trademarks_graph.mp4
  19. Amati

    Stuck telltales solution?

    Thread or tape?
  20. Dorado

    2019 Fishing Thread

    Nice Bull I guess he ain't a kid anymore . . .
  21. badlatitude

    Drip Drip Drip

    Nadler's response to McGahn. Response letter to McGahn 5.20.19.pdf
  22. Hawaiian Ryan

    Corsair F28 Mast Question

    Not a bad thought at all Thom! Trailer would mostly just sit and rust. Will give that some thought...
  23. Dorado

    Niki Lauda DTS

    1. That's pretty funny actually. 2. You're going to Hell
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