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  2. Mrleft8

    Immediate withdrawal from Syria

    Since when do you need to be related to the little old lady getting beat up by the thugs outside the grocery store?
  3. silent bob

    Random PicThread

  4. silent bob

    Random PicThread

  5. Hatin' life

    Show Us Your Workshop

    FIFY Nobody bitches when they work in a nice place, unless they're treated like shit, but I treat my guys as well as I can, I think. I've worked in a lot of dirty shops, I much prefer my method.
  6. Battlecheese

    Immediate withdrawal from Syria

    The only people who wanted america stirring up terrorists in Syria was america. They would rather you weren't doing dirty work either, but unfortunately it seems to be a bit of a hobby.
  7. DtM

    Older fast Aus multies

    Good point about it being a cruise to Hobart. Why does she need insurance for the "race". Surely Bottman has insurance now that would apply.
  8. Sol Rosenberg

    "National Cleavage Day"

  9. Mrleft8

    Immediate withdrawal from Syria

    Trump does what he always does. He lies. "We're bringing our troops home from Syria!" "Well no, actually, we're just putting them in a more dangerous place, fighting the same people, but w/o our Kurdish allies to get our back......"
  10. Sol Rosenberg

    Cease fire announced

    Cease fire going well. Spin it up. Get to work bullshitters.
  11. duncan (the other one)

    Australian Sailing

    I'm not sure why people continue with the delusion that AS is there for the grass roots. Over 75% of funding is taxpayer largess. More than 70% of that figure goes to employees. From the 2017 report: income $15M. membership $2.4M Service fees (regattas, certification, courses) $4.3M Various taxpayer grants (AOC, AIS, ASC, etc) $11.4M Expenses: employee payments $8M supplier expenses $5M
  12. Fakenews

    The onslaught of radical Christianity

    Pompous is one of those raving lunatic catholic types as well. A pence, pompous, Barr triumvirate would be most troubling.
  13. Hillary was McCain's favorite opposition senator. They had similar views in this area, and that was demonstrated by the fostering of color revolutions in the Ukraine when Hillary was SOS. Hillary's "reset" with Russia was based on the same assumption the neocons had...that Russia would eagerly adopt our vision for their future...that they would be just another a Germany or a France. That they would never again be a world power...that they would happily accept a Pax Americana. This is what makes a neo-con to me. The notion that everybody is either with us or against us, and those who disagree are must be either ignorant or evil. I don't think it highly likely the Russians would do this. Someone suggested they would try to make a third party out of Gabbard. The why if it was to try to split the opposition vote against Trump. I merely think it more likely they would pick someone else, and particularly someone more popular. I think it somewhat more likely that if the Russians bother at all they will limit themselves to sliming his opposition, not supporting anybody. They would be wise to butt out at this point. They aren't stupid and thereby have assessed Trump as a probable loser. The most likely outcome of getting deeply involved this time around would be a pointless antagonizing of the next administration.
  14. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    Time to impeach?

    nah, it might asymptotically approach zero, but zero is the chance tomballs will accept fucking responsibility for being a dumbshit enabling the duopoly.
  15. Ishmael

    Today's Trump Headlines

    The Toronto Globe and Mail weighs in.
  16. Mrleft8

    The onslaught of radical Christianity
  17. jocal505

    The USAs darkest/brightest days

    Interesting post, Jeffie. You are technically correct (while crowing, and while employing personal ignorance). What MJ said offered us great value. This failure of reconstruction, mentioned by MJ, was the development of rednecks. This failure first created (and now protects) the framework, the foundation. the psychology and the POV of JBSF, IMO.
  18. silent bob

    Random PicThread

    Hobot, the old Dewey Weber on Lincoln Blvd. in Marina del Rey is available for lease!
  19. terrafirma

    2019 Middle Sea Race

    Painfully slow race. Wild Joe doing very well. And Rambler improved in the light conditions
  20. Mrleft8

    Today's Trump Headlines

    I'm guessing the Pyong Yang Resort.... Which will soon be Trump Pyong Yang.
  21. SloopJonB

    Show Us Your Workshop

    Way too tidy & organized. You must be severely neurotic.
  22. Justaquickone


    What do you expect from TRG . It was only a matter of time before he got to comfortable back on site . Not to worry , I'd expect him back under another handle sometime soon .
  23. Indio

    Team NZ

    I think it'll depend on how their on-board boat management responsibilities are assigned. Raises some interesting possibilities on the crew make-up: Max. 11 crew member: 2 dedicated 3-man grinding crews, helmsman, sail trimmer, navigator, tactician, foil trimmer?
  24. Hatin' life

    Show Us Your Workshop

    I'd upload more pictures, but it won't let me
  25. spankoka

    Canadian election time

    I get it about economic diversification, but billions upon billions of taxpayers dollars have been invested in any number of job creating schemes and dreams in Atlantic Canada. Everything from the lousy Bricklin car, to Mulroney's pal AFVs, to growing tomatoes in massive greenhouses, to a now abandoned tidal power plant, to the abandoned heavy water plant at Port Hawksebury. The one scheme that actually worked well was Hibernia. Therefore I don't know that Alberta can find some industry that will replace the oil patch anytime soon. I am skeptical about "green jobs" because I think it will end up like aerospace. Every developed nation will have its national champions. Those national champions will be subsidized up the ying-yang and try to run the rival national champions into the ground , just like Bombardier sucks at the taxpayer's tit to build corporate jets for maybe...oil companies.
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