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  2. slap

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Aren't bugs supposed to be high in protein?
  3. Always a bastard when the pictures come out later and the damage don't match the facts found!
  4. nimbus

    Random PicThread

    I think it is the Exhibition Grounds in Brisbane. The stand is the Ernest Baynes Stand which is now a single tier. The building to the left of that stand is the same in both photos.
  5. jack_sparrow

    The Swedish Experiment

    Rob now that graphical misunderstanding of yours is sorted, my original question of you still stands. "What do the countries that have only closed for isolating areas/soft closures (no hammer in red) but also succeeded suppressing mortality rate have in common?" The cases that follow and in particular from recent second waves, is obviously not included in those two graphs. But that arguably doesn't change anything, other that it reinforces that "common denominator" based on cases and successfull national responses involving no "hard hammer lockdowns" up until the end of May.
  6. Ishmael

    Business Reality vs. "Because I Said So."

    Birth clamps. Looks like they used a toilet plunger for Mr. Gowdy, and a wine cork extractor for Mr. Stone.
  7. Cisco

    American Dumbass

    Same here.. always on when I go out the farm gate... on the farm the truck rarely if ever comes out of fact rarely gets into second...
  8. Sailbydate

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Very narrow cord on that port foil. There may not even be a bulb intersecting the foil wings, as such. Hard to tell.
  9. Forourselves

    Te Aihe vs Defiant!

    Until you grow the fuck up and stop acting like a fucking 2 year old, maybe you should fuck off dickhead.
  10. TheUltimateSockPuppet

    The Australian Sailing and RQYS Kabuki Theatre Thread

    A very well respected and now retired IJ was known for having at least two sets of facts found written up before the hearing commenced, just use the one that best suits the narrative.
  11. uflux

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Oh those images are veeeery interesting!!! You can see how far back the foils are attached to the bulb almost completely behind the arm. You need a bulb to literally attached everything. The foils do seem a bit thinner with more taper and swept leading edge?? Thanks Weta sterling effort as always!!
  12. When you're looking at a cloud of misinformation, it's sometimes hard to see who is spraying.
  13. I do. Liver to the right, lungs in the middle, anus out the back.
  14. But hey, there were two sets of Facts Found in the Catherine Mary Protest as well.
  15. Indio

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    MBIE report to remain CONFIDENTIAL - High Court.
  16. Bump-n-Grind

    Random PicThread

    these kitchens were the staples of the neighborhood I grew up in LOL
  17. uflux

    Team NYYC

    Interesting that AM is on a code zero in that weight of breeze. Certainly, it's no contest today if they stayed on it. Let's hope it was just a mistake and they don't actually need the extra sail area in that breeze to unstick her lard arse.
  18. PJB

    Stars and Stripes Team USA is gone

    NONE of the existing teams have the bandwidth or resources they need to complete what they would ideally like to get completed before the comp starts As i posted a while back, they are all up to the necks in it. NONE of them were going to spend time and people showing some newbies how to assemble, sail and maintain their old boat. Even in return for millions - because that wont win them the cup. Think about it. It was never ever going to happen. This is just a typical part of the madness of an AC cycle - and we all - some very badly, fell for it. It's led to pages and pages of postings from people who clearly have a hell of a lot of time on their hands.Get back to the sailing !
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