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  2. Forourselves

    Stars & Stripes Team USA confirmed as 5th Challenger

    This one:
  3. So, what is it like, @Wess? You did not explain. You cannot rationalize why the "Volkswagen Owners' Association" analogy is not relevant just by arguing that ILCA and LP are at odds now. That is irrelevant for determining whether there is any "shame" involved. Think about "incest", and the argument "He/she asked for it"! And furthermore, we have not said anything about whether Volkswagen and its Owner's Association are at odds or not, either. (And they are.) So, you cannot say, "Laser example has spite involved, Volkswagen example does not." Everything else you wrote is just explaining to me my parenthetical "out of spite" claim. Nothing else.
  4. Doesn’t matter if the few are hitting hard with policies etc if the rest of the party doesn’t do the same. The rest of the dems are happy to mouth off as it gets them airtime and pats on the back from the faithful. But you don’t win with pats on the back from the faithful. You need to get some of those that are open to discussion. That means you need to be able to open dialogue with them. Calling them all a bunch of racist bigots is not going to do this. If anything it will make them stop listening to those that are trying to take it seriously. As for the media, agree they are a bunch of vultures. They do love Trump because of the clicks. So stop the clicks. Hard to complain when it is yourself that helps by reading all the articles and stories that reinforce what a dick Trump is. It is our only way of slowing the media down. Stop clicking.
  5. Retired. Enjoying a relaxing day. Had a nice nap. Still feel like you owe me two minutes of my life back! WL
  6. Woke up this morning the hear the 'send her back' chant on the local news, as you would have. I find it hard to believe that that happened. Regardless of what we believe, Trump is in office and so far all I have heard is shit like this that your Aunt probably supports. The next election is not that far away and it looks and sounds to me like he will be reelected. A racist minority using a corrupt and gerrymandered voting system, but the result will determine the next leader. There are enough of these people to hijack the entire country, as evident.
  7. Wow; just wow! Before the rule change vote is done. Wow. This is clearly well on the way to being the nastiest divorce ever. #funcourtcasetofollow Off to my black boat with no badges on the hull!!
  8. d'ranger

    So Much For Fiscal Responsibility

    Equating a restaurant with a very large and integrated industry is simplistic and not even an apples/oranges comparison. Since you believe in the supply side aka trickle down economics feel free to provide some evidence that it works. You should start with the latest round of tax cuts and all the jobs it has created, I suggest starting with ATT&T who promised a lot yet have cut thousands of jobs. We used to have some posters here who held that it didn't work because taxes were not cut far enough. As to how it impacts the debt? That's a different aspect worthy of it's own discussion.
  9. silent bob

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    Somewhere in the bowels of CalYC is the Pandemonium Trophy. Is a halfhull model of Pandemonium, upside down with the keel studs sticking out. It was awarded at Cal Cup for “Excellence in Underachievement”! I’ll have to head to the 49er Saloon on PCH in the LBC to shoot the shit with Frisch!
  10. Not sure what your point is, but quite a lot. Most of them dicks. The writing was on the wall when the first one out of the race was Bush. The country was tired of being the plaything of self proclaimed dynasties. It should also have been a big red flag to the dems that they needed to be very careful going forward with Hillary as she carried similar baggage. But both parties refused to see what was playing out in front of them. Trump blustered through to the surprise of those who could not see. So it is time for at least one party to get their collective shit together for the betterment of all. I hope it happens, just doubtful at this point.
  11. The explanation from Eric Faust (as posted on Facebook.) "Laser Performance approached the class and wanted to charge sailors +$2000 for a charter for the event in Canada. PSA offered a much better price. The boats were brought in on an ATA Carnet (temporary import) with different decals for trademark reasons. For racing, all the external decals have been removed. No issues with customs coming into Canada because they weren't using the trademark. The boats will be used at two events and then taken out of the country. This was all done to support sailors racing at reasonable costs."
  12. I’m not as optimistic (though I think the hard number is 25 -30%). These are the people you see depicted in every apocalypse/horror movie. The types who delight in torturing, killing and possibly eating the protagonists. Pray the nations electrical grid doesn’t go down cause their voting habits a poor dental health will be the least of our worries.
  13. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    yesterday's vote means that nearly all republicans are racists

    Yeah, Trump doesn't like those rallys of the faithful at all. He didn't win the Republican primary by screaming and yelling and throwing fits all the time either. I give you credit - you are consistent with this dogshit take.
  14. Your Mom

    Transpac 2019

    Funny... I was just wondering why Jeff Linton wasn't at Flying Scot North Americans... Didn't expect to see him pop up trimming in the TransPac!
  15. rh3000

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Shucks you are a bit mental aren't you... its no wonder your sailing content venture has proven such a failure... Firstly - have you conceded that AC35 includes the qualifiers etc?
  16. Really? Biden, Harris, Liz and Mayor Pete are hitting hard with policies, etc. About the only time they talk about Trump is to condemn his latest twit. Media? They want eyeballs and therefore advert $s. They LOVE Trump.
  17. Forourselves

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    WTF!? They've rounded one mark!? They've completed ONE LEG OF SEVEN! Hardly impressive! Thats not even 50%, infact not even 25% Laugahble! When they can do it over the duration of the course, as the AC50's did, multiple boats, multiple times, then you can talk about which is better. How about since you won't post a video and have opted instead for a point in time photo, how about a photo of the END/ FINISH showing a boat, any boat, any boat at all, with the same 100% ride time. Post the photo, come on, do it! Posting a photo after one leg...laughable, like you smh
  18. This I can agree with. The problem is how to split those like you aunt away enough to have them be prepared to vote Democrat. Do you think dems accusing them of being racists and bigots will help the cause. Do you think unrealistic calls for impeachment will sway them. Do you think childish behaviour from the dems will help them change their vote. I don’t know your aunt but I also don’t know anyone that would find such behaviour appealing, let alone worth changing my vote for. If Trump is to go you need a very good candidate, good middle of the road policies and behaviour that shows you could run the country. So far none of this is happening. As I have said before, I am no Trump supporter. I don’t think he is as bad or good as either side makes out, just an opinion. I do think the America system is strong enough to withstand far worse. But it needs adults in the room for it to work, not outraged children.
  19. Trump voters like yourselves are the only ones responsible for Trump.
  20. random

    Catamaran Capsize Kills 3 off Newcastle

    With the boards up, the boat can slip sideways in the water a bit, rather than 'trip over' the boards. In a blow it's best to raise the leeward board completely. Then if the windward board lifts out of the water the boat can creep sideways instead of capsizing.
  21. smackdaddy

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Okay, that's what I thought. You don't have actual facts to back up your claims. You guys really just need to be more informed (like me) about what you're claiming to be taken seriously. For you guys, a point-in-time graphic on YouTube is all the proof you need. No harm in that I suppose. It happens a lot around here. But if that's the game, here is a GP 100% that's just as valid... Looks like the whole fleet is at 100%. Talk about perfection! Impressive, eh?
  22. Forourselves


  23. Forourselves

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Now here's something thats really worth talking about!
  24. ryley

    Vakaros Atlas vs Racegeek D10

    you need to look at the wiring diagram for the geek. It has a highspeed listener and a low speed listener and no talker circuit on the wire: vyacht or ikommunicate should both be able to take the data from the geek and put it on your network. from the geek site: IN: The d10 can connect to a WiFi Access Point and receive NMEA0183. We recommend the Digital Yacht iNAVconnect OUT: The d10 can act as a WiFi Access Point for other devices sending NMEA0183 or Signal K v1 delta JSON. The d10 sends all the NMEA it receives and sentences for the internal GPS, compass and an analogue paddlewheel.
  25. Grande Mastere Dreade

    Florida Man. Again.

    i'm going to produce a reality show on florida, call it CRACKERHEADS !
  26. Really? Think over your answer again. How many republicans did he beat in the primaries?
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