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    Black Jack, Nose Job Arse Lift

    I meant OATS has been doing it for 14yrs now. Perhaps the owner should have skipped the 70 & went straight to a 100.
  3. chrishampe

    DC Designs

    I needed to add lowers to my mast which has the goose neck on the stump as the bottom of the mast was panting in gusts. if you initially go without them have a plan where you can add them on latter.
  4. kcolborne

    Needing good shoes

    Take a look at Keen. I like sailing with Newport's. Good arch support. Good grip. Water doesn't bother them at all. Comfortable in most weather.
  5. Shortforbob

    Impressed by New Zealand

    Reckon Jacinda Arden will be up for a peace prize?,-melbourne-1/11038882
  6. “I’m ready to get going’: Dallas County DA moving forward with plans even with police pushback” The crimes in question include most first-time marijuana offenses and theft of personal items worth less than $750, unless the theft is for financial gain — wording that has caused confusion for some. Is there a reason to steal other than “financial gain”?
  7. scottmax

    DC Designs

    Another question to post in regards to rigging- Going through the photos some have lowers other do not. What are peoples thoughts on this? I was told just the other day by a local sailor that the goose neck fitting can be fitted to the king post (with a bit or re-inforcing added first), I I go down this path why would I need the lowers? I am days away from pulling the trigger and ordering a new mast So am curious to peoples ideas and opinions before I order. Thanks for the offer Dan I am in Aus and the shipping may be killer! I am keen for the carbon rigging, will see what the masses think here.
  8. terrafirma

    Black Jack, Nose Job Arse Lift

    Narrows the field really considering Oats defeating Comanche of late. BJ will end up with more beam than Oats and hull form stability you'd think.
  10. bgytr

    Plus One

    Itsa dumb idea. Huge difference between sailing a j22 with3 people and a j29 with 3 people. Or a j30 with 4 people and a soverel 39 with 4 people. Asinine. And possibly dangerous. Club could be on the hook for liability for not allowing proper crew in case of injury.
  11. kcolborne

    Plus One

    The goal for "Plus one" is to get more boats out on the race course. Boats in my area often complain about trouble getting crew to race. And if all the boats have the same crew limit, you don't have to worry about someone having more weight on the rail or extra hands to put to work. It levels the playing field. If it is too much for your boat to race with a kite with 3 or 4 people in heavy air, chances are it will be for your competitors as well. This has been talked about as a possible intermediate between crewed racing and doublehanded racing in our area. Possibly a method to introduce racing with fewer crew without sailors having to commit to doublehanded, especially for distance racing. While it has been discussed, it hasn't happened in any local races that I know of. I am fine with the concept if it gets more boats out on the water for distance races or shorthanded series or races. I am not for using it for regular weekly racing as I believe that would limit opportunities for boats to bring new sailors to introduce them to the sport.
  12. OMT

    Vakaros Atlas vs Racegeek D10

    My experience with Vakaros… First a bit of background. A few years ago I bought a Farr 30 and put on a Tacktick racemaster and was good to go. A few years later I started looking to upgrade to a display that would also help with distance to the line but aside from that feature, the differences from the racemaster just did not justify the investment at the time. When I saw the preorder Vakaros offer I started to get excited as this seemed to promise the next leap in racing technology for a small race boat with a cheap owner. It reminded me of when I saw the iphone for the first time and realized the possibilities. My first hurtle was the size of the unit until I finally figured out it was the size of the numbers that mattered and not the size of the unit. I got in touch with Varkaros, had a great chat with Todd, saw the potential, signed up and started to wait for my Sept 2018 delivery. Well as we all know Sept came and went with no sign of the display. As fall turned into winter I put the boat away, got my skis out and forgot about it until the end of March. In March I did a search for Vakaros to see if there were updated reviews on the unit and came across this thread. I must confess to feeling the onset of panic as I read the negative comments and questions as to if the company was still in business. I got on the phone and called Todd for the update. He quickly put my mind at ease. The company was still healthy and working hard to clear up the back log. They had made some mistakes, learned some lessons and were getting caught up. We can all debate the way the product was launched, the preorder before production was in place and reliable, delivery promises that were not met or any number of other issues Todd and Jake faced and are dealing with but we are where we are and in my opinion the fellas are building a killer product that will continue to improve with every firmware update. That feature alone separates it from most if not all of the competition. So the good news… The display arrived April 18thas promised, almost a year after it was ordered but really I only missed the fall racing as I was expecting it in Sept 2018. The unit is small but the numbers are as big if not bigger than the tacktick depending on the screen you are using. Already there are features that I am excited about including a digital inclinometer and fore and aft trim for the boat… and the best part… this is just the beginning with many new features to be added soon. The build quality looks awesome! The guys obviously use Macbooks as the Atlas has a similar aluminum body. The buttons have a very firm, positive response. The display is crisp, clear, very responsive and easily visible from the Farr 30 helm and further. If you currently use a tacktick, this will be just as easy to see. My first race is May 1stso I am sure I will have more to say after that, but delivery delay aside I am super happy. Todd and Jake have been really responsive and very open to any questions I have had to date. As time goes on I have every confidence that the delivery issues they are facing now will be replaced by anticipation for the next feature added to the Atlas or the next addition to their product line. I am excited about their company and plan on preordering the next item in the Altas line. Ohhh… and they are creating jobs in the USA (I hear that’s a big thing down there these days)…! Too bad they are not Canadian!
  13. mad

    Sun Fast 3300

    Can't see any results for the 3300
  14. Ajax

    Show your boat sailing thread

    My family is from Italy...recently enough that we know where our home village is, and visit there sometimes. I personally, haven't been there yet. My wife 2.0 and I spent our honeymoon in Florence. As much as I want to go back to Italy, I feel that maybe we should broaden our view a bit and visit the UK and France. I've been to England, Ireland, Scotland, France and Belgium a few times as a submarine crewman and it was wonderful, so I'd like to take Wife 2.0 to that general region. Hopefully your charter business is up and running by then.
  15. bugger

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Maybe you pressure washed the hull first, but FL is glistening! Congratulations to whoever selected and applied the anti-foul paint. It is obviously highly effective and very well done. And those are very fine boats: thanks for sharing.
  16. jack_sparrow

    Brexit, WTF

    This "Change UK" mob (ex Labour/Torys pushing for a People Vote) will be interesting to watch not because they will have any real influence but how many votes they suck out of both major parties, lessor extent Garage boy's Brexit Party and UKIP. If in a MEP election if it ever happens they get over 10% (currently polling around 6%) that is huge and a huge indicator to how the pendulum has swung from 2016. If you missed it Boris's sister (yep the one with the dazzling headlights) is a candidate for this crowd, just as Rees Mogg's sister is a Brexit candidate. Both brothers won't be voting for them, even Mogg boy. I'm detecting a disturbing pattern about women's resistance to the upper/political elite class sex education regeime, if not breeding cycle thing here :-) That aside they all seem to share a family thirst for drinking from the public trough.
  17. Lakrass


    I am neither a big talker nor a doer (sailing wise at least), but I am a dear follower of Groucho's work. Great to see how quick you react to whatever the elements throw at you, nice job.
  18. That seems kind of heavy and I worry that I'd fail to seal the wood perfectly. It's a possibility though. Foam would mainly be as a form...unless it was quite thin, then it could be a structural core. A shower/icebox sump doesn't need insulation.
  19. LarryE

    Show your boat sailing thread

    your better half looks like she is enjoying her time at the helm. really cute also.
  20. Curious

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2019

    By the way, the "Tasman Triangle" concept was tried years ago. I don't know if the proposed NZ-Sydney race ever actually went ahead, but there were races from Hobart to Auckland in the '70s, with top boats like Kialoa II and Smackwater Jack amongst the entries. The race died. The CYCA also tried very hard to get interstate teams and club teams - they put up the Southern Cross Cup for interstate teams and it was a major event for years. When it faded they tried to keep it going with club teams. The race died. Insulting a club for not doing things they actually did as early as 50 years ago is a bit of a stretch. We agree the CYCA focuses too much on the top end of town but that is something that allowing in boats like MOD 70s would probably just make worse, rather than better. Shorthanded classes would be a great idea, but the shorthanded scene is itself very much into exclusion - they just base their exclusion on crew numbers. If opening up entry restrictions is the way to revitalise sailing then the major shorthanded races should allow full crews!
  21. More Cowbell2

    Happy Easter

  22. BillDBastard

    Reparations for Slavery

    I'm sorry, you lost me here, could you expand on and/or explain this? I am not looking down on anyone. I am trying to wrap my head around the justification for reparation and if that is warranted. I think the only way to do that is to understand just what those enslaved were put through, how being taken from their homeland to the new world changed their lives. Obviously on one front, being shackled in the bilge of a boat and sailing across the pond is a big part, but once in America how exactly did their lives change? Where those enslaved doing exactly what they were doing in Africa or was their treatment and task vastly different? Reason I am going about it that way is this. The basis of reparations, as I understand it, is a premise that The USA was built on the backs of slave labor. That they were greatly taken advantage of and as such robbed of wage, income, lifestyle based on the works they performed. So in order to "fix" that one would need to determine exactly how much is owed, what earnings they were deprived of. What the monetary damages were. Well I confess to not knowing a great deal about prison having only spent on night in jail in my life...… for playing frisbee in a schoolyard after dusk! That aside I am not so sure private prison v. public prison is how the argument should be framed. I would gladly pay a private entity to reform the incarcerated if it meant they would become a productive member of society. Society has never solved how to reform those of a criminal element. Certainly, howlin' woofsey's idea of paying criminal not to be criminals...… crime paying, is a bit out there. I do not think it productive to set up another system where folks can be paid for being non-productive. Then there is the whole mentality of "give me your lunch money and I won't beat you up at recess". Whacked, just whacked. What we need do is to set up a system designed to give some found guilty of a crime to demonstrate they are worthy of being released back into society. To aid them in changing their ways and their outlook, to give them a skillset to compete.
  23. Bristol-Cruiser

    Impeachment Poll

    Let me help you out, it's not. Why anyone would want to take the abuse you get constantly is beyond me. I think you could spend your spare time more productively getting help - a minister, a shrink, whatever floats your boat. Maybe just spend more time on the water.
  24. El Boracho

    Your Yard Anarchy

    On the lot in California we don’t plant trees. That would be nuts. It is already thick with old growth redwood, oak, bay laurel, and some other explosively flammable growth. We garden with chainsaws just to carve out a meagre livable space. However here on the little Philippine rainforest farm we have planted fruit trees this year: Kamias, kalamansi limes, pomelo, star apple, tsiko, avocado, guava. The bananas, coconuts and mangos all aggressively volunteer so planting those would be silly. For contrast we’ve been trying to manage two huge clumps of giant timber bamboo. But it has begun sprouting new timbers and that battle may have been lost for now.
  25. Sol Rosenberg

    Don McGahn - hero or traitor?

    Neither hero nor villain. Just a lawyer doing his job the way he should. He will likely be able to work in DC after the circus leaves town. Cohen didn’t need notes. He was recording.
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