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  2. Gouvernail

    flattening Perfection paint

    Use the official company formula or risk absolutely Fucking up the entire job.
  3. Hence all the talk about "free" health care here and elsewhere with single payer systems of various kinds.
  4. astro

    “I can’t breathe” Part 2

    Hahhh, fuck Race, that's so old skool. You guys have moved on to Left and Right for hate. Edit: but punishing white cops for killing a 'nigger' will inflame the Right Wing Gun Nuts. They won't forget this when Trump calls them all out to 'Liberate' the USA if it looks like he loses the vote in November.
  5. Gouvernail

    J24 wet core replacement material

    A multi time J-24 champion was banned from racing for a while because his boat was inspected and it was discovered his lazarettes were recited with foam if you plan to race the boat, check with a friendly trusted Certified Official Recognized currently active J-24 class Association measurer before you alter ANYTHING about your boat’s construction.

    Bi plane rigged wing mast cat pros and cons?

    Yep, thats actually pretty funny cuz Ozone's unstayed masts were something like twice the cost of the standard schionning stayed sloop rig and 250 kg heavier. No wonder it trimmed bow down. The funny bit is that Rob Denny and his engineer mate may have had a hand in the design and supply. Fact check required, paging Rob. There may be a thread over on boatdesignforum or DIYYACHTS with the owners comments from memory.
  7. That doesn't even make any sense. Try again.
  8. SloopJonB

    The MAGA Church

    He seems to have one going on that horizon - or is that just the IOR "hole" being dug in advance of the boat getting there?
  9. SloopJonB

    The MAGA Church

    Ditto. Wardodo also has some interesting car talk when threads drift that way. That's the only thing that keeps him out of the phantom zone.
  10. SloopJonB

    On being a Liberal

    Now this is WAAAAAAy beyond stupid. There is always a lowest quintile. My mind is totally boggled. Interesting to see Soreass demonstrating the exact same mentality as the poverty professionals - measure everything in abstractions like quintiles so no matter how rich society gets you will always have poverty. When I was a kid poverty meant going hungry and barefoot in many places. Now it means a 40" TV instead of an 80" How many poor people don't have a cell phone, a microwave, a fridge etc.? Hunger is virtually non-existent. These right wing morans who talk about the "failure" of the Great Society or multi-generational poverty etc. either weren't there, have no knowledge of history or are simply right wing fanatics. Choose as many as you like.
  11. astro

    “I can’t breathe” Part 2

    Clearly the guy was not intimidated, but the women knew that calling the cops is potentially life threatening to a black man in the USA. He could have been choked to death.
  12. New goal. I want to watch that thing being towed down the highway., See it wiggle. See it jiggle. See it roll.
  13. The Black Death changed the course of history. The change, please don't say the destruction, in/of the economy will not be on the same level. You may know someone who died, but you, yourself seem unaffected and only look at what seems to be an inconvenience to you. So, yes, all this folderall is worth it not having the same effect as the Black Death.
  14. Mike G

    “I can’t breathe” Part 2

    Suspended, lost her dog, then fired. I'm getting concerned that we've become a society where we can't even threaten a stranger with police violence while torturing a dog without having to worry about losing your job.
  15. frenchie

    “I can’t breathe” Part 2

    All's well that ends well - Amy Cooper is jobless. That'll teach her not to mess with the Audubon Society.
  16. astro

    SailGP 2020

    The world has moved on passed traveling circus's . Larry wants everyone else to pay for his attempt to outflank and distract from the AC. Fail.
  17. PHM

    Great 35-footers

    J-36 must have been his '80s boat. A big improvement over his '70s boat (when we were racing the E-35), which was a Standfast 36 (Franz Maas one tonner). We called it a Standstill 36...a bit under canvased for SoCal...
  18. Lightfoot

    Chicago Area III

    I bet June 9th. What does the winner get? Also in the long term I think we’re screwed, all those red states that opened early are starting to trend upward with cases again.
  19. SloopJonB

    Noam Chomsky

    Chomsky is an academic fool. Anarchy is the anti-isolation assholes gathering in big groups. Anarchy is those gun toting pussies protesting in Michigan. That's the reality of anarchy. As a philosophy it is almost exactly as juvenile as Libertarianism.
  20. astro

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    Because no one forgets him. He is such a gold standard that it's a given. No mileage in naming him, better to go for one of the many others to emphasize the point.
  21. Just like the Reich on PA, the Drumph claims that he has the right to lie because . . "Free Speech" Note that he did not even bother to try to claim that his tweets were truthful; which is even a step beyond the little Reichistas here. Twitter labeled two of President Donald Trump’s tweets with a fact-check warning on Tuesday for the first time, prompting the president to accuse the platform of “stifling free speech.”
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