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  2. jack_sparrow

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    ^^^ Spot the difference between the hydroponics.

    Niki Lauda DTS

    I heard he stopped smoking... in 1975
  4. No clue what happens at the meeting today but I hope this song is playing on the muzak system....
  5. Navig8tor

    Niki Lauda DTS

    Forget brutal, you are fucking ruthless, and your'e still going to HELL
  6. Its interesting to hear your perspective W especially as it adds an EU sailor's voice that I really didn't appreciate. Was shocked at how fast and how loud EU reps pushed back on ILCA actions re LPE. I think its fair to say that in the US most would think of LPE in the negative while you folks seem to see them as a positive. Like most in the US my bias is such that I would love to see them go and don't care if we lose the name as a result. On SMOD vs FRAND or MMOD, yea I too lean towards SMOD. I don't know if we lose the Olympics even if nothing changed from the current SMOD model and even if we did (lose the Olympic slot) life goes on just fine for most that sail and race the boat. So my votes would be: 4A) Yes or no to replace LPE as a builder? YES (as long as there are commitments from new builder(s) to match LPE price and event boat supply) 4B) Yes or no to change the name of the boat and class to not be the trademarked name of "Laser?" YES 4C) Yes or no to move from a SMOD operating model to a FRAND operation model where there are many more builders, all without territories, but still bound to use the construction manual to maintain OD standards? NO But I doubt we get to have a vote structured this way. Most of it will be decided for us I suspect.
  7. Snaggletooth

    Beste of LIS

    I thick mabey, butte onley tangenttialley.

    Niki Lauda DTS

    Seriously, he was a drivers driver! He just loved to jump in his car and go for a burn...
  9. Darth, A bit harsh... maybe But on the money!
  10. samc99us

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    I'm not sure the full history on the Donnybrook Andrews 80, someone else here probably does. They had her listed for $200k 2 years ago. The biggest issue with that program has been its non profit status limiting how much can be spent on crew and gear, and as a result the crew is rarely consistent and skilled enough to make her go.
  11. Importunate Tom

    Incest and Rape

    Half a dozen threads on what might happen. Meanwhile, the Liberal Gun Club appears to have noticed what I also know: the treatment of abortion rights and gun rights are intertwined and you can't respect one without respecting the other. From the one thread where what will happen is mentioned by me and no one else: They share my interest in being left the fuck alone by grabberz when they want to do some plinking. From their summary: The part I bolded identifies the main problem here, not just an aside. Gungrabbiness is a partisan issue and that means NOTHING can go too far. Just as in places like Alabama, no restriction on abortion can go too far, and the reason is the same, though a mirror image. If it were possible to go too far, we'd have seen liberal voices questioning the argument made in Caetano's case that technology developed since the Bill of Rights was written is not covered. But we did not and will not see such questioning because TeamD. They go into the history of decisions about how laws that burden protected rights must be tailored and get to this: So they understand that the way one right is treated affects how others will be treated. Presumably, they're Favre fans. Summarizing the general disrespect that several appeals courts have shown for this one part of the Bill of Rights, they say: A shorter summary leads to the same end: any burden is good because TeamD. Being the Liberal Gun Club, they don't want to put it as bluntly as I did, but that's the problem in the gun debate. No matter how far grabbers go in restricting the types of guns we can own and what we can do with them, it's never far enough because you can never punish gun owners enough for their likelihood of voting TeamR. Or worse, TeamL.
  12. Navig8tor

    Niki Lauda DTS

    That is brutal ........AND your'e going to hell
  13. tell that to comey, brennan, and clapper.
  14. Does WS have any morals? Or at least those in WS that will make the decision(s) that will determine if ILCA or LPE win this battle? Have no clue what to expect from that organization...

    Niki Lauda DTS

    Of course! I was wondering if he was going to be cremated, Again.

    Niki Lauda DTS

    Thanks for posting, I went looking for that as soon as I heard the sad news.


    An old girl friend recently had a stroke. Her sister was with her at the time but she was too slow and couldn't reach.... Hat, Coat, see ya... Cheers P Wop, hang in there mate. I'd like to say I was rooting for you but that sort of thing is frowned upon here in Australia.
  18. Importunate Tom

    Trump vs Property Rights

    Olsonist will continue to be an anonymous troll who fantasizes endlessly (but never correctly) about me.
  19. Wess

    Corsair F28 Mast Question

    Have owned Corsairs for the past ~20 years. Love them. have raised and lowered my own mast. Both on and off the water. Post #15 has it right. Would only add that its not something I would want to do each time I went sailing.
  20. Olsonist

    Incest and Rape

    Dogballs will be along shortly to remind us that at least we don't have Hillary. Dogballs will be concerned yet optimistic. Dogballs will cite the tail end of his closing argument in Dogballs v The World where he unsuccessfully represented himself against no one in particular.
  21. Fakenews

    I may have found RBooze!

    Two years on and Tedious Tom still has no fucking clue where RBooze is but hey there’s a thread that needs bumping...
  22. Bull City

    Galley equipment

    We have a pair from Crate & Barrel. The salt grinder is clogged with salt - humudity may have something to do with it - and the pepper will not adjust to anything finer than coarse. The mechanisms have a lot of plastic. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm thinking the Peugeot pair, and maybe these:
  23. Ajax

    Galley equipment

    I find that the humidity ruins salt, pepper and most other spices. Grinders and other dirt-bound containers do not keep the humidity out. I ended up putting salt, pepper and a "provincial blend" in replicas of vintage, US Navy mustard and pepper bottles, capping them off with corks. It's the only thing that kept the spices from caking up into unusable bricks. Even then, I had to put a few grains of rice in with the salt to absorb whatever moisture got into the bottle during use. Unfortunately, this means no fresh grinding and you have to shake a bit into the palm of your hand and spread it over your food the old way.
  24. Ease the sheet.

    I still call Australia home

    Just stop with the facts! How is a person supposed to be discredited if you are going to post facts?
  25. Fiji Bitter

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Oh yes, Barry Prickthall's emails have been coming in alright, you must have been blacklisted or forgotten. Here is today's, in the online version: With more barnacles.
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