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  2. The Russians have been at this for a long time. A lot of people in Russia and elsewhere believe that Putin really is a bare-chested horse-and Harley-riding hunting shooting flying he-man who cares about the environment. Pushing the election chances of a deeply compromised business failure turned TV huckster was never going to be easy, but they did their best, and......Fuck Me! The idiot won!
  3. dogwatch

    Brexit, WTF

    It would be a damn sight prettier without so many sheep. There is or at least used to be an area of Snowdon fenced off from sheep and the colour and variety of vegetation was fantastic compared to the grass mono-culture induced by intensive sheep grazing. Along with the increased diversity in vegetation come more insects and birds. There's a peculiar misconception that the man-made appearance of most British uplands is natural whereas left to its own devices, much would turn to scrub then forest with vastly increased biodiversity.
  4. dylan winter

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I do not understand the comment
  5. dogwatch

    Team NZ

    I think the AC75s will deliver some kind of racing and be good for shits and giggles. But as for what GA says, exactly how likely at this point is anyone involved with ETNZ likely to say "Oh shit, we've made a monumental cock-up here"?
  6. Fiji Bitter

    Keel Failure

    From Wikipedia, written by whom, Ron, Butch, you? In any case by someone who doesn't understand much about aluminum construction and heat treatment. "Here's a word you are apparently unfamiliar with. You should study it. Hyperbole". quote SloopJonB Sure, one of the great of his generation, of about 10 of them, IMHO.
  7. trt131

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    One of the CASA rules for drones is that you cant fly over a sporting event.
  8. Not prosecuting people for weed is common sense and long overdue. The second part could be a problem. It would make more sense if they also declined to prosecute people for stabbing or shooting someone in order to not be robbed of personal items worth less than $750. (For whatever reason.....)
  9. Just a typical Trump supporter, though he actually made and mailed 16 pipe bombs, so he's smarter than your average MAGAite.
  10. duncan (the other one)

    Needing good shoes

    Tried that.. they suck for sailing. Fiddly to get on and off (so no good on long passages) and ropes get stuck between your toes.
  11. captpiratedog

    Nautical names for dogs

    Sailor.. He was a good dog.. Took him everywhere..all the sailing lessons as well when he was a pup because I couldn't leave him in the truck because I'd get hounded by the dog police . Not really the best choice for a boat dog being a Great Dane but it's how it turned out due to circumstances.. He had great balance and could jump into the skiff from the deck and never flip it. Good security as well just because of his size. Dane's are pretty much couch potatos so he was fine just laying around the boat... now he chases the wind One thing you need to remember about dog names that's important is you will be calling that name out loud so don't pick something that's sounds funny like Spanker
  12. terrafirma

    Black Jack, Nose Job Arse Lift

    Yes but it seems the Wild Oats style bow will be part of BJ's mods so there must be an advantage other than structural?
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  14. stumblingthunder

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    They are both active and limber! - Stumbling
  15. terrafirma

    Black Jack, Nose Job Arse Lift

    I wonder if Jim Cooney received this advice prior to purchasing Comanche? If she doesn't win this year Jack you have to wonder where the boat will end up?
  16. Somebody Else

    Dip Pole Gybing Whisker Pole

    By insisting on dip-pole, you are complicating things way more than they ought to be.
  17. rgeek

    Brexit, WTF

    As an aside: invisible land in the UK >>
  18. Horn Rock

    Team NZ

    Nothing really new or revealing from GA, but he does seem to think that the boats will be similar in performance, due mainly because of the restraints in the rule. He also seems to be completely confident in the concept, unlike a few of the less knowledgeable in here who continue to cast doubts about the AC75. Who to believe? I think I'll go with GA.
  19. Somebody Else

    what is it?

    Name one characteristic that boat shares with any version of a Columbia 26. One.
  20. dcnblues

    Gunboat 68

    Structural benefit? They wouldn't be there for a structural benefit. They're there so that you don't have to mop up sea water out of your cabin or off of your bunk. And they are often raised above deck level in the hopes of making it harder for the water to get in. So it doesn't seem like rocket science to put a drain in that extra space off the deck. And the valid question would be what structural penalty would you pay for the drains? What added price? Me, I'd pay a lot. Car roofs want to be stiff and light too. But car designers don't seem to think they can fight off surface tension / capillary effect, so maybe boat designers should get on the same page. GunBoat did, and I think they deserve a round of applause for doing so...
  21. LeoV

    Brexit, WTF

    What May does next: The only serious idea kicking around is that May now throws caution to the wind — admittedly not her natural instinct — and introduces the Withdrawal Act Bill required to actually deliver Brexit. It would be a high risk move given there is currently no majority to get it through the Commons, but some ministers believe it might just force MPs to start making the necessary compromises. “Home Secretary Sajid Javid and Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom were among several senior ministers who lobbied the PM for the emergency move during a meeting of her top table yesterday,” the Sun’s Tom Newton Dunn reports. One desperate-sounding minister tells him: “We’ve got to do something. Being seen to do nothing and allowing Brexit just to drift is killing us out there on the doorstep.” Inside Downing Street: Officials are divided about the idea of “going early” with the WAB without securing Labour support, given the risk of the Bill being defeated by MPs and then barred by Commons Speaker John Bercow from a second vote. “The talks [with Labour] and the WAB could continue at the same time,” one No. 10 aide mused. “But the worst thing that could happen is introducing it and it being voted down.” Other officials see no other obvious way forward. “We know things can’t go on as they are until the autumn,” one aide tells the FT’s George Parker. “Something has to give.” The Times’ Oliver Wright reports May told Cabinet yesterday the WAB will have to be introduced within the next few weeks. “She acknowledged that [the bill] would have to be introduced before the European elections, not least to show that every option to avoid them had been used,” a source tells him. Meanwhile in Scotland: It’s all eyes on Holyrood today as Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon sets out her latest thinking on Brexit and Scottish independence at 1.30 p.m. Her spokesman said she would “strike an inclusive tone” while “setting out a path forward for Scotland.” It’s likely to be a pretty big story — the BBC has a preview.
  22. rgeek

    Brexit, WTF

    The salaries offered have had a 20% reduction in value thanks to Brexit. In this corner of the economy, Brexit is clearly going to drive cost for the farmers and wage inflation leading to shop price inflation.
  23. Laser1

    Brexit, WTF

    From April 2019, minimum pay rates will increase as below. NLW (workers aged 25+) — from £7.83 to £8.21 per hour. NMW rates: workers aged 21–24 — from £7.38 to £7.70 per hour. That is what supermarkets, coffee shops, hotels and cafe's, tourist industry, farming, forestry, and any other low skills industry will pay you. Brit, EU or other. Anybody claiming the labour issues in farming is self inflicted is on crack. A lot of them are (have been) paying over and above the minimum wage anyway.
  24. Chimp too

    New imoca boats

    I doubt those extend a great deal. Looking at them, as the boat heels they will be horizontal and below the waterline. Extend a bit and get the hull skimming is all that is needed.
  25. DA-WOODY

    Jeopardy Bad Ass

    I had no idea that show was still going 30+ years ago Anyone who thinks any tv gameshow doesnt have writers likely Loves Pro Wrestling
  26. Interesting perspective... in the distant past I owned three small Citroens and three VW campers (serially)... but the "modern" versions that have replaced them are overpriced, overcomplicated and lack the core strengths of the originals... My current campervan is a Toyota: simple, well built and reliable using well proven (read, old fashioned) technology. Not sure what this says about dinghies... but I do know that over half the fleet racing at my club this weekend were Lasers, about a third youth sailors at various stages of their careers, and another third their parents... that isn't going to happen in any other class in the foreseeable future... Only the Laser can deliver it. Cheers, W.
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