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  2. weightless

    Nautical names for dogs

    I suppose that takes blooper and windfucker off the list then.
  3. hobot

    Random PicThread

  4. mikewof

    What to do with old fiberglass boats?

    Back when we started in recycling, we were able to sell the shit we didn't need to Asia, they took out the useful stuff and buried the rest. But now they don't want it as much. Recycling is nearly always good for metal and fabric, and usually paper. It's sometimes good for glass, and it's rarely good for plastic or organics. That doesn't mean we shouldn't use plastic. Plastic is more energy efficient full-cycle than a lot of other materials. But it does mean that we should bury our plastic in capped in landfills and not put them on boats to China where the stuff washes overboard and ends up stuck in the nostrils of some sea turtle, or wrapped around the head of some adorable baby seal. Ironically, we see the plastic in these animals because plastic is relatively benign, and doesn't usually kill the animals. When the animal gets a load of mercury, or alpha emitter or PCBs, they just die, and we think "golly, this plastic in the ocean is a real problem" without realizing the much bigger problem of actual toxic contaminants.
  5. Raz'r

    Paul Krugman - Republican Abdication

    I also see the only way "workers" can get a bigger share of the pie is to become "owners"- I just don't think unions will have anything to do with it. They are dead.
  6. Shortforbob

    US dilutes UN rape-in-war resolution

    I dont know why anyone engages with this troll. If the objection is paying for programs like this..or any other, then why be a member of the UN at all? Leave and give the rest of the members a free hand to do what they will, there's a few countries, including the USA that might be somewhat dismayed when it's "programs" are shut down with UN sanctions.
  7. S2 7.9 Santana 23, however doesn't have kick up rudder.
  8. Olsonist

    Trump 2020

    Hillary recovered pretty well to the tune of +3M votes. Of course, y'all Deplorables had Putin's vote. So there's that. Republicans are just gonna have to live with that.
  9. MultiThom

    SeaRail 19 Year 2 VLog

    I know this is supposed to be a vlog, but no video today. An aborted sail--basically shit happened. Spinnaker began unfurling on its own (despite having the furling line cleated); then after managing to get that down, while on the way down it unclipped the shackle from the jib; so that's flogging all over the place even after I furled what I could (I'm going to swap out the snap shackle for a soft shackle, I think)....decided better go back to the barn and the 2:1 halyard fails to run freely (hockles and won't go through the spinlock) it part way down anyway. So I half sail/half motor back to the marina with all sorts of flogging sails. Find a sheltered spot to park (btw, parking a trimaran with sails up while alone on the boat is a "fun" experience). Managed to cleat to the dock only to see this 56 foot motoryacht honking at me that I'm in his spot! I holler that I need 10 minutes to get everything squared away. So I did it in 8. "Learned a lot"--which is a euphemism for shit happened. BTW, the 56 footer had a 80 foot side tie next to where I was that he was unable to tie to in the 8 minutes that I was in his spot--and he had bow thrusters.
  10. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    Paul Krugman - Republican Abdication

    The median Amazon wage amongst the ~650k employees of amazon last year was $28,446. If that's the future of low wage workers they are fucked
  11. austin1972

    What to do with old fiberglass boats?

    My buddy owns a garbage company. He said glass has no ROI due to the weight vs. just making a new bottle. He said aluminum pretty much subsidizes everything else and recycling in general is viewed as a cost of doing business.
  12. Winston29

    Looking for current reviews on the Bongo 15

    I worry that the Finn is a bit too much like the V15 or other race-ready dinghies. By that I mean "tippy" and requiring a lot of hiking out to keep it level... I know, I know, all dinghies require hiking. Here's the deal. I'm not a big fan of hiking out, and neither are my knees or 53 year-old back. I was hoping the 100lbs. of lead at the base of the Bongo keel, along with my 230 - 250lbs. of flab would help reduce the need for excessive hiking to keep the boat level. Hopefully without slowing it down too much. Slips are way too expensive where I live, so a keelboat is out of the question, hence the interest in a (hopefully) stable dinghy or skiff. I considered a catamaran, but I've never liked the ergonomics or pitchpoling that they offer. The obscurity of the Bongo is a definite concern to me. Most all of the rigging could be built from scratch, but if something were to happen to the keel or carbon fiber mast, I might be in for a major hassle.
  13. dg_sailingfan

    How many challengers will there be?

    Regarding are the two Tweets they posted thus far: If you believe that crap by ETNZ COO Kevin Shoebridge that Malta Altus is still IN believe it. I don't. Their lastest Official Tweet is from December 8th 2018. That's now almost 5 months ago.
  14. Gissie

    Trump 2020

    Hillary is a lost cause. She will never recover from her ‘Deplorables’ cry. Putting everyone that disagrees with you in the deplorable box is wrong. When she came out with it the first time was when I was certain she would lose.
  15. bacq2bacq

    Paul Krugman - Republican Abdication

    cmilliken our friend from La Mancha is not tilting at a windmill here. In "Sapiens" the author refers to corporations as "shared fictions" and he is absolutely right. Another great read. The whole unions-versus-corporations creates a whole bunch of fcked-up incentives. Yes, notice what emerges from the internet? The sharing economy. Sharing makes sense. Supra-national global limited-liability mega-corporations? I'm not so sure.
  16. IStream

    Keel bolt maintenance.

    Good advice, even for those of us with bolt-ons. Keels, that is.
  17. ortegakid

    2019 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    Well hell, broke my foot so won't be at SD, but want full report plz, hope to be all better for Conroe.
  18. Movable Ballast


    Don't look now but your partisanship is showing...
  19. Olsonist


    Negative, skipper. That comparison is quite valid and your complaining about its source, a messenger distraction, isn't a gonna get you anywhere. But calling DK the equivalent of FN is amusing.
  20. North and Hyde are not setting the sail price that sailors have to pay, that's all done by the builders (LPE, PSA etc) One doesn't need to be a genius to figure out that the builders are buying the sails from North and Hyde at a price slightly less than what the non class legal sails are selling on the street for.
  21. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    Paul Krugman - Republican Abdication

    I don't think it was a poor example. Rich people have a support net & access to counsel which is why they'd never find themselves in that exact situation. My point is more the callous malice of Republican policy ends up being nefarious intent.
  22. Gissie

    Xi and the new consumer in China

    Certainly does happen. However it tends to be where factories are still going in and replacing ‘farm’ land. As a place expands the place gets covered with buildings and roads. Cows lose out. At the same time you will still find a factory in buttfuck nowhere. Miles from any decent sized city. The ones I would visit needed access to a river system, so this was often the limiting factor. Outside the factory walls was stepping back in time somewhat. Cows certainly hanging around.
  23. blunderfull

    N2E changes

    Assuming you have to pull the wing in Ensenada to tow the cat back? Do you break the wing down in sections to truck it back?
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