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  2. Dog

    Drip Drip Drip

    You have not refuted shit. You can cry obstruction all you want but it won't make it true. There has been no charge, there has been no hearing from both sides. There is only a prosecutors report and that's not enough.
  3. just need to rename it the Torch and appoint new builders and life goes on
  4. jack_sparrow

    New imoca boats

    If they have fucked up then collectively the new builds and retros have flushed around €100 million down the toilet. Don't think so. Follow the never lies.
  5. Importunate Tom

    I may have found RBooze!

    Texas Bans Revenue Light Cameras Oops. Red. Revenue. I knew it was an R word.
  6. hasher

    I still call Australia home

    Pennsylvania State University (PSU) commissioned two reviews related to the emails and his research, which reported in February and July 2010. They cleared Mann of misconduct, stating there was no substance to the allegations, but criticized him for sharing unpublished manuscripts with third parties.[44][45] The EPA gave detailed consideration to petitions with allegations against Mann from lobbyists including the Southeastern Legal Foundation, Peabody Energy, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and the Ohio Coal Association: the EPA found their claims were not supported by the evidence.[42][46] At the request of Senator Jim Inhofe, who has called the science of man-made climate change a hoax, the Inspector General of the United States Department of Commerceinvestigated the emails in relation to NOAA, and concluded that there was no evidence of inappropriate manipulation of data.[43][47] The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the National Science Foundation also carried out a detailed investigation, which it closed on August 15, 2011. It agreed with the conclusions of the university inquiries, and exonerated Mann of charges of scientific misconduct.[43][48][49] Wikipedia
  7. mad

    Incest and Rape

    Only a few more posts until dogballs enters the discussion.
  8. For 230k I want the fifth reason I was promised
  9. Importunate Tom

    Incest and Rape

    One big difference in our biology is that men can generally beat up women. Prevening a woman from reacting to that situation by using a non-lethal tool to defend herself violates that sanctity of Her Body, Her Choice so is also rape. Right?
  10. Dog

    Drip Drip Drip

    It's on you then...Don't blame me for your shithole agenda.
  11. mad

    Meanwhile, in the Republic of Gilead

    Think you've stated your opinion publicly on this subject.
  12. B.J. Porter

    Meanwhile, in the Republic of Gilead

    I've asked you before but can't seem to get an answer, what do you mean by "kill"? Turning off life support for a baby that is not going to survive without machines or is it poison/strangulation/bashing its head in or any other means? He believes the stupid, hateful lies from the right about palliative care for newborns that are born alive but have no chance for survival. No one is swaddling a baby and deciding whether or not to kill it. Parents are dealing with the gut-wrenching, heartbreaking pain of a live birth of a baby that can not survive long after birth because it has such serious birth defects and/or trauma. So when you have say, an ancephalic birth - a baby born missing major portions of it's brain - parents and doctors have to make a legit decision NOT to provide life support. Because they can not keep a baby without a brain alive without permanent medical care. As much as posters like Saorsa and Bluewater seem to contraindicate that you can survive to adulthood without higher order brain function, there is a certain minimal amount of neural development you must have to function. That "baby" will never do so much as gain control of it's bowels, never mind have any sort of conscious brain function. And THESE lying assholes are making political hay of it by pretending it is something it is not. So when someone says something about parents "deciding to kill a baby after it is born" you can interpret that to mean the SPEAKER is a compassionless twat who is either pig-ignorant about medicine, or a complete fucking sociopath with no shred of human decency. Because this situation is agony for a parent. (emphasis added_
  13. Importunate Tom

    Trail Cameras Again

    Red shouldered hawk. There are several in the area so I see and hear them all the time.
  14. 11235

    J109 tips and tricks

    Had my J/109 for 12 years, sailed her 25K miles and did about 700 races with her. Won a lot of them. So... Yes, she wants to be flat to reduce leeway. First, if the rig was tuned for 8 knots then that is the biggest issue. We had a baseline setting for 10-14 knots, then would back it off 2, 1-1/2 and 1 turns on the uppers, mids and lowers for light breeze day (whole forecast under 8 knots) or up the same amount for big breeze day (whole forecast over 15). Regardless of rune, as the breeze comes up, the backstay goes on, traveller goes down, main gets sheeted in more, Cunningham gets snugged up (or main halyard goes up), jib car moves back, jib halyard goes up and job gets trimmed in. Once we are in the high teens, the traveler is likely all the way down, so we would go to Vang sheeting, with the vang flattening the main and the main sheet then effectively becoming the traveler. Making the main SUPER FLAT was key to depowering it in bigger breeze and keeping her from sliding sideways. Also, as the driver I would work aggressively to pre-feather in the puffs...just before they would hit I would come up a few degrees to get some extra "ups" and keep the puff from knocking us over on our side. This would allow us to work up on any boats to windward of us, and allow us to force them to tack away as we gained height on them. And yes, in the high teens I would say you should have ALL of your backstay on, well, all of it except for the last inch or so, which we would never put on. Keep shifting gears as the wind speed changes, working from the back of the boat forwards to depower, and the front of the boat to the back to power up. And enjoy the boat...she is a lot of fun to sail/race!!!
  15. Importunate Tom

    2019 Fishing Thread

    I see that square forehead and just think, "Bummer no roe."
  16. Importunate Tom

    Authorizing Unitary Military Forever!

    Another Rand Paul fan on this issue, I see. Regrettably, he really doesn't speak for Congress nor for many Americans, almost all of whom seem to be just fine with AUMF when their Team is in the White House and tolerant of it when the other Team is.
  17. Today
  18. dacapo

    YRALIS PHRF minutes
  19. proOC

    J105 Symmetrical Kite

    Why not sail deeper angles, 150 to 170? I have always been amazed at how dead down the boat can go. You risk an accidental gybe but that is the case with any rig when it's sailed too deep. If the boat is easily rigged for it could try but it seems like it would become an over engineered catastrophe. Where do you attach the inboard end of the pole? You will have to add guys, more clutter. No forward halyard to use for the topping lift, which I guess you could use the jib halyard. Downfucker control in theory could be the tack like with more hardware. Hmmmm
  20. Joakim

    Backstay w/ Tylaska?

    I would guess he's referring snap schackles you would use in spinnaker sheet or headsail tack. Those are often called tylaska even when they are from a different brand.
  21. Fixed them by putting them in the right order
  22. Importunate Tom

    Number of School Shootings Decreased

    But what about the adults who were shot or shot themselves at or near colleges and universities, or some property that was once a school? Those are "school shootings" too you know.
  23. vibroman

    PCola 2019

    Although I have not been involved due to travel, there have been numerous events hosted by or involving PYC. Several have toured the base etc. No rides as far as I know. Kind a cool to see them blasting around the bay as we are out racing our 4kt SB’s. That thing hauls ass in not much breeze. Looking forward to their return in the fall.
  24. Importunate Tom

    The debate over assault weapons

    Mass Shooting In Oregon Five were injured, which is more than four, so we must DO SOMETHING. Mass Shooting In Oklahoma One person was killed. Since the gun used was lethal, we can be pretty sure it was an "assault" weapon, as all lethal guns are. And since four is four, we must DO SOMETHING about them. Mass Shooting In Ohio That was a close one! If the perpetrator had used deadly fists instead of the gun to beat the victim, it would not have been a mass shooting. But a gun was used and four is four, so despite the lack of info on what kind of gun was used, TeamD knows which kind to ban. DO SOMETHING. Mass Shooting In Louisiana Five is more than four, so the math dictates the SOLution once again: DO SOMETHING.
  25. Cisco

    Jeanne Socrates - nonstop solo RTW 2018

    Not as bad as last time but she still has at least 2 days to go before she is clear of Stewart Island... That cross swell is what I would be worried about.... that can stuff up an otherwise sunny afternoon even when there is no or little wind... Same same off NZ, off Patagonia, and in the middle of the South Pacific down by Point Nemo, don't ask how I know this... Wishing her well and hoping for the best... Issued by MetService at: 4:42pm Tuesday 21 May 2019 Valid to: Midnight Wednesday 22 May 2019 Puysegur Forecast *** GALE WARNING IN FORCE *** Northwest 15 knots but 25 knots south of West Cape, rising to 25 knots but 35 knots in the south for a time this evening and early Wednesday morning. Sea becoming very rough in the south for a time. Southwest swell 4 metres easing. Northwest swell 2 metres developing for a time. Poor visibility in a period of rain Wednesday morning. Three Day Outlook Becoming Thursday morning northwest 20 knots everywhere, rising Saturday 35 knots with very rough sea. Heavy southwest swell, easing today. Heavy northwest swell developing for a time Saturday.
  26. mad

    water in foam

    i think there a word missing...... DOH!!! Fixed.
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