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  2. Raz'r

    Drip Drip Drip

    It's ok, he didn't read it. Hannity told him what it says.
  3. hasher

    Drip Drip Drip

    If you would choose to read, I would not have to write it.
  4. Given how LP has been acting it shouldn't be hard for ILCA to do....You can get information out without being a dick, (most of the time). However, anyone who really cares knows what's going on by now anyway.
  5. We'll never know. Ben moved in to a Finn and dominated. I think he and Giles dragged the standard up. Would Ben have been as dominant if he stayed in the Laser? Hard to tell. My feeling is probably not, but he was very much on the up in 2000. I think the Finn was a calculated move to ensure Olympic selection, success and the exposure that goes with it whilst also following his AC path., remembering that the AC crews were often filled with Finn and Star sailors and they could often find a decent training partner in their AC team and would sail them in spare time, in much the same way the current AC crop seem to run part time 49er / moth / A-Class campaigns training with their AC mates. Anyway, it would be stretch to suggest Ben moved to the Finn because he saw it as the pinnacle of sailing over the Laser.
  6. Doug Halsey

    Craigslist Finds

    Nice-looking Classic Moth (probably a Cates-Moth) in Florida:

    Drip Drip Drip

    you just posted a law that says that Mueller's disclosure of GJ testimony to congress would be perfectly legal. Good work
  8. I imagine after LP's insult-filled release the ILCA is staying quiet to have the moral high ground headed into their meeting
  9. 12 metre

    105+206 = Hot Pot

    I re-use mine all the time, as well as the plastic spreaders. It's just one step in my clean up process. Pour some white vinegar on a paper towel, wipe all the plastic tools and I'm done. I haven't bought stir sticks in years. The spreaders I find are a bit more difficult to keep completely clean with a smooth uniform edge - even when using vinegar so I replace those every once in a while. Vinegar (or any mild acid for that matter) is much better than acetone for cleaning up wet epoxy. Acetone only thins epoxy, vinegar kills it, and you don't need a whole lot of it either. Much easier on the wallet as well. Just have to make sure you don't dribble any on your layup because it will be toast.
  10. Seriously, you'd think there'd be something up by now...
  11. MR.CLEAN

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Who were you trying to help by posting who JB (and his dad) are? I feel like there might be something wrong with you, and I'm starting to feel guilty for messing with a person without all their faculties. You are asking me 'who I was trying to help' when I was answering your question ten minutes after you asked it. Here, let me refresh your recollection. In other words, if you still don't get it, i was trying to help you, the...gentle soul...who asked the question. No. It seems to me to be a common theme. I picked Sail World because I was reading it at the time. One of my pet peeves, given our current president and political enviornment, is lazy fucking assholes who condemn 'the media' for vague and uncited reasons when what they really mean when they rant about the media is "I read something that pissed me off. Whaaaaaaaa!" That's why I asked you to cite - to understand whether you actually had done a survey of the stories out there and were commenting intelligently, or not. Yes. Fuck you very much for your judgments. Holy shit, I got some life out of you! Awesome. Still, your almost Onion-esque overuse of passive voice is just incredible. You are either 94 years old and jumped off the education bandwagon back when Radium was still lighting up wristwatches or you are an engineer doing technical writing. Either way, it makes your writing really imprecise and weak. The context in my view that the reports of the media (at least those which I have viewed) lack the very context Couldn't get past the opening of the above comment. No. I'd like to see more weight placed on what is more important. (Not what I judge to be important, what World Sailing judges to be important). Two examples, one was why the MNAs voted the way they did. The other is to report on Maria Clark's work on governance. You're doing it again, just like when you say 'the press' did something you didn't like. "World Sailing" doesn't judge anything's importance; The people on the World Sailing Council voted for something and there are many people who've explained why, but it's hard to know exactly why since it was a fucking secret ballot. That was all reported. I still don't know who Maria Clark is, but I didn't open an article about Maria Clark, I opened an article about what boat would be in the olympics. How many cups of coffee do you have/need each morning? I suppose this isn't any more of a non-sequitur than the rest of your rambling, so I'll answer: I make the same coffee every morning: 6 shots of tasty espresso-rested sumatran beans pulled from a Gaggia Academia, a squirt of stevia, a drop of vanilla extract, and 6 oz. of steamed milk all in a big ass stainless travel mug. That gets me through to around 3 pm when i have my first meal of the day.
  12. Mr. Ed

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Yup. No handholds, lots of sharp edges. The yott stylists will be all over this one.
  13. Jubblies

    Dyneema Eye Splice: Mobius brummel v Whipping Lock

    With 1/4 line the difference between 50x and 72x is 5.1969 inches, so when I spliced 72x diameter at both ends for my backstay using New England Heat Set it cost me a cup of coffee to be on the safe side with such a critical component to my rigging.
  14. Dog

    Drip Drip Drip
  15. LB 15

    I still call Australia home

    He is right is as far as in both cases a corrupt, arrogant wealthy lefty lost an unloseable election. Apart from that there are no similarities. Morrison is a decent fellow.
  16. Happy

    The Official "War with Iran" thread

    Trump loves threatening other countries on twitter, but doesn't seem inclined to actually start wars. This is clear evidence that Trump doesn't have significant investments in the military-industrial complex. If wars improved the market for garish golf courses, the USA would be blowing shit up everywhere.
  17. JimBowie

    PCola 2019

    Bummer. Why do they treat this sport as if it were nuclear secrets?
  18. Who's Robert Scheidt? Oh. That guy! So why did Robert Scheidt move to the Star? (And I might add, he and Bruno Prada did really well with a silver and a bronze). How confident are you with this logic you are putting forward? Remember - I am saying that the prestige of the class is a part of the decision making process. Are you saying that all medals are equal in prestige? (I'd like them to be, but this is the real world, rather than some fantasy.)
  19. JimBowie

    Douchebag Class Award

    Haha. Thought you were gonna say Tiger 10 lol
  20. Putin must be laughing his ass off. See the VC resigned immediately. In the meantime I seem to recall promises made to build something Yuge in Moscow and install Vlad in the Penthouse while vigorously denying such a plan was in the works. Same bad optics, the difference appears to be one was caught on video. One resigned the other is lawyering up.
  21. LB 15

    I still call Australia home

    ALP/Greens 35 LNP/AC/One Notion 35 So the Centre Alliance and the Tasmanian bogan hold the keys to the senate. Given the clear Mandate the people have given Morrison in the lower house, I think you will find that the 2 CA senators will not block the passage of most legislation. Lambie is as stupid and irrational as Pauline Hanson and her cousin Sarah. Even the countries biggest loser said it on election night. The people need to respect this result. Reps now looking like 78 seats. This is a landslide in modern Australian politics. Where the fuck is bent?
  22. MultiThom

    Corsair F28 Mast Question

    Since you don't need the trailer, why not have someone sail it to you rather than ship. Granted, an F28 isn't considered an ocean going boat, but I know F27s have sailed from San Francisco to Hawaii. Cost to have someone sail and pay for their return air flight ought to be similar to freight cost. Just a thot.
  23. fan

    Sodebo Ultim 3

    Pretty sure that is a jet pack not a kite boarder.
  24. Cal20sailor

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    50 would seem like a Who concert in Cincinnati.
  25. stayoutofthemiddle

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    Are they really wedging 50 passengers onboard or is it more like 25?!
  26. I will leave it to the MTV experts, Wess and Tiller to figure out the connection:
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