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  2. jack_sparrow

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Hump does that apply to Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway as EEA member states accessing the single market, but not Customs Union as they are not EU members?
  3. Priscilla

    Team NYYC

    Nothing to do with socialism if you are discussing MH it’s more of a intelligence issue.
  4. Cacoethesic Tom

    Domestic spying

    Wow, a Trump Twit had a good result!
  5. Cacoethesic Tom

    Who really believes tariffs are good business

    One regrettable answer to the topic question is: Congress Offered with the usual apology for posting more Koch-$pon$ored Trump cheerleading, of course.
  6. Sailbydate

    Team NYYC

    Ha ha. Just offering an alternative view point, Woolfy. Can't let you socialist think you're getting it all your own way. ;-)
  7. Cacoethesic Tom

    Police Qualified Immunity

    I wonder if any court has explicitly said that kneeling on a man's neck until he dies from suffocation is wrong? Because if not, well... Qualified Immunity for the cop who did it. The petitions before the Supreme Court have attracted amicus briefs from a notable range of groups, including the Reason Foundation (the nonprofit that publishes this website), the Cato Institute, and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). ...
  8. Sailbydate

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Not a patch on the Lizard boats for looks, that's for sure.
  9. Cacoethesic Tom

    How Will U.S. Emergency Assistance Be Divided?

    Do You Feel $9,000 Richer, Punk? The part I bolded is a pretty good and perfectly predictable answer to the thread topic question.
  10. olaf hart

    Australian Sailing

    Isn’t the big problem the fact that AS controls the club insurances, so they use this to set the rules?
  11. hobot

    Random PicThread

    Sorry, I find I appreciate low brow humor.
  12. Sailbydate

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    ^Wow. Kauri, I assume? Beautiful.
  13. I hate them. Check out the thumbnails for anything to do with motivational speakers Most have one thing in common, the speakers have their fingers pointing upwards waving hands about. Some samples.
  14. Fah Kiew Tu

    The rise of the KAREN

    I have to say, it would be a very difficult argument to make that the legal profession now has less ethics than it had in the past. Very difficult indeed. FKT
  15. hump101

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    It is an inherent requirement that if you have access to the single market, then you must facilitate that the EU tax laws on income tax being liable in the country where the profit is generated, just as it is in the US. If the UK retains access, but still continues to allow the profits to be declared offshore, as they do currently, then the change in EU law would be negated. This change was one of the main drivers for Brexit in the first place.
  16. It looks like NAAGA has come to the attention of CBS News Uh oh. That sounds like the immature desire for gunpower by black people that scares Jocal so much. AJ will be along to call her a coward in 3...2...1...
  17. jack_sparrow

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    A difficult part of the FRAME road now is if the "truth" manages to poke its head out amoungst all the diversions Downing St have got on the go. It seems that could be happening now so keep your eyes peeled for either a fresh diversion OR petrol thrown on one starting to fade. Just Sky and the "I" a (Daily Mail publication so interesting) shit canning re-opening early without the Govt own 5 tests first being satisfied. Only on Sky broadcasting is the bitch that it is Government making the decisions not SAGE and stop dumping it on us. The latter sailing close to revealing the 3 March "catastrofuck" but safe. There is a crack there though. Scientists who advise government warn lockdown being eased too soon
  18. olaf hart

    Random PicThread
  19. madboutcats

    SailGP 2021

    The world is truely turned on its head this year, first the Corona virus and then the whiney person that’s been trying to shut Sailing GP down since it’s inception starts a SGP thread, come on Smack start a 2021 thread yourself.
  20. Back in a prior life, I used to get a lot of calls from people wanting something from me. Usually their secretary/PA would call, then say something in the lines of 'Please hold for Mr X....' and put me on hold. I'd look at my watch. If I was feeling generous or bored I'd give them 30 seconds before hanging up. Pissed off, maybe 10-15 seconds. Inevitably I'd get a call back complaining that we'd been disconnected at which point I'd explain that I wasn't playing games with their boss, either he got on the line straight away or don't bother me because I'm just going to hang up. Some of them got the message. Funny that I cannot recall a woman ever trying that 'my time is more important than your time so you have to wait' caper on me. These days I don't do meetings for less than $3 a minute. And not even then if I can help it. FKT
  21. Today
  22. Fiji Bitter

    Idiots are just making it all harder to get to normal

    That's his house keeper, you silly!
  23. Gissie

    Battle for Hong Kong

    When was the last protest of hundreds and thousands? Gaining steam, gaining dissidents, where do you come up with this shit? Have you been on a march with these people, or do you just pretend you are all knowing. Just an arrogant dumb cunt that thinks he has knowledge beyond his ken. Spouting the sort of crap that, if uttered in HK would be met with derision, even from the protestors themselves. The part you don't, and never will, understand is they know they are going to lose but do it anyway. Take down China, hahahaha, you have no idea how delusional you are. Get help Mikey, you need it.
  24. So where is my invitation fuck head?
  25. Priscilla

    Random PicThread

    The Buckles made a van too.
  26. Navig8tor

    Twitterer In Chief

    It would be so nice if the Kenyan got the stake job.........! Actually come to think of it it, it might be several stakes, one for the birth certificate, one for Obamacare, one for all of BS accusations because the orange one was failing and finally Obamagate whatever that actually is. Be nice to put them all finally to bed.
  27. Poodle56

    The 2020 AVIATION thread

    Always looks so cool when the viewer is looking down into a valley, and the aircraft flies in below them.
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