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  2. The Joker

    Two Rudy associates arrested

    What a crock. They are not memories of what was said. There are a group of intel officials who write down the conversation live, as it takes place. Then those written records are compared to make sure NOTHING IS LEFT OUT and from those multiple records a combined official record is created.
  3. hermetic

    Serial Killers video

    never accept free sim cards
  4. KC375

    Brexit, WTF

    Not much has changed since 1934
  5. JonRowe

    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Yeah and the class rules stipulate that the AVS and self righting rules apply in a "foils extended" state, so I guess they must have some sort of comparative weights in the pull down?
  6. JonRowe

    What ever happened to supermaxi WildThing?

    CQS is Tempus Fugit now isn't it?
  7. Kestrahl

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    Agree with Bad Andy, the 3di nordac is a cash cow for north - lets make a fancy sail out of 100% cheap polyester. A bit like the Carbon sport ( polyester with carbon ribbons in one direction ) or Tape drive where it is all polyester, with carbon tapes. Even on small boats there are big benefits to going 100% exotic fibers, but it costs.
  8. LeoV

    Minitransat 2019

    Thanks JON, sure you must have FOMO, they al found it terrible
  9. Dog

    Time to impeach?

    Well all you've got so far is a request for assistance with an investigation. Hardly comparable to impeachable “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors." Read the whole thing so you understand what fuckery you're a party to.
  10. martin.langhoff

    Do you tie your jib sheets together when shorthanded?

    You have a bunch of good recommendations in this thread Join - or just hang out at - a sailing club. 99% of your questions will be answered and even better, you'll learn things you didn't know to ask. On a first time solo, or on your second time solo, sail with main only. Most/all boats of this kind are still balanced and well behaved with main only, explicitly for learning and shorthanded sailing. If you choose to sail with a jib - yes, tie them together or, even better, use a single line (double length). That's what most people do, it's really handy. Clearly different color, size, texture even. Folks in this forum generally don't sail your specific boat, so we don't know exactly how to run it for minimal snagging. Join - or just hang out at - a sailing club. 99% of your questions will be answered and even better, you'll learn things you didn't know to ask; and you'll learn them before you need them, which will save you frustration, and will be safer out in the water.
  11. jb5

    VHF AIS? Transponder

    I have a very similar setup and sail solo. The CommandMic is great. The Icom VHF is big. I find the information from my separate AIS receiver interesting and sometimes useful but wouldn't do it again at the cost. I find my radar with guard zones to be more useful and better value. I also have an external alarm speaker run from the plotter to make sure its heard in the cabin if something trips a zone etc. To me plotter clutter isn't too bad with the AIS info.
  12. Saorsa

    Immediate withdrawal from Syria

    Yes, and if you are doing a root cause analysis of a failure you start with the last known state change. That would be when we decided that the Russians were our friend and would help us get rid of ISIS and Assad. Substitute deal with mideast problems for learning orbital mechanics.
  13. KC375

    Brexit, WTF

    Reliability of UK implementing treaties put in question by court ruling UK court rules against Derry woman in Irish identity case Citizenship case raises questions over why UK law has not incorporated Good Friday rights The Home Office challenged the ruling, arguing that not all the contents of the agreement had been incorporated into British law and therefore the rights in the Good Friday agreement did not trump those in the 1981 British Nationality Act. ... .. Ireland had amended its domestic law after the 1998 peace deal to deliver the agreed rights. Questions will now be asked as to why UK domestic law was not amended likewise... treaties such as the GFA were entered into under royal prerogative but that this prerogative “does not extend” to altering domestic law without the “intervention of parliament”. .. ...“Quite simply, a treaty is not part of English law unless and until it has been incorporated into the law by legislation,” ... ...Northern Ireland Act of 1998 which gave effect to certain provisions in the Good Friday agreement did not touch on self-identification and nationality and this “was entirely deliberate on the part of the United Kingdom”. ... Even with a treaty signed by the can't actually count on the UK honouring their commitment. Add to that the known mendacity of the PM why would the EU even bother trying to paper something with the UK
  14. Sol Rosenberg

    Time to impeach?

    I like Sen. Murkowski’s take on it. "I'm also trying to think to myself, if this set of facts were to be in front of me and the president was President Hillary Clinton as opposed to President Donald Trump, would I be viewing this in a different way? Because if I do, that's wrong. I shouldn't view whether what is right and what is wrong based on the political affiliation of the individual that we are considering," she said.
  15. Shortforbob

    Serial Killers video

    and pigs might fly perhaps he could simply tweet out that there are great people on both sides. I trust Melania is outraged and has hidden all Barrons iphones, Ipads etc and given him a note for school...he must be traumatised.
  16. VWAP


  17. NORBowGirl

    Top Speed: What's Your Number?

    21.5 knots with my own hands at the wheel, with delivery sails, in Bass Strait (wasn't allowed to go near the wheel when we hit 30+)
  18. ROADKILL666

    Pretty Bad Arrm

    Getting old sucks balls.Every day it’s something new
  19. Steam Flyer

    Time to impeach?

    What a load of crap. Rank order of guilt has no role in due process. If he’s guilty, let’s deal with it. If there are other crimes? Fine deal with them. This is not Wheel of Misfortune, it’s an impeachment process. So sorry the Gröpenfuhrer is under investigation, but it has to happen. Snowflakes need to stop whining. At first I thought, "Golly Dog is finally over the edge, he's agreeing that Trump is guilty" but then I realized it was just more of the same BS. 1- Innocent! Witch Hunt! Pizza Parlor Basement! BENGHAZI!!!! 2- I didn't do it, it's all a left-wing campaign of lies to try and reverse the glorious 2016 election 3- Well maybe I did do it, but it's not illegal 4- It's illegal and I did it BUT DEMOCRATS ARE WORSE! Rinse and repeat cycle endlessly until the shooting starts - DSK
  20. Bus Driver

    Serial Killers video

    I agree. While I don't hold President Trump accountable for the creation or airing of the video, I do note it follows his rhetoric and exhortations about his enemies. Words matter and someone decided to follow up on his pronouncements.
  21. ollallero

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    That guy looks working hard inside there
  22. phillysailor

    Trump throws Kurds under the bus

    Don’t forget Assad. The Kurds are now looking to him for protection. Trump has literally driven our allies into the lap of our enemies.
  23. The Joker

    Serial Killers video

    Very poor taste to create even worse to air it.
  24. Jules

    Time to impeach?

    This jumped out at me from early in the article But for now, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appears to be sticking with her instincts to keep the probe tight and as simple as possible for Americans to understand. Seems to be further evidence of our ever declining IQ average.
  25. tigger.mike

    Best Anchor Drag Alarms

    At any one point I generally have three android devices on board that all have the software loaded. My normal phone (generally next to me when sleeping) Backup chartplotter (Android Lenovo Tab 4, installed with SailGrib WR & AA). Backup phone (Just an old phone, no SIMM card installed so only updated with WiFi and using GPS only). The SailGrib license is per Google account so can be on any number of android devices (free AA version works well too). I also have the Raymarine system that does some sort of anchor watch but that is outside on my Dragonfly so pretty useless (and the screen mirroring app is pretty rubbish too). One thing that I have found is really useful to consider (unrelated but possibly useful information), is that the phones support wireless charging and are waterproof. I've had a few situations where the phone has got wet and refuses to charge through the wire as it detects water in the charging port. Wireless charging still works fine in this situation (and I learned this the hard way). Mike
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