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  2. Lark

    The onslaught of radical Christianity

    It’s real, and strong in Pence country. It’s also a double edged sword. Blind faith results in over reliance on extremist judges. There is a push for religious schools with public funding, a step beyond the online religious schools currently subsidized by red states. The obvious benefit the religious parents see is education free of the taint of evolution, liberal history and information on avoiding pregnancy. The problem is they rely on good old boy networks and gatekeeper judges to avoid madrasah and competition from the world’s fastest growing religion.
  3. mad

    Brexit, WTF

    The media In general have been biased since day one!! The BBC are one of the worst culprits. This thread has proved how very useful alternative and independent news sources are so important. Twitter and forums etc can be very useful news feeds if you can be bothered to check the veracity of what you’re reading.
  4. Norse Horse

    what are you listening to right now .... part quatre

    Wow, lot's of interesting listening for a Sunday in the rainy pnw. This band does a good Neil song. They are known for their hit "Let Her Go" but they also play some covers of other artists. I thought Paul Simon's song "Diamonds on the soles of her Shoes" was not bad. There are some Neil remixes that are are not bad either...the old dude continues to inspire a new generation.
  5. d'ranger


    Excellent Whataboutism. Solution? Never leave home, live in sack cloth and do nothing.
  6. Ishmael

    Time to impeach?

    It's going to be more difficult to impeach with Barr in the way. In addition, former Justice officials are raising a few questions about the department’s decision not to open a criminal investigation into whether Trump’s July 25 call with Ukraine’s president might have violated campaign finance laws. The partial record of that conversation the White House released last month indicates that Trump told Zelensky to connect with both Barr and Giuliani, as part of Trump’s push to spur scrutiny of debunked allegations about Ukrainian efforts to hurt Trump and help Clinton in 2016, and discredited corruption charges involving the Bidens that Trump has been using to score political points. A DOJ spokesperson has said that Barr was not involved in any decision-making about whether a criminal investigation was warranted, and that the matter was decided by the head of the criminal division, with advice from other units within the department. But former Justice officials I have spoken to voiced deep skepticism about whether a decision of this magnitude could have been made without Barr’s involvement.
  7. mad


    Nobody’s ever going to believe that’s normal behaviour there, or the US, UK, etc. This is a sailing forum, most of us here have sailed with or lived in a lot of countries...... and generally have no issues like that. And I’ve lived/worked in a lot of countries and sailed with some real arseholes from everywhere as well!!
  8. Fucking priceless. So Irish. I just have to do this.
  9. Amati

    The onslaught of radical Christianity

    I met her! Strange but true. The story goes that the apparition appears every century or so at a pre Christian ancient grotto near lake Zurich. Not even spooky- just a feeling of peace and oneness, unlike the Old Testament violence pedaled by some evangelical Catholics. Probably another example of cultural appropriation by Rome, but it was a nice moment. Got lunch with the local Bishop out of it........
  10. savoir

    New SWAN 48 and sweet dreams

    That fitting would be a lot stronger if it was triangular with the block on top. It would also solve the chafe issue.
  11. Monkey


    No argument here! That racist fuck can rot in hell. I’ll be glad if he’s booted before people think that’s normal for the Kiwi’s.
  12. mad

    AC 36: INEOS TEAM UK Maybe this has something to do with the little outburst above??
  13. P_Wop


    Yes, yes, yes, get an ad.... Sheesh.... However, this may be different. I'm doing some strategic advisory work for a SV startup company that's developed a remarkable alternative to a wheelchair. It allows you to be vertical, the standard way we live, and you can then interact relatively normally. No falling, and it's mostly hands free so you can do almost anything at human level that you can't do in a wheelchair. It's great for people with leg issues who otherwise have upper body ability. I really like the idea and the product. After my stroke I've tried it, and you just can't fall over. It's remarkably freeing. You have four wheels, a waist strap and a bicycle seat to sit down on when needed. They've built over 1,000 and as a business adviser, I'm trying to help them into the "sunny upside." Thoughts gratefully appreciated.
  14. Sail4beer


    Isn’t that what she and her group are using large amounts of in order to travel to denigrate it and call for it’s banning?
  15. Stingray~

    Team NYYC

    The “15 days on Defiant” might well exceed what ETNZ has achieved so far with Flipper.
  16. mad


    Me? lol! not sure I said anything other than post an amusing gif Oh look, a little sock puppet war going on.
  17. Stingray~


    Indeo directed a whole bunch of very disturbing, confusing, racist crap at me and that is why he is my special-case one and only ignore! Twisted.....
  18. Herfy

    Team NZ

    Need to step out of your echo chamber. Just because you haven’t seen any video or pictures doesn’t mean they are not sailing. Defiant was sailing back when NZ was being towed around the harbor. They had a “bomb cyclone” hit New England, but it has passed. Winds reached 90 mph in the area, strongest October storm ever in Boston.
  19. EarthBM

    Older fast Aus multies

    I have no dog in this fight, but here is Bottman suggesting something very cool (shadow an iconic race in a cool trimaran). Perhaps the word “rent” triggered negative reactions, which is unfortunate. I’d call it “looking for partners for a joint project to shadow sail a race, with all parties expected to contribute”
  20. mad


    I’ve only done it 3-4 times since I started here, there are limits, and that’s one of them! edit, Fark!! I’ve been posting here since 2005... I need a fucking life.
  21. Olsonist

    The onslaught of radical Christianity

    I'm saving myself for the Virgin Mary.
  22. barfy

    AC36 - The Venue

    Some background on why setting up the venue was difficult with Panuku involved. And the business of gentrification of Auckland's marinas. Oh, and a nice picture of Simon Herbert.
  23. Al Paca

    The onslaught of radical Christianity

    Well I for one am looking forward to meeting the sky father, right after I meet Santa & the Easter Bunny.
  24. I'm on the wrong coast for that, though a trip is not out of the question. I have always wanted to see Santa Cruz.
  25. Sean

    Time to impeach?

    Exactly - Hamilton pushed for impeachment powers. Trump is what he had in mind. He wanted a strong president — and a way to get rid of the demagogic ones. Excerpt - By Ron Chernow OCTOBER 18, 2019 President Trump has described the impeachment proceedings as a “coup,” and his White House counsel has termed them “unconstitutional.” This would come as a surprise to Alexander Hamilton, who wrote not only the 11 essays in “The Federalist” outlining and defending the powers of the presidency, but also the two essays devoted to impeachment. There seems little doubt, given his writings on the presidency, that Hamilton would have been aghast at Trump’s behavior and appalled by his invitation to foreign actors to meddle in our elections. As a result, he would most certainly have endorsed the current impeachment inquiry. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Trump embodies Hamilton’s worst fears about the kind of person who might someday head the government.
  26. Today
  27. hobot

    Show Us Your Workshop

    I'd kill to have a workspace, my current one is the rear bumper of the van.
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