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  2. ... "life at sea" is awkwardly posing in the shrouds on your tiptoes!? We're all doomed
  3. Sidecar

    Bi plane rigged wing mast cat pros and cons?

    Good for proas too.... I crunched my own numbers and didn’t put a freestanding rig on my boat because it would have been heavier, more expensive and in my opinion less (overall) performant for the same sail area.
  4. Gouvernail

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    Location Confirmed Recovered Deaths United States 1.72M +16,700 361K 100K +634
  5. Diarmuid

    Lightning Strike Mitigation

    Living out on the empty prairies of eastern Wyoming, without a tree for ten miles and with a 45' high wind turbine and pole-mounted solar PV.... We gave quite a bit of thought to lightning protection. As far as our research got us, the basic defense-in-depth approach seemed to be: Multiple robust, easy paths to ground. Lots of contact area with the earth. Catch and direct the lightning before it passes thru anything important/expensive (high point concentrator). Lightning pots (silicon dioxide varistors). Individual circuit surge clamps ahead of every MOSFET. ??? Hope. Have DigiKey on speed dial. For all that, we've still had chunks of FRP nacelle blown off our wind turbine, plus melted stators, rectifiers, slip rings, and down wires. We've had grounding cables melted off the solar trackers and the shop's metal roof. We've lost the original solar PV controller, the Battery monitor, several turbine charge-controller capacitors, and one MOSFET to lightning. Only the house has escaped relatively unscathed: it is all steel, bolted to slab on grade. Steel roof, purlins, skeleton, studs, siding, and doors (but plastic plumbing!). It has literally hundreds of paths to ground, a corner-to-corner resistance of 0.1 ohms, and a dry framing-to-ground resistance of about half an ohm. But still. Lightning makes its own rules, ultimately; 300 million volts go where they want to go. We view lightning protection much like we view 'bear proof' food storage containers in grizzly country. Bear resistant, bear resistant.
  6. Liquid

    try it, you’ll like it - FP

    7 mixed, so 3 on deck at once, that seems reasonable. Fully crewed watches will be tigh inside the coach house tho... at least they'll be under a coach roof!
  7. We really need a president.
  8. Forourselves

    AC36 - The Venue

  9. Gouvernail

    “I can’t breathe” Part 2

    Why the hell haven’t the kidnapping murderers been arrested yet?? You can see the guy begging repeatedly not to be killed . These criminalist are worse than regular criminals. They betrayed the very special trust we give police officers. Police all over the country will have more difficult jobs because these four Hoodlums broke the trust. Surrender to the cops should be a safe haven. These guys MURDERED a man who had absolutely surrendered. in fact, they held his dead body down after it became lifeless. .... to be certain he was killed. if ever ANYONE deserved the death penalty, four men who misused our trust and authority we gave them MURDERED . They should each be held down by the neck until dead and for another ten minutes after. The video of their extermination should be shown at every police academy forever onward. “This is what will happen to you if you EVER betray the very special trust the community gives to police. We grant you powers to enforce the law. If you use those powers to deliberately break the law, we shall exterminate you.”
  10. Maybe to clarify - the intention is the gaff on the lateen sail would hang under the tripod (in black) somehow. There isn't a forestay - all lines in black would be a tube. Looking at the seat position in the photo agian, I'd move the 'A' frame forward to sit just behind the front bulkhead. But it's just an idea.. that you could experiment with, without drilling or cutting holes in the boat, and without load from rigging cables
  11. There is flipside to that coin, as always: Trump is also costing Twitter money. Each and every firm or company I do development work for has terminated their marketing budget for twitter. Their accounts are still active to "be there" but hold little content other than a link to other social media or company blogs. Trump on Twitter is like the smelly, noisy, groping drunkard in your once favorite pub ... he drives the other customers away and new customers will avoid that pub altogether as the word spreads. As far as I am concerned, Twitter can just roll over and die, as it has become a kloake. No loss here.
  12. Forourselves

    AC36 - The Venue

    Your team won't make the match. We'll keep the cup and you'll be crying for 4 more years.
  13. Forourselves

    AC36 - The Venue

    Get a room morons
  14. They would be insulted if you told them that. Hint; look at orientation of fibres in plywood contra laminated wood.
  15. Sugarscoop


    Anyway bit off topic there. I meant does anyone have some further info on Skandia Wildthing the 100. I believe its now in Europe getting some sort of refit. Who owns it and what are their plans?
  16. barfy

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    But Of course our resident rules lawyer reinforces the fact that.. Another tip off the hat acNick. You need to decide on your weapons, (foils and flaps), 120 hrs before the match. And stick with them. GD has said the idea is to develop an allaround kit. That's 5 days before the match. In the nz summer, with a 3 to 5 day lead time on what the Australian interior will serve us up, you may have an idea regards day 5. You certainly will have no fucking idea about the match.
  17. Fuck off mate. @Dog is doing ring around Trumpy, with a pocket full of pussy, and we aren’t all falling down yet
  18. DtM

    Eight bells

    Hide this topic and start a new one. RIP Leo.
  19. emmanuelglover

    cooking a tough business

    Gordon Ramsay is a wonderful man. And as for the answer from the University, I can't believe how the higher education institution gave such a boorish answer. But I've never heard of short people being cooks. And I think they live in the shadows, they are almost invisible on the streets. Well, I can say that I am one of them..I'm a small man and I can't reach the second shelf without a chair. So I don't pretend to be a cook, despite the fact that I am fond of cooking and cooking shows. But I, for example, can be an assistant cook or the best seller of cheese. Recently I found nice cheese slicers reviewed here. I like to slice cheese and add it to all dishes. And I realized if you make a hobby your job, you won't work a single day.
  20. I learned to sail by rigging my 16 ft canoe for sail. I put the lateen rig from a Sunflower on it, which is probably about the same size as the Opti sail, or larger. For supporting the mast, I drilled a hole through the fiberglass stern seat and glued a wooden block with a hole in it to the bottom of the boat as a mast step. I chose the stern seat and sailed the canoe backwards because the stern seat was closer to the end of the boat - a lateen rig has the mast well forward of the center of area of the sail - and it allowed me to put my weight closer to the center of the boat. Instead of a daggerboard, I made leeboards. These were bolted to a thwart with vertical ends, making it H shaped. This thwart was clamped with U bolts to two aluminum rails that ran from the stern seat to the center thwart. I was able to move the daggerboards fore and aft to find the location where the balance of the helm was best. I never did make a rudder for it, and just steered with a paddle. In light winds, I could make a J or sweep stroke to maneuver when the boat had little steerage way. The leeboards were made from mahogany and shaped by eye to a cambered airfoil shape with the flat side to the outside. The top of the leeboard had a raked back handle, from which a shock cord ran forward to the stern seat and a pendant with a hook on the end running aft. When the pendant was released, the shock cord held the board up in the retracted position. To put the board down, I reached forward, grabbed the pendant, and hooked it on the center thwart. It was no problem balancing the boat by shifting my weight. However, I did notice that when I had to sit on the gunwale, there was a noticeable twist to the boat! I think something similar would be appropriate for your rowboat. I recommend leeboards instead of a daggerboard. They don't require putting a trunk in the hull, and you wouldn't have to compromise the ability to row it. I think you could put a reinforced hole in your deck with a matching step for the mast. The leeboards could go just ahead of the riggers and retract up under the riggers. Add a transom hung rudder, and you'd be set. Decide on the leeboard position first, then position the mast so the sail and boards have the right amount of lead. Given the freeboard under the riggers, you might need to go with a fairly large span for the boards in order to get the area you need. That is goodness from a hydrodynamic point of view. Since the rowing ability would not be compromised, in shallow water you could retract both boards and row until you got to deep enough water to put the boards down.
  21. 700 years ago we didn't have this little thing called the Constitution sir! We live in a FREE society now mister, and there ain't nobody goin' tell ME what i'm a hafta wear when me and the missus go shopping! Them facemask thingys give you daim bamage because you keep breathin' the same air over and over. And it makes you look WEAK! I saw a thing on the teevee that said mask people touch their faces more, and even our president don't wear none, so it can't be that important. Bye.
  22. Weyalan

    Dealing with uncooperative crew

    Last delivery I did, coastal, only about 300 NM, but still, a delivery... woke up around 3am, checked GPS at nav station... holy cow, threading the needle between a rocky point on the landward side, and a rocky reef on the other side... maybe 0.2 NM apart, pitch black, running at about 11 knots... poked my head up and asked the other 2 guys if they knew where they were... nope, steering north and kinda following the lights of another boat, that they now couldn't see. Can you hear breaking water to the left? I asked. Uhuh. Can you hear breaking water to the right? I asked. Uhuh. Was not happy, didn't sleep much at all thereafter.
  23. mikewof

    The New York Times May 24, 2020

    Yeah, on one hand, I get it, it's hard to shift around one's life to take care of a parent, but we make stupid societal decisions. It would be cheaper to offer additional help for people to take care of their parents in their own homes, then build this insane elder-care network. But the money is in warehousing old folks until they have no money left. It's ridiculous and sad for people to die without their family around them, but this is where we are; profit has beaten out healthy emotions. I guess I can understand why so many people freak out over SARS-CoV-2 and their elderly parents and grandparents, how can anyone be rational about them when they're living their last days in a Social Security milking warehouse? We want them to live forever, as long as we don't have to have them in our homes for longer than two and a half hours. I have no idea if I'll be welcomed in my kids' home the way I had my dad and may eventually have my mom, but if I'm not, I would rather die on the deck of a forgotten ghost ship that is blown around the Northwest Passage than spend an extra few years in one of those fucking nursing homes. They smell like delayed death, those places. For the record, I don't support it. "Reich" corresponds to a particular brand of murderous hatred, of an efficiency that the world will hopefully never see again. That word is the big yellow flashing warning sign on the highway. Using it indiscriminately is like yelling "fire" in a movie theater. If people use it for political squabbles, the full weight of what that word (and a few others) truly means, will no longer have meaning. Neo-Nazis, Christian Identitists and assorted shithole racists are absolutiely not Nazis, they have neither the power nor direction of Nazis, and a big part of the reason they don't have those things and spread their hatred from their mom's basement is BECAUSE we kept the memory of actual Nazis alive in a somewhat historically-accurate form with historically-accurate words.
  24. It's much the same in the rock-blues-jazz world. Horn players are generally a bit weird, and sometimes complete fucking animals. They often hang out with drummers......
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