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  2. ExOmo

    I Rember When This Was Built

    so in the heyday was it the only tall structure in the area?
  3. unfix8r

    How do you stop a British Seagull?

    I'll never forget taking my girlfriend at the time out for a cruise, and after I pulled the ripcord like a man, and the Seagull started on the first pull, I thought my girlfriend was aghast that I had started the motor in such a manly and efficient way. Turns out it was a shriek where I whipped her in the face with the cord. As if my lack of love life needed helping along.
  4. Terry Hollis

    Team NYYC

    Feature America’s Cup: Late but worth the wait Published on May 20th, 2019 Terry Hutchinson, skipper of New York Yacht Club’s team that’s challenging for the 36th America’s Cup, has been patient. The plan was for American Magic to launch their first AC75 by the first date permitted, March 31st. That was Plan A. So much for Plan A. What’s missing has been the bird-like foil arms that are being supplied by the Defender and Challenger of Record to all the teams. There are a number of one design parts for the 36th edition, and the foil system was among the list, but problems have slowed the delivery. Scuttlebutt editor Craig Leweck checks in with Terry for an update: Providing one-design parts is meant to save time and money, right? It is an effort to do that. Certainly with the development of the control system for the foil arm, and for the actual arm itself, it’s definitely an effort towards trying to equalize gear and to help reduce some of the cost. It’s a complex piece of equipment and what they are doing is not easy, so from our perspective, it’s one less thing we have to focus on. The rest is a good read by Terry Hutchison here ..
  5. Navig8tor

    Tariffs on Chinese goods.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch , Here's an active graph of China's growing trademarks applications. Watch China come from nowhere in the 90's Are you Winning yet? Active_China_Trademarks_graph.mp4
  6. Amati

    Stuck telltales solution?

    Thread or tape?
  7. Dorado

    2019 Fishing Thread

    Nice Bull I guess he ain't a kid anymore . . .
  8. badlatitude

    Drip Drip Drip

    Nadler's response to McGahn. Response letter to McGahn 5.20.19.pdf
  9. Hawaiian Ryan

    Corsair F28 Mast Question

    Not a bad thought at all Thom! Trailer would mostly just sit and rust. Will give that some thought...
  10. Dorado

    Niki Lauda DTS

    1. That's pretty funny actually. 2. You're going to Hell
  11. LB 15

    I still call Australia home

    This made me laugh ‘ I will keep the government to account,’ Zali Steggall on Saturday night. With the government holding a clear majority she won’t be holding anyone to account and is now nothing but another powerless irrelevant back bencher, picking up her salery until she gets booted out in 3 years time. The people of Warringh are the big losers in this. They will be sorely disappointed if they went hopeing for any federally funded projects in the next three years..,
  12. unfix8r

    TIps for new sailors

    - Roll your sail, yes, but do it on a 4" PVC pipe. It will keep you from creasing the sail 12x each time a sail not rolled on PVC will. -Spinnakers stored wet will bleed their colors. -Sunscreen like a juggalo for regattas or you will burn. -Embrace capsizing. As much as raptorsailing says go out in the light, heavy is awesome and more fun. -learn more than one knot. You should know at least a hitch, a bend, and a splice. Tying them quickly has saved my ass more than I should admit.
  13. LB 15

    I still call Australia home

    I live in Bonner and it was one of the QLD seats that Labor targeted and both the landline and the Mobile were running hot. And yes the only people who ring our landline are pollsters, scammers and my dear old mother.
  14. justsomeguy!

    Jeopardy Bad Ass

    What are you saying?
  15. trt131


    Arden wearing a head scarf does not make her a politician. It does make her a grandstander though. Check out NZ politics and their economy.
  16. ziper1221

    What is this cat...?

    You are a better man that I if you can tell that from grainy, low resolution pictures that don't even show the transoms.
  17. Mike G

    Are you worried about Ebola coming here?

    Sol, i hope you got paid well and were portrayed as the hero you are.
  18. MakePHRFGreatAgain

    Jeopardy Bad Ass

    he's exceptional for sure. But some of his competition.. I don't know where they find them. They would make Mr. Clean or BJ Porker look intelligent.
  19. Fiji Bitter

    Foil arm testing successful

    I am afraid A4E will win if it that is a fatigue test.
  20. Fakenews

    Meanwhile, in the Republic of Gilead

    Just a reminder of how they roll. More recently there was this
  21. Tunnel Rat

    Stuck telltales solution?

    Standard kit for the modern foredeck!
  22. trt131

    I still call Australia home

    LB, I lived in a very safe Liberal area for 25 years and not one phone call from the pollsters in all that time. I recently shifted to a Labor held area and my phone rung constantly from the polling companies. Strangely it is the only time my landline has rung in all the time I have been in the new house
  23. Dilligaf0220

    Galley equipment

    A simple mortar & pestle with 30secs of sweat equity is out then?
  24. MakePHRFGreatAgain

    Niki Lauda DTS

    longest living piece of bacon ever
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