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  2. Prof Anthrax

    Is Faux News moving to the losing side?

    It's called Snake Oil Son. Been around for a long long time.
  3. Gannt, have you done any shorthanded overnight racing? It's not easy! The Finn class have repeatedly said that there should be a spot for heavy sailors at the Games, but there are vast numbers of yacht sailors who are not represented in the Olympics. Why should representation of body type be important and representation of boat type be irrelevant? One may also ask, if representing all body types is so important, why did the Finn class apparently utterly ignore the principle until it suited its own naked self interest?
  4. Happy

    Pardoning the best people.

    I'm sure Trump has some fine legal minds examining whether he can pardon advance.
  5. So I was listening to my normal news this evening on the way to work (night flying this month) and they were talking about all the various red states that are rushing to outlaw abortion in one form or another. The outrage continues to center on Talibama for their having no exception to rape and incest. I get why someone would desire to have an abortion if they were raped. But why incest? What's the big deal about that? Presumably, it was consensual - otherwise it would just be classified as rape, correct? I would especially like to hear from the Pro-life crowd on the question of incest. Many of you have said that while you're against abortion, most of you would make the exception for "rape and incest". So why is incest lumped together with rape as an acceptable exception?
  6. Happy

    I still call Australia home

    My wife (and her sister) are hardcore Labor/Greens fans. After a fortnight of crowing about life being better "when Bill wins", it's gone very quiet around the homestead...…..
  7. duncan (the other one)

    I still call Australia home

    the winning, it hurts so much I have to bathe it in lefty tears, like Wilkinson's
  8. LB 15

    I still call Australia home

    She has been sitting next to that fuckwit on the project desk to long. They think wearing a headscarf is politics.
  9. LB 15

    I still call Australia home

    And Dave Sharma takes Wentworth. 75 plays 65 as it stands with 2 more seats likely to go to the Libs. Is the sun a little brighter today? can someone drop by Bents house to make sure he hasn’t topped himself?
  10. duncan (the other one)

    I still call Australia home

    Open letter to Scomo. Try not to barf.
  11. MakePHRFGreatAgain

    Beste of LIS

  12. Marcjsmith

    Paying it Forward

    Wa post. Says is closer to ten million. Either way. Well done...
  13. MakePHRFGreatAgain

    Beste of LIS

    Where were the J44s? Isn’t this regatta their usual tune up for the Around Block Island Race? Are they afraid of Rascal?
  14. Can’t wait until they drop sailing from the olympics, it’s just a cash cow being milked by the organisers.
  15. him&her

    New imoca boats

    All of these "what ifs"... How about we start seeing some 1st place finishes and then we can talk about how incredible his machine is. Until then, this whole Hugo Boss program has been nothing short of "meh" - especially with the amount of $$$ invested. I do think his boat is the future .. but until it can be far more reliable, and thus reliably finish in the top spot, it's all moot.
  16. Prof Anthrax

    F1 2019 and E too

    I see McLaren is still being McLaren. Alonso fails to make the last row for this year's edition of the Indianapolis 500. Although who knew 227.325 mph wouldn't get you into the show. Hope to see the Spaniard back.
  17. Rafael

    New imoca boats

    Mindblowing race for the Chacal and melonBoss,... always thought about him forcing too much on S.Atlantic... fkng his strbd foil in his early sprint to Cape of GoodHope If he had not melon his foil, it would have been hard to beat him (even more to Armel)
  18. Fah Kiew Tu

    I still call Australia home

    ??????? Most likely she can & does but the relevance is....... FKT
  19. duncan (the other one)

    I still call Australia home

    Lisa Wilkinson can get fucked
  20. The logical next step is to eliminate all gender based identification so there is no discrimination between "birth gender" and "identified gender". That should make the equality warriors happy.
  21. Tornado-Cat

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    So good and cheaper that TNZ will come back to that.
  22. Rafael

    Sodebo Ultim 3

    Nevermind, gdBoy is touched by the sea gods and father Neptune (with titanGranPa Joyon permission... of course)
  23. Rand Paul votes with trump 71% of the time not especially maverick like given the odious occupant of the WH.
  24. mad

    105+206 = Hot Pot

    Google pot life.
  25. Willin'


    OMFG, Wild Turkey, right out the old nostrils!
  26. I think this memory, and tradition, is worth keeping alive.
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