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  2. Sol Rosenberg

    Drunk Woman steals RV in LA - Goes on Rampage

    Shitter was full.
  3. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    HUD Secretary Ben Carson on Oreos

    He's pretty fucking useless as HUD secretary, so your point is wrong.
  4. Dog

    A GOP Congressman Finally Reads The Report

    You can, and have gone after him constantly for over two years. I just think using congressional oversight powers politically is a corruption. Joe McCarthy would be proud.
  5. Amati

    A GOP Congressman Finally Reads The Report

    That sort of thing has made Trump worth over 45, no 100, billion dollars- I’d think you’d think that must be a good thing- but apparently not. Nice to know you’re finally coming around!
  6. Dog

    HUD Secretary Ben Carson on Oreos

    The notion that one can be spectacular at neurosurgery and useless at everything else is absurd. I have met the man and I think people are misreading his calm soft spoken demeanor as apathy.
  7. Sol Rosenberg

    NFL 2018

  8. If ever a sniper was the solution....................... Frigging Hell-A. Shithole getting worse.
  9. Amati

    A GOP Congressman Finally Reads The Report

    Well that’s different, I’ll give you that. Cute even. Posing a pretend right wing rhetorical made up double standard on BD’s part to protect Your Beautiful Corrupt President, as you imply that going after Senator Menendez means we can’t go after Trump.......
  10. soma

    Gunboat 68

    We had lightning strike the water about 100' aft of us in the middle of the ocean. It fried the depth and speedo (permanently) and knocked out the whole instrument package for about an hour. The wind wand was on the fritz but recovered. Why it didn't strike us I can't imagine. We DID have a bottle brush style Forespar lightning dissipater on the masthead. i think the best defense is a good insurance policy.
  11. Bunker also balls world war tar.
  12. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    Autonomous Device Payroll Tax

    it's been at the shelf level for years. this is automating the checking of floor stock/price accuracy something that was done previously by hand. just like electronic price tags are mostly about saving labor costs on the weekly change of retail prices, not about magical pricing games to play for every customer.
  13. chum

    VR Flight Sim - OMFG!!!

    It was my hell too, until recently. A few months ago I finally got fed up and traded it with my 12 yo son for a Yamaha TTR110. Now he comes home from school and gears up almost every day to ride for an hour or two. In related news, hell has frozen over and his mom is encouraging me to get a bike to ride with him. Happy days.
  14. Ajax

    Chesapeake 2019

    Memorial Day weekend! We're sailing for Chestertown. The marina says they're full but they've put me on a waiting list. The wind looks favorable for the trip- brisk, far enough off the nose that we shouldn't tack much, if at all. I'm not sure if we'll make it all in one day but we have contingencies if we don't. C-town is having all sorts of celebrations and parades this weekend. Could be a good time.
  15. kent_island_sailor

    HUD Secretary Ben Carson on Oreos

    I know someone whose child was operated on by him. Their opinion was he was a brilliant surgeon, but they would not put him in charge of a lemonade stand. Kind of like a version of Rain Man with a scalpel
  16. sail611

    Ladder rungs...upwind tactics

    I have found getting off the line clean is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of racing, at least with my boat/fleet. I sail T-10's, and with the huge main on those boats, if you are second row, your options are very limited. In the light stuff, in which we frequently sail, if you aren't out in front after the gun, you don't have clear air until the leaders are literally half a leg ahead of you. With that difference in distance, the leaders are not only sailing in clear air, but also different air than the boats behind them. This allows them to further capitalize on their position, and extend their lead. You can really see this by looking at the results of past T-10 events. The winners of those events get out front early, and consistently score very low. At Cleveland Race Week last season ('18) the winner took 5 bullets and 5th. Their 5th only happened because of a massive shift that turned the second weather leg and run into a beam reach, and they were on the wrong side of that shift. (honestly, even though we finished reasonably well it that race, I don't know why it wasn't abandoned, or at least a change mark set). But bottom line, as the boats get bigger in both size and number (going from a 10 boat J24 fleet to a 15-20 boat T-10 fleet) starting well becomes far more important.
  17. Fakenews

    Are All NMT Threads Really Gone?

    So you’re a J28 sock. SAD!
  18. Marcjsmith

    Source for, and preferred type of Bilge pump hose?

    whot about the flexible PVC "spa" tubing. commonly found at place like Home depot and lowes. PVC fittings are plenty easy to work with no special tools required
  19. Troglodytarum

    Are All NMT Threads Really Gone?

    well, you still think i'm Russian, so...
  20. nacradriver

    Electric Planes?

    I think there are a couple, but not many do, hence the issue... Here is one that I know of... to shoot this approach Part 135 what is your ceiling and visibility requirement? And why is this a circling approach and not an LPV if WAAS equipped, which I am pretty sure is the norm now of days. Ban on flight in bad weather... this sort of contradicts your statement that maybe they have special permission to do this because of a waiver.. 05935RB_C.pdf 05935RB-1.pdf
  21. jack_sparrow

    Brexit, WTF

    Jeremy Hunt taking quite a punt here.
  22. mad

    Are All NMT Threads Really Gone?

    What else would you expect in this cesspool?
  23. Cisco

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Free? Except for sails and outboard? Thats like a free car with no wheels......
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