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  2. The Joker

    Sri Lanka next on the Hit list

    You gave no basis to make that statement. Other than TDS.
  3. Sean

    The Redacted Mueller Report

    Yeah, that’s the ticket!
  4. badlatitude

    Sri Lanka next on the Hit list

    Isn't it ironic that had this been an attack on Buddhists, Trump would have not tweeted a single word.
  5. J28

    NYT - Barr was right

    Good to hear from the world famous America hatin limousine liberal, Crusin’ Cuck! Right back at you ya fat fuck!
  6. A teak boom that was slippery with teak oil. If you didn’t fall in once in a while and get the boom wet, your fingers would slip off!
  7. valis

    Jeanne Socrates - nonstop solo RTW 2018

    From her "Day 200" blog She has retrieved the drogue and is doing 3.9 Kts in 15 Kts wind. Unfortunately, it sounds like her drogue snagged on the windvane self-steering, rendering it inoperable and un-fixable. She is now steering with the electric autopilot. She mentions having a spare ram (good idea). I do wonder about her power consumption and generation ability though. Her previous blog mentioned some diesel fuel spilled into the bilge in yesterday's rough weather. She didn't know where it came from, and there's no mention of it today.
  8. Point Break

    Hold my beer...

    Good lord.................just stupid. TSTL
  9. The Joker

    Sri Lanka next on the Hit list

    57 states. Gaffs happen. It doesn't surprise me that a Muslim lover like you would make her only comment about this tragedy a dig at the US president. By now you were all in when a bunch of Muslims died when a nut job gunned them down in New Zealand. But a Bunch of Christians die from a bunch of nut jobs and silence Curious was it because of death by gun or death Muslims that triggered your involvement?
  10. jack_sparrow

    Brexit, WTF

    Irish lass had a few stars like Gerry Adams turn up at her Good Friday Agreement Protest. I'm surprised the Home Office haven't folded just to get her out of the press.
  11. Importunate Tom

    Trail Cameras Again

    That would explain some of the lights. Others must be something else but there can't be that many unexplained little flashlights wandering around out there at night so have to be the flash bouncing off something I guess.
  12. Importunate Tom

    Anyone have backyard chickens?

    They are fun to watch chasing each other around and learning to use their wings.
  13. this is my old val 2 sailing off Whangamata NZ, Dick is actually sitting below with my friends Max and Chris, hiding from a rain squall that has just passed thru. It was such a pleasure to finally meet Dick and Pat and be able to take Dick for a sail after many years of corresponding regarding the design and building of my Val 2 "aihe" which translates to Dolphin in maori. Dick had high hopes for the Val 2 design but unfortunately it has slipped under the radar and only two, maybe three were ever built. If anyone did decide to build a Val 2 Pat Newick can hopefully find the revision that Dick drew incorporating all the lessons we learn't from sailing aihe.
  14. Mark K

    Notre Dame is burning to the ground

    The mortar in those flying buttresses has been out in the rain for what? 800 years? It's unlikely the weight of the roof will be off them again anytime soon. Five years may be about right...for planning and permitting... Think they will put another lead(!) roof on it?
  15. Amati

    NYT - Barr was right

    If you haven’t seen this
  16. Keith

    nhl '19

    well done Bruins...... game 7 ........ on the way
  17. Yesterday
  18. Fakenews

    Sri Lanka next on the Hit list

    Stolen but golden ”He’s got a 10 rpm brain connected to a 10,000 rpm mouth.”
  19. Amati

    Smyth Wingsail via Jim Brown

    You will notice the reduction in sail area. Especially in light airs. (I got tired of short handed sailing with dual running backs, and cut down the main roach (which had been a really roachey pinhead. Now I don’t have mess with the top running backs, but unless I use a 165% drifter, light wind is no fun.) Next sail will be a small square head, and the 1st reef will get the sail under the top runners (when I’m feeling lazy), and then go for the ‘real’ reef at 12k like I used to. Experience and money.... This is for a very skinny and light 40’ mono. Just not crisp in the light any more without the big roach. Twist isn’t as powerful either.
  20. Fah Kiew Tu

    Yacht Security PNG

    Very little IMO. Got offered a job in Port Moresby back in the 80's. I asked if it included a pistol and a concealed carry permit. I was serious too. Wasn't taking the job regardless though and the answer was no anyway. I spent a fair bit of time working in the Solomon Islands. Better by far though I wouldn't wander about Honiara after dark. Ex-pat houses usually had high chain-link fences around them to slow down burglaries and the like. Why bother? Australia is far more civilised as long as you don't piss off the Border Force clowns by overstaying your visa. FKT
  21. Ease the sheet.

    I still call Australia home

    Keating was the encumbrant and he succumbed to political pressure re negative gearing. Shortens position is entirely different. Now, it's economics over politics. About time.
  22. Anyone have any idea of what Portsmouth Handicap to assign an Argonauta 27? Smaller Tremolino is 83.7. Mug Race in Florida is May 4. 40 mile river race. We have one entered and have to assign a number. Any ideas? Dave Ellis, one of the RC team
  23. Mark K

    Hold my beer...

    Amateur nite...
  24. sailwriter

    Mug Race handicaping

    The annual Mug Race down Florida's St. Johns River is May 4. We have the usual task of assigning a Portsmouth Handicap to boats that don't race around buoys, but like this 40 mile jaunt. Anyone have an idea for the Portsmouth for a Core Sound 17 Mk 3? How about an Argonauta 27 trimaran. Smaller Tremolino is 83.7. Yes I posted in Multihull anarchy, too. Dave Ellis, one of the RC guys
  25. badlatitude

    The Redacted Mueller Report

    It's over as an investigative matter, far from over as a legal matter.
  26. paps49

    Considering a cruising cat

    Interesting, do you still have to buy the fuel canisters from EFOY or is there a way to fill them yourself?
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