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  2. Sol Rosenberg

    Napolitano turns on Trump - calls Trump a criminal

    There seems to be a fundamental disconnect in our society, between those who rely on observable fact and those who base their opinions on perception. Foxy News and others have spent a generation or two bluring the line between news and opinion, to the point where folks don’t know the difference. That causes trouble when a hostile foreign power attacks us and we get a report detailing the investigation into it, and people cannot be bothered to read the actual report, instead relying on their perceptions. Judge N comes from a place where the facts matter, where reading the report provides a foundation for forming an opinion (ie perception) of it. He is also too honest to cherry pic parts of it to help people form distorted perceptions. If we cannot discuss things with the foundation of observable facts to lay the groundwork, we are screwed as a society. What is that quote about renouncing reason?
  3. Steam Flyer

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    It's a boat intended for placement in your hall. Yo know, as opposed to a Den Boat Mold. I don't all that much mold, though. It's a rip-off IMHO, there's just a lot of mildew and lichens. Probably some mushrooms down near the bottom FB- Doug
  4. Sean

    Drip Drip Drip

    Just curious, did you take me up on my challenge? Doesn’t sound like it.

    get off my lawn!

    And I'm on my way to Newport Beach to shoot the start a few Pix to follow
  6. monsoon

    The worst ideas on old boats:

    Thank you for this excellent information. We would not want our wood going all soft and mushy.
  7. another 505 sailor

    Drip Drip Drip

    Why did he lie about it?
  8. Steam Flyer

    Looking for current opinions on the Bongo 15

    I wanted to comment on a remark you made earlier: "a bit too racy for my skill level" which might apply to a boat like the 49er but not some of the other suggested.... not the Evo or the Weta, anyway. Some years ago I looked into the Bongo and decided it was not for me, partly because I need a fun singlehander that I can also take a 2nd person on, sometimes. FB- Doug
  9. mad

    I still call Australia home

    In other news.
  10. Steam Flyer

    Craigslist Finds

    Nah, you can buy Lightning #1 for not much more than any other Lightning. That hulk doesn't look like it has a builder's plate anyway..... maybe I'm wrong. Somebody that wanted a vintage woodie might like it, and ask the seller if it's there. It's gonna be an expensive boat by the time it's done. Good price some firewood on a new-ish galvanized trailer, though. FB- Doug
  11. Sean

    Take That, Gerrymander Pigs

    Yes, just as they had Gill v. Whitford, Benisek v. Lamone and Rucho v. Common Cause on the docket. In each case they found a way to punt.
  12. Steam Flyer

    Paul Krugman - Republican Abdication

    Only when forced to. When faced with regulations that hurt profits, most companies make a contribution to a politician who will force the agency to drop it -DSK
  13. footlong

    J Class Weight limits

    Not that easy. Wait till you get older or have a serious injury.
  14. My read on the situation: LP has materials in stock and on order, and a workforce whose notice period or contract need to be payed out. Somebody has calculated that they will lose less money by turning the materials and labour into non-approved boats that can be sold at little or no margin, than by walking away. Hence the "club edition". Who knows, if they sell well there might be an ongoing business there, but I don't think anyone is counting on it. Of course, LP also has various legal irons in the fires. That's aside from their manufacturing dilemmas. ILCA are waiting for LP to fold. While we wait, while LP is still breathing and bleeding, they own the Laser name. So ILCA need an interim name to use until LP cough and roll over. I don't think there will be ILCA Dinghies for very long. Once the name becomes available (for a price that is agreeable to a slightly wounded class association and a dried-up shell of a failed boat builder with legal bills to pay), ILCA will settle, take control of the name, re-name the class (again), and the ILCA logo sails will become (class-legal) collectors editions. How long can a boat builder survive, building race boats without an established class organisation to race them? I'll be in the kitchen preparing another batch of popcorn.
  15. Steam Flyer

    Paul Krugman - Republican Abdication

    I don't see the Democratic Party as anti-rich, indeed if anything I'd prefer a party that wasn't quite so in bed with big corporations..... not ht equite the same thing as "the rich" but close. In any event, it sounds like you sought and found unconventional venture capital. That's good but it's not really "the rich" either. Your situation depended on a mutually beneficial arrangement, in which both parties had trust. Over the past 20 years, that has been heavily degraded primarily by Republicans. The Bush/Cheney Administration abused the public trust heavily, about the same time a large corporation almost put the small company I worked for out of business on the basis of "tough shit, do something about it" (fortunately, we could and did). Trump has a long long history of breaking contracts and refusing to pay his bills, daring people to force him. He's trying to run the gov't (to what little extent he's running it) on the same basis. Who benefits from this arrangement? It damn sure ain't you and me. -DSK
  16. "beyond this we are all just speculating and guessing." This.
  17. Tom Keffer

    Source for button hatch clasps?

    I get mine from FP Marine: nickel.htm
  18. toadboy65

    I14 training wheels

    That is an issue I have been giving a lot of thought. I am primarily a monohull sailor, although I have lots of offshore time in outrigger canoes. One big advantage of outrigger canoes over ocean kayaks is that you can always get back on the boat, even in high winds and heavy seas. Right now, I am thinking of retraction, with a spring loaded catch and a lanyard I can access from the stern. But I anticipate some calm lake practice sessions without the mast. If I keep the foam in the amas, there will still be way too much flotation even when flooded. Although there are channels and voids built in for drainage and weight, about 1/3 of the volume is still taken up by foam.
  19. 3.2% First Quarter GDP growth vs 2.0% estimates.
  20. Sol Rosenberg

    NFL 2018

    It’s the first time the outcome went that way. Can I not have a little fun? I am shocked that Jamaal Taylor was not picked, tbh. I thought the Dolphins would take him if the stories are true that they want Tua next year. Tua is a lefty, so the team that takes him will need to protect his blind side with a good right tackle. There are a couple of Gators who came out early who did themselves a disservice, I think.
  21. Dog

    Drip Drip Drip

    About a perfectly legal discussion with the Russian ambassador.
  22. Unless the (majority?) European membership opts to side with LP... and votes down the switch in favour of continuing to operate as the Laser class. Pick up the LP recommendations on strategy, vote out the current ILCA leadership and relocate the class to Europe with professional executive, reappoint LP as a builder... No lawsuit, no disruption to supply. There's a risk of losing the Olympics but that could be mitigated by the new class management team, if LP are on-board with what needs to be done to maintain that status (they claim they invited WS to inspect, after all).... and could well be significantly lower than the risk presented by the alternative fracture in the class and potential legal mayhem... Cheers, W.
  23. jb5

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    I agree they have the experience, esp. Cammas. This boat may find itself falling out of touch with the newer ones very soon anyway so given they have achieved very little to date maybe getting what they can out of it is better than risking more. I just would have liked to see someone like Riou, Pella (yes, I know he's not French) or even more so Sam Davies as someone suggested in these forums a while back. What a choice that would have been. Would have really got them some headlines as well. Predictable is boring.
  24. Dog

    Drip Drip Drip

    He may have really wanted to prosecute the SOB but DOJ policy aside he would still need a crime.
  25. Saorsa

    Mayor of Baltimore "Not Lucid"

    The book is available on Amazon. The reviews are great.
  26. Mambo Kings

    Brexit, WTF

    Blueberry, bilberry, strawberry and tomato harvesting are irrelevant minor issues to the Brexit debate. The UK economy is not complicated. The UK is a net exporter of services : Insurance, Banking, Legal, Advertising, Engineering installation and contractors, Architecture, Accounting, Pharma services (incl discovery and testing), IT consulting , Management consulting. Medical services.The UK is highly competitive in providing these services. The UK is a net importer of manufactured goods and agriculture. The UK is a very competent manufacturer but wage levels and the standard of living of the British worker are higher than Asian countries. The UK seeks to avoid subsidizing industrial production for sustained periods. UK agriculture produces does not compete in cost terms with the factory farming in some regions of the world but the product is healthy and the British place a high value on preserving the British countryside and various regulations prevent turning the UK into a prairie landscape. In an ideal world the UK wants as free as possible a trade in services and some occasional moderate tariffs and quotas on imported goods and agriculture (in particular where imported manufactured goods are subsidized by a regimes strategic plans eg Chinese steel). Free trade in services is known as the "single market" concept where nations do not erect regulatory barriers to prevent international service providers. As an example, the US is the antithesis of a single market for services with substantial regulatory barriers at both the federal and state level to make it very hard to import services, and highly favorable to US domestic and state service providers. For those on this thread who have not lived in the US, services are often ring fenced right down to the state by state level. If you live in Connecticut you can only buy health insurance from a CT registered insurance company (2 of them). If you live 4 miles away in NY, you buy insurance from NY insurance companies, see NY in network doctors, get advice from lawyers registered at the NY bar and it would be illegal for you to obtain any advice or research from a British stockbroker or financial advisory firm unless you have in excess of $100 million of invested assets. In the US we have federal banks but we also have hundreds and hundreds of state registered banks only doing business in one state. Most states have their own department of banking. Various uniform codes have made it easier to provide some services across state lines (mutual funds etc) but the providers still have to register in each state. Mapfre (the massive global spanish insurer and Volvo ocean race sponsor) talks of its US business but it really is only in a few states, for example it obtained registration to provide auto insurance in Massachusetts by acquiring a Mass insurance company and then waiting years for approval of that change of ownership. Currently the EU is a single market for UK services. The fragile path the the UK is trying to negotiate is trying to leave the EU and at the same time preserve as close to an open market as possible for services. This is tricky because the EU provides some hurdles for non-EU service providers. This is why the future relationship is so important. The current withdrawal agreement allows UK service providers to continue to compete on a level playing field in the EU. But what happens in the future depends on that future relationship.
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