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  2. Preet Bahara is just a disgraced former AG of NY who is bitter because Trump fired him, so now he is making stuff up to keep his own name in the news. ^ probable Doggy response.
  3. chinabald

    The debate over assault weapons

    Criminal disabled the alarm, Then climbed onto the roof, entered through a skylight into the building, broke into locked cabinets... it was a fairly complicated job.
  4. On The Hard

    Car Wreck Anarchy... Diminished Value?

    That alone would be worth hiring a personal injury attorney!
  5. Cman

    J109 tips and tricks

    when we first got our 109 the sailmaker that help set up the boat said not to use any more than half the backstay when rig tuned for light air -- while i didn't specifically ask, i was under the impression that it could damage the rig and that i should not be sailing in heavy air with a floppy rig (but i could be wrong) if i ever went racing (which i have not done in years) and tuned for light air, i'd always tune back to medium air at the end of the day/weekend
  6. PIL66 - XL2

    What is this cat...?

    Read the original post....... I was there....... I took the pics and viewed the boat up close.... and, I've been around boats long enough to back up my comments..... regardless .... I still can't fathom a company building a race design fast multi with powerful sailing dimensions and dagger boards to whale watch so my guess is if they indeed built it to charter as they say, they had some real sailing in mind for their guests
  7. Navig8tor

    Are All NMT Threads Really Gone?

    No NMT, there is a God..... Ya think Lockheed got a little concerned over his F35 marketing methods?
  8. sledracr

    RRS mods for single-handed?

    thanks! I have those. I'm just (mostly) wondering whether there is a standard set of mods that can be referenced, or do I need to petition the race organizers to write a specific mod into their NOR or SIs?
  9. savoir

    NYYC One Design

    So far most are merely sitting Not even a test sail ? Weird
  10. You're insinuating that if the GDP went down, they'd not support him. They're in. ALL in. No matter what. The GDP is the reason they're using for now.
  11. justsomeguy!

    Random PicThread

    "Troi" from STNG? With man-hands.
  12. stinky

    J105 Symmetrical Kite

    If you had a Moore 24 and you now have a J/105, you just set your money on fire
  13. Left Shift

    Random PicThread

    Donald Trump Jr.?
  14. So lemme get this straight... It's okay to weaponize the FBI and the CIA by using bogus documents funded by the opposition candidate to illegally obtain FISA warrants, spy on a candidate, spread untrue and malicious lies in the media, but it's not okay if the AG opts to investigate and prosecute the persons in the FBI and CIA who did all that?
  15. Glenn McCarthy

    Looking for plumber whose seen it all...............

    The sink on the first floor drains without issue and I can definitely feel something in the drain on the 2nd floor 4" down and got it cleared 6 months ago. Only to feel something stuck there again. Also, as it does drain extremely slowly, if we left for a weekend, you turn on the water and it only takes a moment for it to fill the sink. If the clog were on the first floor, the 2nd floor faucet would have to fill the drain pipe from the first floor to the second floor sink before it would start filling the second floor sink. It doesn't take that long or take that much water. If a squirrel, did I punch a hole through it at lunch time today and did the carcass close back up that quick?
  16. Left Shift

    How do you stop a British Seagull?

    Actually, a bit of poetic license on my part. He hated that motor so deeply and thoroughly that he would have, No, TBH, the truth is that he threw it in because it finally did start after maybe a hundred pulls, sputtered, died and he plain lost it. We kiddies thought it was hilarious.
  17. Snaggletooth

    Random PicThread

    That's a man, baby. Laste gesse: Dereck Sanderson?
  18. nacradriver

    Niki Lauda DTS

    Small world...
  19. With Lions and Tridents and Nets ......OMG, I really think you are onto something mad. Oh hang on! I foresee a hitch. What type of Trident would be used? We would have to form an evaluation panel and get a recommendation from an Equipment Committee. Its going to be a problem. The lions will clearly prefer blunt Tridents and the gladiators are going to want sharp ones with carbon shafts. Then we are going to have to review athletic suitability and universality. This wont be ready by 2024.
  20. Shortforbob

    The abortion Debate - Why is incest a special case?

    you mean they regard a product of incest as an unholy abomination or something and thus can be killed? Please explain. Wow...
  21. He did that just to stop it? That seems a bit extreme.....
  22. Mike G

    Drip Drip Drip

    Or bribery? Extortion?
  23. casc27

    RRS mods for single-handed?

    You might do worse than starting here: Singlehanded Sailing Society And the general RRS can be found here They do have additional requirements for ocean races and specific rules for the two longer ocean races (Longpac and SHTP).
  24. dg_sailingfan

    How many challengers will there be?

    Tom Ehman just announced LIVE on his FB Show that 2 of the 3 Late Entries are indeed DONE & DEAD as I said previously. Also, Emirates Team New Zealand is desperately trying to keep the Stars & Stripes Team USA in the Cup. There will be a big Friday Show where he will announce who is IN and who is OUT.
  25. Mozzy Sails

    Ladder rungs...upwind tactics

    This isn't possible to say without understanding what's driving the shifts and where you are on course. And even then you're just making guesstimates. Ladder rungs are a good way to visualise gains and losses with shifting wind, but alone they won't get you up the course hugely faster. You may get a 10 degree knock, but were you sailing a ten degree lift before that? If so then you're back to an average heading. In which case you'll want to see it knock further before taking. So, whilst you may tack now and cross other boats, they could continue out left and create leverage on you by the next left shift. On some days in some venues 10 degree would be a huge shift. On others it might not be worth worrying about. So factor that in. How far are you off to one side of the course? The ten degree knock may not give you a better port heading than average, but if you're running out of options on the side you're on it might be your best heading back to the middle. This shifts might also not be equal in phasing. So you might get 1 minute at 300, then 30 seconds at 310. In which case you'll have to select the best time to sail the header otherwise you won't get to the windward mark. If the windward mark is offset to one side then you need to adjust the 'good heading' for that tack to match the offset for optimum distance sailed. The same is true ones you've sailed off to one side of the course so that beat remaining is offset. So, in conclusion, it's far more deep than just understanding how gains are made through shifts, but predicting those future shifts and hedging your risk against the fleet to be able to realise said gains.
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