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  2. Ishmael

    Do you trust Barr?

    It worked for Trump for decades. Just believe good old PT Barnum and everything will be the bestest.
  3. Olsonist

    Assange has been arrested

    If I'm a fireman and I fight a fire (yay fireman!) and then I help myself to the jewelry while I'm fighting a fire, I don't get off just because I'm a fireman fighting a fire.
  4. Zonker

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    This is epic. Check out 2nd to last photo in the ad. Maybe it's a French thing (boat is in France). Who can't be bothered to move THREE cats out of the photo when you are trying to sell it?
  5. If Granny had been half naked this thread could move to pa for their circle.
  6. Nailing Malarkey Too

    D's r off the rails. Each dashed hope = more insanity

    This will be the quote the Dems hang their hopes on.
  7. I do something similar for my LiFePo house bank, which I float at 13.25V, corresponding to ~60% SOC. I find this works well but before doing it I'd try to learn a bit about the e-Propulsion system's BMS. In my case, the BMS needs to top balance and calibrate 100% SOC by holding the batteries at 14.6V for at least 30 minutes. After that, it's perfectly happy to float indefinitely at 13.25V with no harm done to the cells. However, the battery/BMS manufacturer was uncomfortable with a partial SOC float that wasn't preceded by a top-balance. With my particular BMS, the SOC calibration can drift with a partial SOC float but that's fixed by kicking off a full charge before use.
  8. mikewof

    Reparations for Slavery

    I think the Catholics are at least honest about it. It's true, you really don't part from the bitch or the bastard until death. If you're married, she's going to be hanging over your hell-forsake hockey game telling you about some bullshit that happened at the office, and if you're divorced she's going to be up your ass every thirty-four seconds about child support and your late spousal support payment. At least the Catholics acknowledge that there divorce is essentially an illusion, not even sufficiently enforced in our modern times with court orders, armed sheriff's deputies and wage garnishments. The Jews have a interesting take on divorce ... the only way you can get a Jewish divorce is to essentially let someone put a time-delay exploding nugget into your head that you were never really married in the first place. Thirteen years later, you're doing a line of coke off the ass of a stripper in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and you realize, "I've never actually been married!" The government though, I think their brand of religion is clearly the most efficient to making money. Religion never really deals with divorce well, they treat divorce as the return policy on a hammer drill from Harbor Freight. Yeah, it's a good hammer drill for as long as it lasts, and that might be four days, in which case we'll replace it, and it might last you the rest of your life, as you joke around with your buddies that you got it at Harbor Freight. But most likely, it will last six years, at which point, you chuck it away and buy a new one. That's religions take on marriage; they make their money up front, and they kind of ignore the after-warranty period. But Government. Whoo boy. They nailed this whole "marriage" thing, really found out how to extract the maximum amount of profit from the sacred institution. Y'see Government doesn't make marriage difficult. You walk in with the lovely bit of skirt that you've loved to bang, and her youthful enthusiasm infects everyone in the joint, a young couple in love, le creme de passion! And you wait in line for a few minutes as she shifts in her heels and hangs on your shoulder. You pay the clerk some money and sign your name somewhere, maybe run the copy down to some county administrator for a rubber stamp. Poof, you're married! No glory, no gallant last words, as DaleWasserman would say, only your eyes with one question, Why? You and that lovely gal are married! You fuck, you eat, you fuck and make kids, and life goes pretty well until they put one of you in the ground, then it sucks, or it lasts until one is ready for the sanctity of divorce and jumps back into the bracing waters of life. Government makes it easy to marry. No need to work her dad's farm for six years, no need to let some priest sexually abuse you as a child, no need to pray to The Almighty. Just sign, seal, deliver. Yes, Mr. Drinking, the Government could fuck up a wet dream, but in the case of marriage, they didn't. They fucking nailed it. And why? Because they learned from the Colombia Record and Tapes School of contractual arrangement. They make it easy to get in, because getting in isn't where the money is. It's getting out! That's where the government gets their nut, they get it on the back end. If you and that lovely bit of skirt go splitsies, then that happy little red-haired clerk at the county office says "scuze me one minute, I have to take my lunch break now." And as you sit in that chair facing your tribunal, she gets up and a 1400 lbs. Grizzly Bear ambles over to her desk and takes his seat and asks to you "You want a divorce? That's the second door to the left, friend. And I wouldn't go in there without this," as he hands you a stone club, "those guys in there, they scare me." And then you and your love learn about divorce, as two giant life-sucking needles are slammed into both of your heads, vacuuming the life force straight up through your Kundalini Express. You are disintegrating, into everything around. Reintegrating, the worm we dug from higher ground. Divorce makes Orwell's Room 101 look like a cheery place to spend an afternoon, in comparison. And nobody ... I mean nobody, can torture you the way a Government-compliant divorce can torture you. It's psychological torture on the level where you welcome and enjoy it, because you know you will never feel that alive ever again. Those guys like Steve Earl who keep getting married? They're not addicted to marriage, they're addicted to divorce. And why not, nobody does divorce like the goddamned government. Nobody.
  9. ROADKILL666

    Boat repair kit

    Heat gun,100 ft drop cord,nitrle gloves,cordless drill,basic hand tools,cordless saws(sawzall Milwaukee tools hacksaw).Plus your list
  10. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    Do you trust Barr?

    Any doubt that The Joke hasn't bothered to attempt to read the report or anything about the report? It appears from Trump on down the strategy is "just bullshit".
  11. Captain Jack Sparrow

    Bella Mente Broke Their Rig......Again

    What do Lucky and Wizard have to do with Bella Mente? Lucky is the ex-Loki, an R/P 63, and Wizard is the old Groupama VO70.
  12. fastyacht

    DHS takes on the RRS

    LOL I didn't know this was an IQ test. Thanks for pointing that out :-P Well, your statement about cannots is true and false at the same time. Legislators do it all the time. Whether the intended results are achieved is another thing entirely! *That* is my point about ABS. It is worse than actually pumping the brakes. Proven over and over. Of course having a VHF or a PFD on is not Faustian like ABS. It is generally good. There are exceptions of course: don't wear your PFD belowdecks while the boat is sinking or capsizing...and don't yack on the radio if you need to do something to sail the boat safely.
  13. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    Drip Drip Drip

    tell her to be careful she doesn't walk in on J28 rubbing one out to Elizabeth Warren.
  14. A guy in the Chesapeake

    Notre Dame is burning to the ground

    Yup - for me? Trestavere was an awesome place. The Sistine chapel and Vatican museum? It felt like we were going to be stampeded if we didn't keep running. I much more enjoyed going into St Peter's Basilica at night just before closing time when nobody was around. Venice? Go in March - before Carnivale.
  15. Left Shift

    Notre Dame is burning to the ground

    Well, I sincerely doubt that they will cut corners to make the hopes of an unpopular prime minister come true. I bring a 40 year career running my own architectural firm specializing in historic rehabilitation to inform my opinion. So that may account for something. If replication is the approach taken, and money apparently not a problem, the greatest difficulty will be sourcing materials and craftsmen. However, it appears several owners of oak forests have offered trees. Never tattooed a pig and don’t want to. I make my own poop daily and don’t need more. And if I was being precise, I would have used “wording” or “diction” not “verbiage”.
  16. ROADKILL666

    Does your dinghy have a name?

    Yes Redrum and Roadkill
  17. Moonduster

    DHS takes on the RRS

    At best, only when worn and only if they work.
  18. LeoV

    Brexit, WTF Inside the Brexiteer mind There’s a deal available that would take the UK out of the EU — but they still won’t sign it.
  19. Nailing Malarkey Too

    The Redacted Mueller Report

    Thanks but most of us have Google.
  20. ROADKILL666

    Craigslist Finds

    Anyone know what this is?https:///boa/d/daytona-beach-day-sailer/6855350260.html
  21. Pelle

    Garmin GNS Wind - Calibration?

    I think it is in the manuals for the transducers
  22. Nailing Malarkey Too

    Where are the files from Hillary's email investigation

    No Man ... This is Democrat hypocrisy on steroids. If the Justice department actually does start investigating the players who pushed collusion in the ranks of the FBI and O'boy administration will you be so gung ho to release those findings? There was collusion. Hillary 2016 and the DNC conspired. Lynch and Bill conspired. Lynch and Comey conspired. Hillary and foreign agents conspired. Hillary 2016 paid Russian agents for opposition research. Hillary may well have directly conspired and colludes with agents of the Ukrainian government to sabotage Trump. Do you care about that or is the absence of Russian collusion bad and actual collusion with the Ukraine good?
  23. fucket

    DHS takes on the RRS

    Same with PFDs, no?
  24. Moonduster

    DHS takes on the RRS

    You've failed the IQ test. Legal requirements for ABS brakes do not affect safety in any way. What they do is permit a driver to improve their odds of successfully surviving an unsafe situation in which they find themselves. Similarly, air bags are not a safety feature, they are a survivability feature. The fact remains that people are the unsafe element in cars and in yachts and as long as they remain in control, they will remain unsafe. It's interesting to note that the most rudimentary self-driving car technologies, lane keeping and adaptive cruise control, produce results an order of magnitude better than the combination of seat belts, ABS, air bags, radial tires, rear-view mirrors and myriad other survivability features developed over the past 100 years. Brake lights might be the sole exception. People are the source of safety problems, not cars or yachts. Passing a law to mandate ABS or PFDs won't prevent people from doing things that, in the pursuit of a good time, cause them to die. Blaming the car or the yacht is the essence of stupidity. Attempts to make the car or the yacht fool proof are misguided, expensive and antithetical to driving or yachting. You cannot legislate safety and you cannot teach common sense.
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