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    Larry's AC50 Circus

    In general, non AC sailing broadcasts are either given away freely or actually paid-up like an advertisement. The reason for this is that no network wants to take on the responsibility for selling advertising for a sailing event, because their advertisers laugh at them when they do. This allows the event to sell advertising for their own broadcast by touting that "XYZ Network is broadcasting it!", which allows them an excuse to get some cash from their existing relationships, (i.e. LVMH, Oracle for SGP), but it would be rare for sales to even cover the production costs much less the total event costs. Given the poor viewer numbers from the first two SGP events, the numbers certainly aren't going to go up. Russell has been good at selling HNW services though, which has helped fund most of the AC stuff over the past couple decades. I wrote a story long ago about how Louis Vuitton can spend 25M on an America's Cup and earn 5 times that much selling handbags to the 150 clients they bring to the event to wine and dine and sit on a spectator boat. Problem with that model is: LV doesn't need to do this 4 times a year. Once every two to four years works well though.
  3. Left Shift

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Gotta love the pooch using the word "it" to describe what he is arguing is a "human". But canine introspection usually just involves assholes, so no surprise really.
  4. ryley

    2019 52 SUPER SERIES

    Watching their starts on the AP and two recalls, Quantum had great position from the beginning. It looked like they blew the start in the race that counted but played the shifts and boat speed game really well. Pretty much everyone's been bounced around this week though.
  5. billy backstay

    RIP Kappa Sails

    Brian repaired an Etchells kite for us just last month, IIRC?
  6. Olsonist

    The debate over assault weapons

    I'll let someone else answer that directly but scary black tool purchases surged during the Kenyan's illegal usurpation of the White House. They've fallen considerably since we elected the Great White Protector and with that fall, NRA donations have plummeted. Consequently, Wayne has been a little desperate for cash and so he launched NRA Carry Guard which lost even more money. Now he's relying on you. Won't you help Wayne to help Wayne to protect America from liberals like me? Donate generously.

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    What does that have to do with this conversation? Are you capable of holding more than one idea in your head at any given time?
  8. Left Shift

    Nancy outsmarts Trump again.

    Just a hint to Sore-ass: Family separation and child detention is a policy, not an immigration law.
  9. WetHog

    How many challengers will there be?

    There is more to the AC75 then just the hull. A lot can happen to a rig, with huge sails attached to it, when its in the water. WetHog
  10. MR.CLEAN

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    majority - a number or percentage equaling more than half of a total. plurality - a number greater than another moron - undefined
  11. Fakenews

    No more happy endings in Montana

    Or a boner..
  12. MultiThom

    Searail vs Pulse your opinion matters

    Congratulations. Phil told me of the two sales within a week of each other. I spoke with the other new owner (A cat sailor) prior to his test sail in IL. I think you'll be happy. Would be interested in learning what Randy said about the sailplan-particularly why he decided on such a long bowsprit (if you have RSs contact info, I'd appreciate you sharing with me). I really like the mainsail design once I got the right sized boltrope. I do wonder why he decided to go with only one clew hole on the mainsail instead of a clew board like you find in beachcat boomless mainsails. At least by getting a demo boat, the boat will start out with everything dialed in (rudder rake, mast rake, yadda yadda). I think the boat you are getting won a couple regattas up there in Minnesota with Bob Bilger driving. Sail(plane) since the boat is a '17, it has the recent larger floats.
  13. Saorsa

    Nancy outsmarts Trump again.

    None of that explains why neither side has come up with a reasonable change to our existing immigration laws or declared exactly what is wrong with the current laws. Illegal immigration is a failure of existing laws and border security. Our existing immigration laws require a criminal background check and health screening. Do you object to those requirements or are you happy the number of unscreened individuals coming across the border?
  14. Left Shift

    Trumpworld continues to attack former friends

    And they were so poor they only had one vowel. Pretty much they still do. Eh?
  15. MR.CLEAN

    No more happy endings in Montana

    Billings is the front range, only ranchers and miners (who dug up and dumped nearly 2 billion pounds of toxic waste last year that the state can't afford to clean up).
  16. folks in Mexico Beach, the Carolinas and Puerto Rico have to be saying WTF?
  17. aA


    yes, yes and yes to a good start but not enough imo
  18. MR.CLEAN

    Nappy at length on Trump the criminal

    but ayn rand if you ever hear someone calling their dog 'roark', run!
  19. chinabald

    The debate over assault weapons

    And that’s happened?
  20. TsubG

    105+206 = Hot Pot

    Dude - That is bananas. 5:1 by weight is at the very low end of the acceptable range, there is little room for error left. Using 5:1 by weight instead of 5.36:1 puts you off proper stoichiometry by ~7%. If you are going to spend the time to weigh with a gram scale, follow the supplier's directions to get the best results. I have done 100s of mechanical tests of cured epoxy on the Instron and mix ratio makes a difference in strength / flexibility / hardness. Just because it cures doesn't mean it is ideal (as strong / tough as it should be). If you can't do the math in your head (I can't), put your iPhone on a shelf nearby and use voice commands: "Hey Siri - What is 200 divided by 5.36?" Siri: "37.3134"
  21. crashdog

    Brexit, WTF

    Well, conservatives suffer from social arrogance and liberals from intellectual arrogance, which explains May's intransigence on accepting new ideas from anyone but her own social group (hint: she has none), and on Corbyn's dismissal of the dim Government and any other stripe of non post-modern political theory. Of course, (keyboard) pundits suffer from arrogance arrogance...
  22. d'ranger


    Your ability to rewrite history is duly noted. Winning the House was not a sure thing needing 23 seats. Final was 40 much more than anyone predicted. Making lemonade out of your lemons is so cute.
  23. badlatitude


    It was the most decisive defeat Republicans have seen in 40 years. That says it all, it may not be a mandate in your book, but pay attention to the investigations, there will be a lot of them.
  24. Zach

    Gelcoat oxidation fix

    I'm a fan of Aquabuff 2000 for a first pass... 1 gallon jug of the stuff is a bit industrial in size, but works well to cut, while the polish grit if you will turns to a finer grain size as you use it. It doesn't get as fine of a finish as 3M's finesse it, but lets you get 9/10ths there with a variable speed polisher, and then switch over to the more expensive stuff to get the final glaze and wax on. Not so much that you can take a devil may care attitude with the speed, just that it starts a little coarser and ends as fine as the rest til it quits cutting. You can buff out from 800 grit wet sanding with Aquabuff and not have to do a lick of hand sanding or blocking past that where Finesse It wants a little bit slicker than that to start. I got turned on to it doing plug work making molds, and it works just as well detailing. Collinites insulator wax is still tough to beat if you don't mind working your ass off once a year to get the wax on, and wax back off. I like Bar Keepers friend for rust stains and tannins. I've got two Makita 9227c's that get put into buffing use when needed. It is worth while to clean them up, and make sure you get any grit out of them if you are using sander/polishers interchangeably. It doesn't take much of a grit, to get blown out of a motor winding and onto the work surface to make more work for you. Dedicated tools are nice... but the Makita's are a swiss army knife when it comes down to what they can do.
  25. phillysailor

    Nancy outsmarts Trump again.

    The other reason the GOP doesn’t want “solutions” to immigration issues is the demographics and politics of paths to citizenship that would inevitably be part of any realistic and humane solution. With gerrymandering, race-based policing and judicial decisions & fines, plus laws ensuring felons can’t vote even after they’ve “paid their debt” to society, the GOP is able to put a lock on enough elections to keep and hold power. Any plan that threatens that system of supremacy is a non-starter with Republicans, whether or not they care to acknowledge the reasons.
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