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  2. jb5

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    that makes sense. having a lot of trouble trying to read the article on my phone, basically impossible which is a shame. foils could make all the difference, esp. with some rm from the windward rudder elevator.
  3. Rasputin22

    Hold my beer...

    This happened about 4 years just east of us here on the Panhandle.
  4. Troglodytarum

    Xi and the new consumer in China

    meh... the left wants communism here. Sadly, only a matter of time.
  5. This is a share from If it doesn't make sense wait and perhaps someone who has a lot of crayons can simplify it. Why is the nationalization of healthcare in the U.S. so partisan if both parties say they want the best healthcare for all citizens? Dan Munro, Author of Casino Healthcare and Forbes Contributor Answered 4h ago Because one side has a huge fiscal incentive to keep the status quo. The debate is pretty well delineated by belief. Healthcare is a basic human right. Healthcare is a free market. If you fall into #2, the fiscal rewards can be wildly lucrative because there’s no end to the game of tiered coverage. In our current system, we tier coverage by: Age (twice — 26 & 65) Income (indexed to federal poverty level) Heritage (Indian Health Services) Military Service (VA & DOD) Employment (Employer Sponsored Insurance) Individual Market (non-subsidized) Individual Market (subsidized through Obamacare) Bronze Silver Gold Even with all this tiering, we still wind up with about 70 million Americans who are either uninsured — or underinsured (whereby a single major medical expense would wipe them out). All of which begs the question — why do we tier coverage this way? There’s only one reason — because tiered coverage is the delivery mechanism for tiered pricing — and tiered pricing (largely on ability to pay) is how “free markets” work — right? The big problem in healthcare, of course, is that demand will ALWAYS outstrip supply — and not just by a small margin. So what’s the alternative — what’s the model for a system based on healthcare as a human right? There’s really only one — universal health coverage. Why does this work? Because universal health coverage is the delivery mechanism for single pricing. How that’s funded (either single or multi-payer) is largely irrelevant — because who pays isn’t a big ecnomic lever. The big economic lever is single pricing. How do we know this with certainty? Here’s a chart for that exact comparison. The reason it’s such a compelling visual, is because America is the only industrialized country with tiered coverage. All the other countries have a system based on universal coverage. The funding mechanics in other countries is different — but the underlying model to all of them is universal coverage — and THAT’S the big economic lever. NB: The chart only goes up to 2014. This year — 2019 — Team USA will spend over $11,000 (four more dotted vertical lines) per capita — AND — our Life Expectancy has declined (mostly from “deaths of despair”) for each of the last three years. The question before us as a nation remains. Do you believe healthcare is a basic human right — or a marketplace (keeping in mind that there’s no real model that blends these 2). It’s a relatively easy choice for me — but for those who profit from the status quo — moving from our system of tiered coverage to universal coverage (regardless of funding type) is a huge disruption to their revenue and profits. Years ago — Rick Scott (yes — that Rick Scott) summarized the dilemma well. How many businesses do you know that want to cut their revenue in half? That’s why the healthcare industry won’t change the healthcare industry. On their own, the industry won’t reform itself. It can’t — so we have to vote for systemic change. Do I care if that systemic change is single or multi-payer? Not one iota because that’s not the big economic lever. The big economic lever is pricing. We know that because the news is filled with the horror stories every day — so it’s not a mystery — it’s the painful reality of our status quo. 'Single-Payer' Healthcare Isn't Necessary - But Single Pricing I
  6. Ya think Fuckin fone post FAIL will correct when I get to PC
  7. casc27

    Saved the Rudder?

    Sorry someone's boat hit the beach but that picture has a lot going for it. Square rigger peeking in from the left, sunlight glinting off the water, billiard table smooth sand and the somewhat weedy rudder adding so much to the scene. So, it's ok, go ahead and fess up: you staged the whole thing, no?
  8. You have posted some pretty stupid things, this is one of them. Extra points on a question worthy of jzk. <insert face palm here>
  9. eric1207

    What is it, PNW?

    Well did it keep going south or turn stbd after the ferry dock?
  10. Owen

    Pouring concrete for $1 per sq foot

    Perfectly amusing! Gracias.
  11. I am not saying I appreciate it but today’s Tour de France bikes use stored electric energy to shift gears.
  12. Somebody Else

    Saved the Rudder?

    I remember in high school, first time bringing the Cal40 into San Diego from Ensenada. 1967? 1968? My memory certainly isn't that intact! Anyway, we came within a few feet of scraping right over the Zuniga jetty. That would have been ugly.
  13. J28

    Xi and the new consumer in China

    How dare you start a new thread that is not about Russia collusion or the (possibly former) Saint Mueller (or Barr) Report! Have you no sympathy for the Trump haters? They are having a very bad 2-1/2 years.
  14. No you're not. That's a lie. You have commented more than once you take glee in this partisan shitshow.
  15. duncan (the other one)

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2019

    Needs a smidge of tack line. The luff curl's all wrong.
  16. Blue Crab

    Gay POTUS - okay for you guys?

    But he doesn't know the territory!
  17. Shortforbob

    Since we know the Russians are here

    One of these days you're going to blow a gasket. Troll a lefty 101..make em mad and they'll post something inaccurate. Troll a lefty 102 DEFLECT! Troll a lefty 103 ..Post bullshit..make em mad and they'll post something stupid.. Troll a lefty 104 DEFLECT!!
  18. Ok I stumbled across that CF EP thread under Oceanvolt: Link. Get some coffee and a comfy chair.
  19. J28

    Since we know the Russians are here

    Coulda, shoulda, woulda....
  20. Somebody Else

    Optimum Time start watch

    Have you gone into an Asian-owned watch repair/sales place? There is one in every single strip-mall in California. They likely have the screws.
  21. jadazey

    1st Sailboat: SJ 7.7 - Advice?

    I'm certain that if I start racing, I'll blow all of our money. And now that you mention the keel, I feel like a moron. I'm well aware of the mod, and I JUST had a diver out to take a look at the the hull last weekend. I should have asked him to take better video of the keel and measure it, but totally slipped my mind. Pretty sure I don't have the keel boot, but it would certainly be a nice surprise if I did. I'm too much of an idiot with regards to sailing to determine if it points better than "stock" or not.
  22. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    Since we know the Russians are here

    And here's yet another entry into the "Rightwingers don't give a shit about fact, they'll spew the same narrative every day" book. They can't be bothered to read. They can't be bothered to think. They can't be bothered to learn. Soreass couldn't even be bothered with a half ass googled deflection. But damn it, it's the Democrats fault they can't reach these people. If only those Democrats tried a little harder they'd reach the Republican faithful.
  23. Shortforbob

    Since we know the Russians are here

    Well that little attempt at a ceasefire in the interests of DOING SOMETHING! didn't last long. Could I remind those too fucking lazy or trollish to read the report, that Trump attempted to get Mueller to fergedallaboutmyelection and concentrate his mind on preventing it happening in future elections? Though how one does that without investigating past shenanigans stumps me.
  24. If you remove the fluff statements by Barr, his actions have been justified. He reported that Mueller found extensive work by Russians to interfere and to hack and that there was no cooperation between the Russian government and the Trump Campaign. He missed a major opportunity, however, to become a statesman, to live up to the responsibilities of his job when he acted like a fanboy to Trump and discussed the president’s state of mind and how he “cooperated completely” with the investigation. These words were a mixture of irrelevance and patently ludicrous statements. They invite rebuttal and reduce the stature of the the DOJ as a trustworthy institution. Trump would have been celebrating an anodyne “no charges from DOJ” statement, and would have had to keep in office the AG who refused to indict him. Combined with release of the redacted report, Barr could have been a healing moral force our country so richly needs, while not appearing to be a weak PR man given a serious job. His reputation will forever be stained... Trump has him in his pocket and will s(h)it on him at will. Trump supporters who call for a witch-hunt into the origins of the Mueller investigation further betray the country. It is clear that the Mueller investigation found ample wrongdoing and was conducted honorably. It was a necessary response to foreign aggression of a new and poorly understood sort. To continue with partisan cries for more investigations reveal the base motives of anti-lefty conspiracy theororists. They would further divide our country out of spite or a desire to “win” a partisan war of mutual annihilation. Pyrrhic victories are not patriotic, and it’s about time someone started showing responsible and adult behavior. Nixon was not brought down by the AG, it was the specter of impeachment by the Congress backed by the Senate. So the AG took a pass this time around; in the fullness of time it probably will be seen as a strength of our country that the people’s choice was not undone by a few unelected lawyers. Democrats should be working through the Mueller report, trying to figure out how to better protect the country. As with climate change, we cannot expect the opposition to take these problems seriously let alone create solutions. We are in the majority, and need to pass legislation to help defend our country against electoral and social manipulation by foreign countries & entities. We should also empower our representatives to follow relevant information in the Mueller investigation to see if “high crimes & misdemeanors” have been committed by those in appointed or elected positions. If not, then not impeaching the president is the only responsible course of action. Move on with the agenda and demonstrate leadership. That will sap strength from the firebrands on the right who seek to capitalize on whining, and who always respond with escalation and frivolous brinkmanship.
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