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  2. jzk

    Climate news

    Like AOC says, the internet records everything. Like Dick Dumbass. There are hundreds of climate clown fear mongering dumbass statements that have been recorded. Meanwhile, no one is buying the nonsense, except maybe some in Germany and a few other places. Let those be the test cases. This year, China is bringing online as much additional coal powerplant capacity as the US has in its entire fleet. China knows how to bring its people out of poverty.
  3. Marcjsmith

    Jeopardy Bad Ass

    Over a million in 14 shows. Essential that’s $142,000 per hour sheesh. I’d be happy to make 142 bucks per hour before taxes.
  4. Varan

    Needing good shoes

    ⁰Well I like peanut butter and jam more than another shoe thread. Who needs shoes anyways? But if you must, consider Merit 25's post. Water shoes (e.g. Speedo) work great. Whoops, clicked on the wrong photo. I will look for the correct one. Sorry.
  5. sugarbird

    Cockpit Storm Cover

    +1. Hells bells, most folks I know admit to too often failing to reef before it becomes a bit of a struggle ("Geez, we're really making some knots - I think we're good as long as it doesn't pick up much more"). Of course nothing is stopping you from doing it if it makes sense to you.
  6. jzk

    Climate news

    CO2 is not pollution. It is fertilizer. Seems like you hate people. I do not. We can have double the people as we have now, and the Earth will still thrive.
  7. Gotcha. I grew up sailing in Nova Scotia where the water is always cold :-) The last few years I've been racing dinghies and have traveled about 10,000 miles solo on my power boat. I have a sense of the risks of temperature and conditions in the early season. I don't expect to be doing the qualifying over night sail until early June.
  8. him&her

    2019 Southern Straits race

    Right... So much for talks of dismasting and death.
  9. solosailor

    Climate news

    Yes they do. History will be the judge.
  10. commotion

    Around the Americas with a chicken - Monique

    My doc says one egg per week. Too much cholesterol.
  11. Moonduster

    2019 Inflatable PFD's

    Yeah, no. Sounds like you used it and it didn't work. Isn't it just supposed to work when you need it? Like when the all hands call comes at 3am, how much check it should be necessary? Really? You needed it and were even wearing it, it just didn't work.
  12. solosailor

    Climate news

    Stop shitting where we eat. We are all on a very small lifeboat here which could give a shit if we live or die and will go on existing after our demise. The Boy Scouts taught me a good lesson..... leave nothing but footprints. To me that means two things. Either we stop polluting the earth or we drastically reduce the population. I didn't breed so I've done more than my part. Since I don't see the human population becoming enlightened until we've at least added another however many billion humans to the mix means we need to reduce pollution.... i.e. don't shit where we eat. If we could simply eliminate 25-50% of the human population I bet we'd be on the right track but any talk of population control is bad for business, political and religious.
  14. dcnblues

    Gunboat 68

    Yeah, I agree. I think Leisurfurl has the patent on putting the drum for the furling line where it ought to be: mounted to the front of the mast (no added weight to boom, and even strengthens the mast). So any solution would need to work out some compromise there for an ideal system (ideally where you buy the furling drum from LF and are free to customize the rest of the system). I also really like the combo of boom furler with rotating mast. I like the reduction in turbulence, and I really like the reduction / elimination of horizontal boom to mast angle. And I think a system which used cars would slide up and down with an ease that isn't available today. I'm imagining a new car design in some rigid material which is engineered to break apart / unfold when subjected to the side forces of being rolled up (the upper cars would obviously need to do less than the lower ones). Yet when straightened, such a car would have the tensile strength to hold the (battened, full roach) sail to the mast. Conventional sails with the internal chord slotting into the fixed-mast mast groove seem archaic to me. And it doesn't seem unsolvable to design a car which can perhaps separate enough to be folded.
  15. On closer inspection I see you are correct there are bunks. I agree standing water in the hull is likely a big factor that contributed to it's current condition. The hull laminate is surprisingly thin, 3/16" or less if I remember right.
  16. Cal20sailor

    Warren tosses her Bribe into the ring

    I'm sure it was, with no grease on your Rat's ass.
  17. v-max

    Jeopardy Bad Ass

    Over a million now.
  18. There have been about 2000 new Lasers built - globally - each year for over a decade, and it was a pretty gradual decline to that number since the hey-days. The last time there was 5000 Lasers built in a year - globally - was in the mid-80s. So fairly predictable. The big variable would be the other 10 boats LPE sell. In any event, I have determined trying to understand how LPE functioned - and continue to function - by looking at their old financials and corporate info is a mug's game.
  19. Bent Sailor

    Muslim victims vs Christian victims

    You do realise these abhorrent attacks were also against hotels right? Hotels that accept people of any race and religion provided they have the money to pay for the room and services. So unlike the New Zealand attacks, this wasn't an attack solely on one religion. Want to know one of the differences between the New Zealand attacks and these ones? The New Zealand PM called the attacks on Muslims an attack on every kiwi as a way to bring them together. Unlike you who are trying to claim victimhood from the attacks on other people in order to sow division. People like you disgust me.
  20. Kiwing

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    64 knots Hype! But more than 50 might make ETNZ produce some competing figures???
  21. Rat's ass

    Warren tosses her Bribe into the ring

    Classy. Your eyes are brown, right? You poor thing, it must have been a rough childhood.
  22. Cal20sailor

    Chicago Area III

    Post your issue to the CA group, they are tuned in to issues like this. Sure seems like stealing your boat might work for a one-off.
  23. jzk

    Climate news

    Those are just statements. Those aren't the peer reviewed findings of the study. Dick Dumbass said that climate change remains one of the major threats to the Great Lakes. Dumbasses say all sorts of dumbass shit.
  24. In order to minimize your rating, among many things, you can choose the smallest sail areas that you get credit for - due to the fact that the boat will be slower... Except that this does not appear to work with "fast-enough" hull types (i.e. Planning, slender multihulls, etc). The AWA that these boats create make it possible to put up multiple sails without blanketing each other - all of which are unrated as only the largest of these contribute to its handicap rating. So why wouldn't all "fast-enough" boats choose this option? ex. Always fly a staysail (or 2, or 3, or 100) inside of a "smaller-than-usual" spinnaker. Of course this wouldn't work at low wind speeds... but then again the boat "should be" correctly rated for this situation with its small sail area. Just a thought exercise I suppose... Barring the fact that I would hate to trim 100 staysails
  25. Fah Kiew Tu


    I'm just fine with deporting them. Most of them are multiple offenders not just unlucky to have committed a single offence rating more than 12 months jail. FKT
  26. solosailor

    Climate news

    I presented the facts YOU brought to the table which again states: "The Auckland team says climate change remains one of the major threats to low-lying island nations. "even though sea levels in the country rose at twice the global average."
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