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  2. he b gb

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2019

    Thanks, nice preview Pete. Is Rontadjuju actually doing the race? Anybody doing any video of the start?
  3. he b gb

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2019

    Wow, so Crusies gone overboard in 2 Gladies, what a legend!
  4. Ed Lada

    Notre Dame is burning to the ground

    Poland has very sandy soil so Pine trees are the most common tree here, I am quite tired of seeing them actually, I have 5 of them in my back yard. Birch trees appear here and there and groves of Beech trees aren't unusual. The Beech trees here are quite straight and tall and don't branch until a ways up. Acacia, Oak and a few Maples round out the majority of the trees here but Pine by far is the most common. We had a local carpenter here make the stairs, he did a great job. After 9 years they are solid and not a squeak to be heard. I love the opposing, subtle curves on the stringers.
  5. lostmydetailsagain

    Brexit, WTF interesting viewpoint, I found, of how the backstop was introduced and how the UK had almost as a whole underestimated what all would be required. I mean the Irish started prep for Brexit in 2014 including the "No Deal" that is about 4 years ahead of UK itself... And haven't fact-checked Having skimmed the link from @Waynemarlow of the ERG document (thanks, hadn't seen it pop-up in my news feeds back when issued), it actually advocates checks outside of N.I. (something that is also proposed in W.A.), alignment in rules and regulations (again, the way I read it, in the W.A.). Globally, ERG and EU-UK want the same just in different words. Feels a bit like two people in the car and there is a bend in the road coming up with 1 option: "turn right" and "not go straight" but because the words are different for the same result ERG won't agree to the "turn right" because whilst you would stay on the road and be able to continue on it is not in your words... Happy for you to show where I'm wrong in that @Waynemarlow (honestly) as that is what this thread has been like for 90% (best guess) of the time: multiple sources and viewpoints that break the bubble from the free "news"-websites that fit within my surrounding. Note, because Guardian and Independent are free sources they have much more links than for instance the Times or Sun where there are paywalls. This, I admit, of course colours the viewpoint from an outsider. And to restate my position: Have lived in UK, now back in continental EU Still have professional and personal connections with UK Understand unhappiness with EU (not even close to perfect) But like a democracy, I'm struggling for a better alternative so I would have never been able (if I was allowed) to vote leave Euro is not EU & EU is not Euro Struggling to understand why parlement would be so unprepared and dishonest Always was clear EU required "divorce" to be settled first, no point worrying about future (and yes, that should not have been that hard as per "leavers" catchphrases Future relationship is like most other international treaties: damn hard work and would have required minimum 18 months I would have thought UK has always been instrumental in achieving the EU international deals meaning that EU will never get a worse deal than anyone else 52% of less than 100% of voters does not constitute "a clear mandate", it does send a clear signal about unhappiness with the status quo. Therefore I don't understand the "clear mandate"-claim and/or why a second poll (intermittent elections was still well before the impact was known) is such a sticking point. The Japanese carmakers reducing (or not investing) in further production of their models in UK is not just because of Brexit, I agree: fewer diesel sales contribute significantly as does the Japen-EU trade deal. And that deal itself (thanks to UK negotiators) means EU will always have a better deal for them than any third party with Japan. I cannot believe Brexit in itself is costing the UK all the money and influence. US and EU have plenty of interaction on an economic level or with holiday makers. THe uncertainty however...
  6. Stu McCrea

    J/105 Companionway trim

    goto mcmasters carr to see if they have the product and if you have someone who can mill it
  7. HFC Hunter

    New sailing cargo vessel

    “Above the water-line she was the clumsiest and squarest timber drogher ever seen; just a square box without any pretensions to grace. Below the water-line she was designed on a different principle and she was given sharp lines, as sharp as those of most clipper” (Check out the bow as shown by the model below) She hogged her keel immediately after launch, and whilst fastest for a short time - the designs of the day were constantly leapfrogging themselves into new records. In less than 20 years she was only hauling birdshit. Matco Polo was in no sense a scow. She is more comparable to a modern container ship.
  8. Importunate Tom

    Trail Cameras Again

    Got several more hawk pictures, a couple on the ground right near the camera. Even though it's fuzzy, this one is my favorite. Took a second and some zooming in to figure out what I was seeing. That's it for that snake. I wonder what kind it was?
  9. Rat's ass

    Assange has been arrested

    Tulsi Gabbard weighs in...
  10. Wess

    2019 Worrell 1000 Reunion Race

    Hello @kbcH20
  11. Welcome back Len. You’ve been missed. How are you doing? I like Bernie and I like that he went to speak to a Fox audience. I have come around to the view that shitting out Fox is a mistake. The President must represent everyone and Bernie was right. He got his message across. Put him against Trump and he’ll get my vote but I’d rather have someone younger, like Ryan.
  12. M26

    Nautical names for dogs

    good buoy
  13. Fiji Bitter

    Bella Mente Broke Their Rig......Again

    I found plenty of expensive posers on their facebook, but hardly a good clear picture of the rig. That was until I spotted this one, and yes, it is exactly as you said ("of course"). And it is the same picture as in post #2, just much clearer. Didn't know they pulled those deflector fuckers right in, turning the (running) mast top backstays into conventional running backstays, if you know what I mean... That completely negates my simpleton failure theory, never mind, back to the chaos theory. P.S. As said previously, hard to see how that picture can be from after the top 2 meter broke off.
  14. Sol Rosenberg

    Trump Set To Pull The Plug On Cuba

    Which end of that journey is under an embargo?
  15. Importunate Tom

    Assange has been arrested

    I guess not. Will any step up and say that the ACLU has this issue wrong? Journalists encourage and enable illegal leaks of information that is embarrassing to government officials and then make money by printing the stolen information. And it's a GOOD thing they do.
  16. plywoodboy

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2019
  17. I'm generically a supporter of the seasonal worker-visa concept. As a totally non-sequitur, I think Unions should shift their mandate and move more into the insurance provider mode - in essence, one way to get 'portable health care' is for unions to become more like AARP. But on point, I'd even consider letting unions supervise a worker-visa program. Yea, I know - sacrilege. if that's what it took to get a worker-visa program across the finish line, I'd at least consider it. An American Labor Union is better than a Mexican Drug Cartel.
  18. thank you for your question I can confirm that although bump stocks are not mentioned 15 shot mags are quite likely to appear on the 317th page - it may be redacted though yours Bill(tranparency) Barr
  19. Importunate Tom

    The rise in Teen depression and mental health

    You shouldn't make posts like this one during the editing window. I'm tempted to fix it.
  20. Foreverslow

    NFL 2018

    Gronk dents Lombardi trophy practicing bunts before Red Sox game. just Gronk being Gronk... also, 2019 season schedule is out. Looks like the Patriots get to play in both the AFC and NFC conferences.
  21. Shootist Jeff

    The rise in Teen depression and mental health

    How does that affect the effect?
  22. Today
  23. Importunate Tom

    The rise in Teen depression and mental health

    Yep, that pretty much sums it up. This shitbag may be a murdering psychopathic racist, but he's not stupid. He's not quite smart enough to know the difference between affect and effect. But yes, it's been obvious forever that the main thing these mass murderers want is attention, which is why I don't give it to them. Why people like Sol and Jocal want to mention their names repeatedly is beyond me. Oops, forgot to warn Kiwi's not to read the prohibited information. Kiwi's, sorry, but you should know turn yourself in.
  24. that is true but it will be in Russian read by a 12 year old child from Novosibirsk this is in the interests of keeping the American public up to speed yours BB - Mushroom farmer and head of the DOJ
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