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  2. toddster

    The Zombie Fleet

    Cool! I had hopes for the zombie next to me last summer, when the tarps came off. But as far as I could see, they just sat in the cockpit and fished carp for a couple of days. I've got about two weeks of work probably to get mine back in the water. I may have to turn off the office phone! Before the boat becomes a dried-out zombie behind the barn. Also need to get the truck back from the transmission shop before that can go down.
  3. dg_sailingfan

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    You're hilarious! You think dg_sailingfan & Fortfolio of Yachts are the same person, do you? Give me a break! You are a bad person and so is Forourselves and rh. But of course all 3 are NZ Clowns so I expected nothing less than clowning. Actually I don't hold any grudge against the People of NZ (I was a couple of weeks in NZ during 2008 when I was working in Australia) in general just those NZ People here on SA. I will bitch and put doom and gloom about AC36 the same way certain people did during AC34 and AC35.
  4. Saorsa


    What about them? I said the consensus, consensus doesn't make anything an absolute fact. I regard consensus sociology on a par with any other consensus science. Would it make you happier if I followed the usual bullshit of all the poor people in WV were stupid republicans and the poor people of the cities downtrodden democrats? Rich lefties are no better or worse than rich righties. The difference might be that they endow a chair in something rather than bribing the rowing or tennis coach.
  5. badlatitude

    Are All NMT Threads Really Gone?

    He'll be back as soon as the facelift, hair plugs, and dental implant swelling goes down.
  6. Oceanconcepts

    Galley equipment

    I’m extremely attached to this type of circa 1950’s - 60’s spring steel spatula. Just the right flex and stiffness. Wood handles were originally painted. Whenever I spot one in a thrift store I snap it up.
  7. Rasputin22

    Mikewof triggers!

    I'll race for pink slips in my Beast!
  8. Fakenews

    Drip Drip Drip

    Maxine Waters just got a bunch of Trumps banking records.
  9. barfy

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    I thought you would go into hiding after we saw you talking to yourself on your Twitter, cuz.
  10. Shu

    which charter boat?

    When we were in the BVI, I was impressed by the catamaran's ability to point better, faster and at virtually no heel angle compared to our chartered 35' monohull in 25 kts.
  11. Doug Lord

    Gitana 17

    Episode 3 in English:
  12. Troglodytarum

    Are All NMT Threads Really Gone?

    Think Hillary Clinton had that same button on her email server.
  13. WetHog

    How many challengers will there be?

    LR payed for their design package from ETNZ I believe. WetHog
  14. NeedAClew

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Agree. That's why one hopes the SailGP is "funding secured" lol. Bet it's not in escrow.
  15. The OSTAR will still be departing from Plymouth.
  16. LeoV

    Brexit, WTF

    Dutch exit poll (yep allowed); 41% Eurosceptic; 5 Europhile ; 20 Middle ground; 1 Eurosceptic vote went from one sceptic party (now one) to a new populist FVD (3). Those are right wing, we have one left wing exit party (1) Winners the old and boring centrum parties working in EU with SD (5), EPP (4) and Alde (4). (thanks Brexit) In total 10 parties get a seat from the NL in the EU parliament. Parties with 1 seat are in the error margin as it is an exit poll.
  17. kgatesman

    Aluminum fuel tank

    Catalina charges nearly double what Berry Sheet Metal will make it for. Berry use to make these tanks for Catalina. The other suppliers are about half Catalina Direct too.
  18. Doug Lord

    Gitana 17

    Episode 3-in French only for now:
  19. dg_sailingfan

    How many challengers will there be?

    Actually it doesn't really matter how big the Prize Tag is. The fact is that ETNZ is offering a "Design Package" and gets paid for it and Teams like NYYC/AM as well as Ineos doesn't like it at all. It's much different for starters when OTUSA and SBTJ shared the same Design during AC 35. I don't think SBTJ had to pay for it. They got it for freebie.
  20. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    A GOP Congressman Finally Reads The Report

    yup, Shitstain learned real well from Roy Cohn...... do you think this shit makes you look smart, or are you just trying to be even more brazen in your bullshitting, like some a dumb, drunk, teenager reeking of pot booze and sex telling their parents "I was at the library, nothing happened"? Thinking because they are tired of your shit and not wanting a fight you actually got away with it?
  21. Mambo Kings

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    We are talking about sailing here. There is a pretty long list of sailing events that have sustained themselves in the modern world without TV coverage. The Copa Del Rey The 5-0-5 World Championships Charleston Race Week TP52 MedCup (okay some online streaming but TV coverage?) The Viper 640 World Championships and Winter Series and I suspect the GC32 circuit will continue just as long as the owners want it to .
  22. longy

    Aluminum fuel tank

    Check with Catalina parts Dept
  23. Oceanconcepts

    Source for, and preferred type of Bilge pump hose?

    If you mean the PEX fittings, you can get them in either brass or a very tough plastic. Plastic is obviously preferred, from what I read that is the case even for household use. Yep, back flow is a concern. My plan is to- as close to the pump as possible- run the tubing up to a point where I can install an anti-siphon fitting, then angle down to the outlet with possibly a larger diameter. Part of the reason for wanting to relocate the pumps is to reduce back flow into the very shallow bilges. I need two "maintenance" pumps because each is on one side of a pretty massive keel timber. Sounds as if your stern outlet would be the best plan. PEX will bend down to an 18" or so diameter turn, if you need to go tighter than that to get around your engine you would need to insert fittings. To my mind the fact that is it essentially impossible to kink and won't be collapsed by having something heavy sitting on it are positives for use as a bilge pump outlet. And potentially for many other marine plumbing uses, like fresh water systems.
  24. Raz'r

    Are All NMT Threads Really Gone?

    He's still in the user list.
  25. Fakenews

    Are All NMT Threads Really Gone?

    BD said he was lurking in a screen shot so it doesn’t appear he’s been flicked.
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