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  2. Fah Kiew Tu

    Diesel Engine Delete

    This. People like Panoramix really shouldn't have a diesel engine as from what he posts he hasn't a clue how to look after one and has no interest in learning. To be fair most yacht designers/builders give zero thought to the serviceability of what they specify. There's at least one Bob Perry design where you need a 10 year old child with extra-long arms and preferably a couple extra joints in them to reach a coupling. And the engine designers who mount filters horizontally on engine blocks so as to guarantee oil leakage into the bilges are another pet hate of mine. Fortunately you can (and I have) install a remote filter setup. And overkill fuel filters to keep any water/sediment away from the injectors. All this does take some thought and ongoing maintenance but it's not *difficult*. Carcrash - I notice he says absolutely nothing about range under power and how he recharges his battery banks. Both method and time to recharge. This is the weakness of battery-electric drives - you simply have very limited range and what range you do have comes at very high expense for the battery bank. If you're happy with this then fine. Most of us aren't. The generator-electric drive works if you're happy with the lesser efficiency but now you've even more stuff to maintain. I use a lot of 3 phase motors and variable frequency drives, I'm pretty much a technophile and like gadgets. But so far I've resisted installing stuff like this on my boat. I do keep eyeing off my anchor winch setup though - could well be a future upgrade. Difference there is, if the magic smoke escapes, I can still get the anchor in manually. I don't fancy sculling an 8 tonne boat. FKT
  3. BravoBravo

    One month after opening, Covid 19 spiking

    No guarantees...I’ve had a fantastic run!
  4. Fakenews

    One month after opening, Covid 19 spiking

    Not yours necessarily
  5. Mrleft8

    the elk

    It has been said that when Ann Coulter turns sideways she disappears, except for her nipples if Trump's talking.
  6. Hawke

    Corona Virus

    No the point is putting things in perspective. We don't see daily dashboard score charts for those things - are they any less important? 650,000 people died with the 1918 Spanish Flu in the USA in far less time than we have seen with Covid. Unlike Covid-19 mostly occurred in the working population amongst people who had no other illnesses. More perspective - the flu and cold season is now in full flight in NZ after a belated start. Between 10 and 20 times more people will die with Influenza in NZ than those that died from Covid-19. Where are the daily score charts for flu on mainstream media? Where is the advice to wear face masks?
  7. SloopJonB

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    They call that billable work? I'd call it low grade handyman.
  8. The Dark Knight

    Boycott Chinese goods

    China seems to be pissing off everyone in one way or another and maybe it's time for payback. Because of Chinese Wolf Diplomacy, many countries do not have the balls to stand up to Beijing, so maybe the consumers of the world should unite and and send a message to China by boycotting Chinese goods. Ok, with everything being made there, that is not realistic however if you have to buy items that were made in China... 1) Avoid Chinese brand name products. Buy the US/UK/Japanese etc brand product even if it was made in China. Hurt their ego if you can't hurt their wallet. 2) Avoid buying product from companies that are too closely connected to the CCP 3) Avoid buying product from companies who's mega rich CEO is to close to the CCP There needs to be a website listing companies to avoid...
  9. Ishmael

    Crew wanted

    I'd do the first two miles. It might make it that far.
  10. Juan Mauri

    new halyards

    Hi guys, Check here: Sailboat Halyard Lines The whole section is getting a major overhaul. Full range of Dinghy, Cruising, Performance Cruise/Race, and Racing lines. Full in-house rigging services. USA orders: New England Ropes, Robline, Samson and some Maffioli European Orders: Maffioli (broad range) All other regions: Contact us for availability Need help: Chat (is the best) or email us Looking forward to seeing you guys in a near-future regatta. Juan
  11. DDW

    battery monitors which one?

    I am a big fan of the Victron because they thought about it, and keep thinking about it, and there is an ecosystem around it as you expand. Usually you should buy Victron stuff from, for example the Victron BMV 700 is $143 not $220. But you should pop for the 712 with is Bluetooth connected, lets you access a bunch of info easily on your phone.
  12. Point Break

    What's in your arsenal??

    So far as being rattled.....I think it not a real factor for me. Been in life or death situations requiring very rapid decisions? Check. Shot someone? Check check. Likelihood of a gunfight very low? Check. This will be in my house in a hallway or the stairs to my upstairs shoot......max 10 yards. Retreat and call police will be my first option. Will I shoot first? Check check check. Will I shoot till the gun goes click instead of bang? Check.
  13. Is that the one with the McDonald's sign saying "Arbeit Macht Fryer"? One pack of Freedom Fries free with every Happy Misery Meal!
  14. Remember when Lipinski won the series class and everyone wanted an Ofcet 6.5? Then he moved on to 865 and then everyone wants a maxi 650? He’s going to do the same for class 40.
  15. Stand by to receive 38 boxes of fat silverfish and a lot of bug shit.
  16. The local concentration camp front gate.
  17. BravoBravo

    One month after opening, Covid 19 spiking

    It is here.... cannot hide from it ! Life must go on for the greater good... you commies ought to understand that!
  18. Apparently they've been boxed, and ready to go out the door for months.
  19. ExOmo

    Crew wanted

    I'd do the Napa to the City Front leg....
  20. Ishmael

    the elk

    I expect to see two more sets of arms/legs behind the lectern.
  21. Lifesave

    The search continues!

    Thats a little more than a $700.00 IC.
  22. bigrpowr

    Where is Afterburner?

    wasnt AB parked out front of Gladstone's in Shoreline for a long time?
  23. Sidecar

    he's losing it ...... tweet storm

    A Trump ATM is where you put money in, and the transaction confirmation is: “LOSER!”.......
  24. Point Break

    What's in your arsenal??

    Okay, I found the vid and rewatched it. The guy did not say slamming the mag hard chambered a round (which is good, I couldn’t make sense of the physics), he said if you slam the mag hard with the slide back it could run forward chambering a round. I misunderstood. Thank goodness!
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