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  2. Hot Donutz

    Dream Wreckers

    How many of you have had your lives wrecked by seeing something or meeting someone who alters your course forever? For me, and millions of others to follow, this was not some fancy formulated energy drink or guru for the stars. Henry Hoyle ________. Can you guess the name? Read my blog to find out at Capturing Maui's golden era of windsurfing, from the early pioneering days of Kailua to the big waves at Hookipa and Jaws, Maui Glory Days tells the story of the Kings and legends of the sport as it evolved from longboards to high-performances in big surf. Fictional dialogue accompanies remarkable true events of survival, from near drownings to helicopter crashes. Told by Sports Illustrated Picture of the Year (POY) award-winning photographer and filmmaker Jonathan Weston. He was the first filmmaker to take the audience along for the ride with his innovative point-of-view (POV) helmet mounted 16mm movie camera. The thrills, dangers and behind the scenes experiences are all shared in this epic tale of perseverance and survival. Remarkable images and free Wind Legends and Impact Zone movies, also produced by Jonathan Weston, are posted in accompanying website,
  3. albanyguy

    Who really believes tariffs are good business

    Re rare earths processing- there is one Australian company, Lynas Corp, that processes the rare earths mined from their Mt Weld mine in Western Australia that is located near Kuantan in Malaysia. I suspect the Chinese have been behind a campaign to close it down but thankfully their efforts have come to nothing so far. I've held shares in the company for many years and boy has it been a wild ride due to the geopolitics
  4. billy backstay


    I detest commercials, so I miss out on all that funny stuff. Thank God for DVR's!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. billy backstay


    Toyota and a few others added an injector back into the intake ports, in addition to the direct injection. This "washes" the inlet plumbing, so carbon does not build up as bad, as with direct injection only. One of the mechanics at work used to work for a Lexus or some other Japanese higher end brand, and he said they had a lot cars with carbon in the heads, that had to be soda blasted, or blasted with walnut shells. Not an inexpensive job!!! Supposedly the air-oil separator I had installed, takes any atomized oil coming from the PVC system and directs it into the crankcase, instead of the inlet ports, as the stock engines come.
  6. Monkey Butler

    Coolboats to admire

    Yer both wrong.
  7. d'ranger

    Who really believes tariffs are good business

    Dude, that is like stating you can't have a clean house until you can afford a maid.
  8. hasher

    Who really believes tariffs are good business

    Health is something which we enjoy when we have it. Once it is gone, it is hard to get back. My point was your health is as important as mine. When I say "your" it is not singular. I don't want to wear a tea shirt made in bad conditions. When I delivered papers, stocked shelves and checked out groceries, I was not living in bad conditions. Have some understanding and even empathy.
  9. F_L

    198 20' Santana

    Check your PM
  10. Foiling Optimist

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    "Only the masts were damaged from termites. I have only one of the masts." This content is why I have to check MAoCl every day. In its defense though, I think everyone must recognize this is really being sold as a zombie fleet live-aboard that's not supposed to go anywhere, but we must still maintain the fiction that could be ready to sail across an ocean. Perhaps the key to living on a zombie boat is to indeed maintain the fiction that you are just doing some work on it before sailing off to Tahiti. Boats are so much living embodiments of our dreams about ourselves.
  11. I’m pretty interested in this trip/thread,. Driving from Virginia to Cabo San Lucas as a 20 year old wanna be surfer and ok sailor in college was defining. Twenty years later I’m a fair sailor/surfer who would like to return via sail. My thoughts after lots of cruising guide review, talking to old salts and thread lurking is to either get a Corsair F27 I can trailer back to SoCal or to get a cheap monohull and leave it south. I feel great about all the surfboards in the last 25% of their life I’ve given to young Central Americans instead of paying the airline fees to bring the board home. Someone tried to give me a Morgan 35 the other day with a working diesel. I think getting something like that and then giving it away in El Salvador might be the call.
  12. Demanding a clean environment is good and maintaining such is a proper governmental function. I have never said otherwise.
  13. In order to have a clean industrial economy, it must first be wealthy. Same for all the other shit you think a "democracy" can just bestow on the people like healthcare and college. First you need the wealth. That comes from capitalism. Yeah, hard for your pea brain to comprehend, I get it.
  14. On The Hard

    College Football 2019

    I thought that game was fun to watch, though knowing that there was no way they could both lose, which would have been optimal. The closest thing to that optimal was seeing how incredibly poorly prepared both teams were. I think both teams finish 2 games above 500 at absolute best. (I will say that Miami running back's 50 yard run was fun to watch. Solid play)
  15. hasher

    Who really believes tariffs are good business

    When we demand a clean environment, it is not a knock at the heart of private property. Nor does it threaten the ability of property owners to own and produce wealth. Get out of the hermit you are living in.
  16. Steam Flyer

    Who really believes tariffs are good business

    Apparently, you are. If you want a clean, industrialized economy, capitalism is your only choice. See USSR and China. Uh huh. Let's see, when "the people demand (something)" and the system.... call it whatever you like, "government" seems a good catch-all.... gives it to them: is that "capitalism" or is it "democracy"? Take your time, think it over. You can even google (or duckduckgo) it, consider this an open-book test. - DSK
  17. jzk

    Amazon Fires

    Seems like you would be wrong:
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