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  2. Ajax

    Gulf Island 29

    Do you guys sleep in the main cabin, then? Or is the 35 footer v-berth large enough?
  3. Henley Hornbrook

    what is it?

    New coach roof for Merlin
  4. guerdon

    what is it?

    Olympic solo replacement for Finn.
  5. SF Woody Sailor

    San Francisco's Master Mariners Regatta - 2019

    Last I saw she was still 5th boat from the right of Book Passage with a green cover. If you have a specific question I can walk down and ask.
  6. SF Woody Sailor

    2019 52 SUPER SERIES

    I don't think it is either secret or insightful that Quantum does well, but that wasn't the question I asked. Let me try again: the draft on the main in this photo looks very far forward (30%?). That seems further forward than one might want it for off-the-breeze in mid range wind (40-45%?). Is this intentional? Are the sails built with the draft so far forward because the sheeting angles on the jibs are so narrow? Are the materials so non-stretchy that cunningham tension doesn't move the draft very much?
  7. Mrleft8

    Trump in Japan

    Made Abe wait on the green before he ascended from Marine 1, holding his bright red USA trucker's cap in his tiny little paw..... What a fucking sour little pussy Trump is.
  8. 3to1

    The Official "War with Iran" thread

    that's interesting, I've always thought mathematics are like extremely elegant puzzles when you get it, it would seem to make sense it originated from a beautiful culture like Persia.
  9. P_Wop

    Guy inboard lead recommendations

    On the windy SF Bay a well-trimmed symmetrical can be a race winner. You can sail fast and a bit deeper very efficiently...
  10. Dex Sawash

    1981 Harpoon 5.2 value?

    Unless it is a boat that has high value for some specific market reason, For $3k I want a boat that someone dumped about $5k in 4-5 years ago. All newer type hardware, all systems sorted, no excuses other than sails not good enough for a national regatta. Sails need to be good local fleet sails. If a boat that met my criteria had an almost new set of sails, the seller would be better off selling those separately and selling the boat with a B or C set.
  11. Ishmael

    Gulf Island 29

    We looked at one of those at one point. My wife is a claustrophobe, so crawling into the narrow slot of the V-berth did not do it for her.
  12. Today
  13. P_Wop


    On the Prep H topic, I had 4 birthdays in a row (late May) in the middle of the Atlantic on deliveries back from the Caribbean to the Med. After one evening celebration I was "put to bed." Arising next morning with a mouth like the inside of a running shoe, I staggered into the head to scrub my teeth. Squeezing a hefty length out of my personal toothpaste I started the scrub. Foul filthy green/brown froth emerged from my mouth, then the tastebuds triggered. A massive chuck followed. Howls of laughter from on deck. The bastards had squeezed out my toothpaste and backfilled the tube with Prep H. I love my crew.
  14. Mrleft8

    Looking for plumber whose seen it all...............

    Yeah..... The aides at the surgical rehab place I was at for a month last summer found that out too..... I couldn't walk, so I couldn't be blamed, but boy, oh boy! did those things foul up the plumbing system!!!!! The supervisors kept telling them to use the trash bags, but they just thought flushing them was easier....... Until.....
  15. eric1207

    Galley equipment

    The spatula pictured in #57 above, (of which I also have a couple) reminded me of a favorite 50's item also inherited as a family heirloom. The egg chopper. Originally the wood handle was painted white and seafoam green (nautical forum connection). The paint slowly deteriorated over the decades in our over-full kitchen drawer. When the last few specs of green were barely hanging on my wife declared the paint was a toxic lead hazard and ordered; fix it. So a few minutes of sanding and viola! A nice wooden handle like the featured spatula above. I am a bit nostalgic for the seafoam green though. Belying its name, the egg chopper is used mostly in preparing berries for my specialty, strawberry short cake. Yum. While rummaging for the chopper portrait I came upon these other family treasures, also of 50's/60's vintage and inheritance. The pie spatula is particularly special, I actually varnished the handle after it’s rehab. Being surprisingly thin and flexible it makes mincemeat out of extracting that first slice from the pan. The butter spatula is more pedestrian but still a favorite. Corkscrew gets infrequent use, we don't drink enough to get fussy about a newer model. It never fails to elicit a comment from our more refined friends, though. Cheers
  16. Sol Rosenberg

    Floriduh Man

  17. ctutmark

    Guy inboard lead recommendations

    If your boat is the one I think it is, attach a block to the already installed Wichard padeye just inboard of your midship cleats and get on with it. As the pole gets squared the guy will press on the upper lifeline a little but not excessively
  18. Sol Rosenberg


    Not to mention the added bonus of taking down the chief of our counterintelligence from the FBI, where he chased Russian spooks. “Putin has won.”
  19. Plumber

    Ladder rungs...upwind tactics

    Hmmm...might be also that those guys are the best racers. You just can't isolate the start as being a success factor. The best sailors start in front BECAUSE they are the best, then they extend BECAUSE they are the best...
  20. SloopJonB

    Cracked Bulkhead

    Since it failed it would appear it was inadequate for the stresses it carried - a little more beef would seem advisable. A couple or three pounds of glass & resin will hardly cripple the boats performance.
  21. Sol Rosenberg

    Charles Darwin Gun Owners

  22. Fakenews

    Trump in Japan

    I’ll say this for him, he’s locked down the North Korean vote.
  23. SloopJonB

    Gulf Island 29

    Curious timing - I haven't seen one of these for sale for a long time.
  24. chester


    From bill engvall: You know there's a warning on preperation h "do not take this orally" You someone wrote them "I ate this whole darn tube and I still got these hemroids, my mouth's so small I can't eat a peanut, but I can whistle really good"
  25. Yesterday
  26. Fakenews

    The Wall

    1.7 miles but was on track to build 500 miles this year until he opened his big stupid fucking pie hole.
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