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  2. I googled ‘Narcissistic fucktard’ and your photo came up. BTW, What do I owe you for the entertainment your post has provided?
  3. barfy

    Team NZ

    Remember the first dolphin tow test of TeAihe? Just like that.
  4. TomTom

    prize givings

    My club had the Autumn Cup (guess which one) and the Indian Summer Regatta -End of season get ready for winter winner's Library - where you could check out a book and return it in a year. Different.
  5. inebriated

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    was watching some AC races on youtube and got an ad for UFO the first sailing ad i've ever gotten i think
  6. Pollination

    Fast singlehander for 60 yo's for messsin' about

    The very seaworthy Pintail would make you's a quick day sailor....and stable MFG made them. A slug compared to the cats...but big on comfort.
  7. Shootist Jeff

    The Opening Statement

    Federalist #65. I believe it's been posted before. I don't think it says what you think it says. Was trump a public figure who abused or violated a public trust?
  8. LB 15

    Saving Sailing (Really)

    Like offshore racing.
  9. duncan (the other one)

    Saving Sailing (Really)

    btw - I suspect wake boating will go the way of windsurfing and jetskis. There'll be an explosion in popularity, complaints from the usual sources, then a clamping down, and the activity will shrink to a much smaller, hardcore demographic.
  10. VWAP

    Floriduh Man

  11. Left Shift

    The new tool for cunts to be cunts in public

    Couldn’t care less...
  12. Left Shift

    Roger Stone

    If you’ve seen his head in profile, more like smacked with a 2x4.
  13. jack_sparrow

    Brexit, WTF

    If you think this is insane, buckle up. That bullshit letter from Javid to that MP was submitted to Parliament the next day as the Government's "Brexit Economic Impact Statement." Gobsmacked...can't find the words to describe this.
  14. Magool

    VR Transat Jacques Vabre

    I might dust off the virtual sailing gear for this one
  15. Left Shift

    The Opening Statement

    Well then you weren’t listening or you were part of the chorus. The leading “caller” is now the *resident.
  16. Shootist Jeff

    The Opening Statement

    Save your breath (or typing calories) bra - I've been saying the exact same thing for ever here - i.e. pointing out inconsistencies in the rhetoric while still strongly saying at every turn that if there is wrongdoing, then impeachment is absolutely not only warranted - but mandatory. But in the elk's eyes: pointing out inconsistencies = full throated support. There's no reasoned discussion. There's no middle-ground with these cunts gentlemen. Their mindset is "if you're not wid us, you're agin us". It frankly gets old but its still amusing nonetheless to watch them sputter when pointing out those inconsistencies and when they have nothing logical in response - they attack and label you a trump mushroom sucker. Its amusing, if not totally predictable. Just saying.
  17. One problem is that when I passed my oral exams, I swore never to eat Mac & “Cheese” again. Lifetime maximum dose exceeded. It’s been 30 years now... (OMFG. Really?) When things are rocking and rolling, anything cold and slimy (e.g. cold cuts with mayo sandwich) tends to send bad vibrations to my stomach. In those cases, my emergency back-up has been (shame, shame) a Snickers bar. The evil side of one of my dive buddies figured this out, and she would make a point of busting open a scallop when I was watching, taking the regulator out of her mouth, and scarfing it down, guts and all. (Don’t worry, my stomach is always fine as soon as I hit the water. And I have plenty of shit on her.) That said, hopping over the side for a nice free dive before breakfast and coming up with a few mussels and maybe a snapper to throw in the the bacon and eggs is divine. (Scallops usually hang out a little too deep for the proverbial quiet anchorage. Though there might be some left from the day before. If so: magic.)
  18. Shootist Jeff

    The Opening Statement

    I was here for the obama days and I don't recall hearing "cries of impeachment from the rooftops" from day one. Yes, Bitch McConnell did shamefully say their #1 agenda was to make him a one term preznit, but I don't recall hearing any credible calls for impeachifiying on the day of his election.
  19. Mike G

    Occupy Impeachment Depositions

    They might have been banking on the free publicity of the perp-walk.
  20. Shootist Jeff

    The Opening Statement

    I am??? Where am I saying that? I think you have me confused with someone else.
  21. LB 15

    Australian Sailing

    Looks like Octopussy got put back on his leash.
  22. Shootist Jeff

    The Opening Statement

    Had you bothered to read the rest of my post, I said exactly that.
  23. Shootist Jeff

    You thought shooting people on 5th Ave was a joke?

    It's not just unfair to that shooting victim on 5th Ave, but SO UNFAIR!
  24. timber

    Occupy Impeachment Depositions

    Any of us "workers" would be in custody for not responding to a subpoena. The disgusting truth in the present political climate is that the Evangelical right support is 99% for the President. My US flag flies at half staff in my yard and will remain so until trump is out of office one way or another. Where will this end?
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