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  2. richiec

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    wow - what is this design? A one-off? Looks to be 35-37ish ft?
  3. Bruno

    Layup schedule for Chameleon dinghy

    It sounds like vectra was/is olefin (polypro) treated accept resin, Innegra the same? I thought spectra was like uhmw polyethylene?
  4. animeproblem

    NFL 2019 ...... RIP

    Kind of like a car crash, had look at this to see if maybe this was a serious concussion thread, end of tackle/football as we know it deal & it turns out to be the "baseball isn't interesting thread". Have to admit, after the 1st two Seahawks preseason games have to wonder, would we watch it if it was the "flag" game? Opening a can of worms here I know, & actually something of a hi-jack, their could be a whole thread about this issue.
  5. Owen


    Meh. 2 out of 4 stars on charity navigator with 55 percent of income going to deserving recipients. The frames are usually seen on cars that suggest they needn't be bothered with flow of traffic, that's the only reason I noticed before the sticker even came into view. Prius drivers are usually chill except for the ones with aloha hibiscus stickers, go figure...
  6. Spoonie

    Why skippers fail in PHRF, it's not the boat

    With all due respect, perhaps he should, but I definitely don't agree with the majority of your advice. I'm sorry, I don't normally down vote, but I had to, to counter the sea of approvals. Whether it's OD or Handicap, make no mistake it's your performance against the rest of the fleet that matters. It's time against the clock *and* the fleet. You really can't ignore that. With that in mind, Shenanigans that screw you over in handicap races screw you over in OD racing and vice versa. Things that allow you to win in handicap racing, allow you to win in OD and versa. Around the cans, the most important move you will make in any race (OD or handicap), is to be on the correct side of the first shift relative to the fleet, with clear air and ability to tack. It is the one and only time you have leverage over the whole fleet. From then on, it's all about making sure you are in the right position, relative to the fleet, to take advantage of the next shift. You are always trying to be between the fleet, the next shift, and the next mark. If you're on your own, it's just about the next shift and the next mark. Certainly starting on port tack, then checking in 5 mins later to see where the fleet is a sure way to be wrong probably 50% of the time at the one time you could be putting significant time (real or virtual) into the whole fleet. Also, if the fleet is diverse, then there's a high probability that at least some of them are sailing in very different breeze to you regardless. Sailing your boat to its maximum performance speed wise is the barrier to entry to the podium in any race, but it's only 1/3rd of the picture. With the right leverage, a slow boat that is in phase will beat a faster boat that's out of phase nearly every time. Why is this relative to the fleet bit important? because sailing is a game of risk. Whether OD or handicap, the boat that plays that game the best *compared to the rest of the fleet* generally wins. So that sometimes mean forgoing what may be a more optimal course, because it's only optimal if you're right. Speed, Strength, Smarts: The golden triangle. Speed, You have to be get the maximum potential speed out of your boat (with some exceptions) at all times. Strength, you need to have more capability (boat handling, endurance, etc...) than the next guy. Smarts, your strategy and tactics need to be better than the next guy. If you lack any one of those 3, then you need a double handling of the other two. For what it's worth, here are my tips: 1) We've established speed is a given. Faster boats always have the advantage. It sucks being a slower boat in a handicap fleet because all things being equal, they will be 2nd to the shifts and rolled on downwind legs. The closer boats are in handicap and speed, the fairer the results will likely be. In an OD fleet a lack of speed is death 2) Always know where the fleet is, and I mean always. You need to know how you're doing in your own little patch, and relative to your own fleet. going fast in the wrong direction compared to everyone else is not fast. Waiting for 5 mins is death. at 6 knots, 5 mins in the wrong direction will put you 100m behind in 5 deg shift. 33sec lost right there. more than Double that in a 10 deg shift. Do that off the start and get a 10deg shift against you, you will have just lost 1min against *the whole fleet*. It doesn't matter if it's handicap or OD, you need to do a lot to make that up. 3) Always know where you're going with respect to the next mark. See above. That mostly means being to the left of the mark when the breeze is going left, and to the right when the breeze is going right. It also keeps you in check w.r.t the fleet. The fleet will mostly just follow who they *think* is right. Not who actually is. 4) clean air and room to move as you need to wins races. Sometimes you need to sacrifice either speed, or opportunity to maintain that. There's no point getting getting the most out of a shift or whatever to be stuck with someone on your hip. Balance that risk (shenanigans vs, opportunity) and think ahead. 5) To perhaps clarify an earlier comment from someone, team work is key. The best crew is the one that works together well. they have a secret language and things magically happen without much discussion. They don't need to be rockstars to do that, just good team people. The best skippers don't bark orders, they give their team room to execute and learn. 6) practice. All truisms regardless of OD or handicap. In short, I first heard this idea that Handicap racing was somehow different last year. I was taken by surprise frankly, because I really struggle to see any difference. Control what you can control, which is your position between the fleet and the next mark. Ignore the rest, never take the foot off the gas. *shrug*
  7. valis

    Jeanne Socrates - nonstop solo RTW 2018

    Here's a possible route for Jeanne. I dialed back her sailing performance, and the GRIB doesn't quite make it to landfall, but it looks like perhaps Sept 2 for entering the Strait.
  8. jack_sparrow

    Brexit, WTF

    Boris's quick tour of the Continent to test out his negotiation approach of "threatening to set himself on fire unless he gets what he wants" I think might turn out quite instructive. Firstly Merkel just handed him the matches and said you have 30 days Boris. One picture said it all. Poor Boris was forced to welcome that, admitting the “onus is on us” to solve the Irish border issue, saying, “there are abundant solutions” As for Macron can we expect to see a far "colder" not "hot" reception for Boris in Paris? Like if Boris if your solution is half-baked shit, yes you will be leaving on 31 October on fire, guaranteed. France won't be giving you anymore A.50 extensions. Rasputin Cummings at #10 already down playing Boris's meaningless continental tour that shows Boris really shouldn't be playing with matches and trying to negotiate at the same time.
  9. sosoomii

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    It isn’t a question of whether I support them. In a free market I can’t stop them. And here a all the reasons I can think of why someone buys a new toy: 1.It’s fun.
  10. Not a lawyer but I am puzzled by claims that "no vessel has right of way" when the rule language is highly prescriptive. "The rules come from the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS), with which the U.S. regulations are consistent. Following are the basic rules that apply to all sailboats in U.S. waters. Whenever two boats come close to each other, the rules designate one as the stand-on vessel and the other as the give-way vessel. The rules are designed to prevent a situation like two people walking toward each other on a sidewalk who both step out each other's way in the same direction and thus run into each other. The stand-on vessel must continue on its course and the give-way vessel must turn away to avoid collision. " MUST. "A commonly held misconception concerning the rules of marine navigation is that by following specific rules, a vessel can gain certain rights of way over other vessels.[14] No vessel ever has absolute "right of way" over other vessels. Rather, there can be a "give way" (burdened) vessel and a "stand on" (privileged) vessel, or there may be two give way vessels with no stand on vessel. A stand on vessel does not have an absolute right of way over any give way vessel, for if there is a risk of collision, a stand on vessel may still be obliged (under Rule 2 and Rule 17) to give way so as to avoid it, if doing so will be effective and is practicable.[15][16] Two power-driven vessels approaching each other head-to-head, are both deemed to be "give way" and both are required to alter course so as to avoid colliding with the other. Neither vessel has "right of way".[17]" Wikipedia So there is no absolute RoW but the burdened vessel must give way. Confusing perhaps but the idea is that the onus is on both to avoid collision though the burdened vessel must give way. If the burdened vessel doesn't the stand on vessel should. But the original onus is clearly on the give way vessel. He needs to prove, I imagine, that he altered course in a seamanlike manner in the event of a collision.
  11. I'm going to break the news to the US Navy that Iran is armed. That will stop them in their tracks. They decided not to challenge a country that can fight back since they got kicked out of Vietnam by men black pajamas. Fucking scary it was. Edit: and about the pea shooter? It's big enough to deal with men in run-a-bouts and machine guns, like those normally encountered smuggling drugs in the area. It's a fucking disgrace to use a Navy for that shit.
  12. ModernViking

    Buy Greenland

    It's abzuuuurd
  13. animeproblem

    Land Speed Record Anarchy

    Experienced a live performance by the band so long ago I am actually a bit fuzzy on what year it was, though my brother in law told me that Bob's mum had died shortly before the show, he looked pissed to be up on stage to be honest. First time I saw people running into each other & getting knocked down & such, but at the time not really my thing musically (but DAYUM! the girl next to me was HOTT!) And now? Taste in music has under gone some changes, every time I check on upcoming shows I wonder WTF has happened to KMFDM? Kaptain K spending more time with his little girl Anabella perhaps? pretty sure I saw her once stepping off the tour bus in front of the Showbox, I can't imagine who else would be wearing a cape!
  14. "Blame is shared", i.e. an accident, the only possibility I can imagine for that is if the motorboat lost sight of the cat as it transited the bridge or if they tacked or turned suddenly when an inattentive observer wasnt expecting it. Otherwise, it was 2:45 PM on a clear sunny day, a fleet of relatively large cats sailing to and around large brightly colored marks, the only reason for the collision is negligence. Generally, when there is a fatal collision all parties are named. In this case they don't even identify the type much less name of the other vessel. That's odd. Also odd isthe initial statement from the CG that there are no rules (of the road) governing keeping a safe distance. Not only is this contrary to what the rest of the world thinks but it sounds like preemptive rationalization for why a motorboat (the give way vessel in all cases except if being overtaken, under the RotR) not only failed to give way but also to keep clear in a safe seamanlike manner in a wide, open estuary with clearly marked deep channels. That the motorboat not only collided with but ran over the sailboat sufficient to cut up the deceased speaks to a relatively high speed sudden impact rather than a glancing blow, in all likelihood. So sounds hinky and the lack of a public statement by the other sailor aboard is also odd.
  15. Shortforbob

    A truly bad idea from Bernie Sanders

    Not subject to the whims of politicians? I seem to recall a shutdown engineered at the whim of a certain politician that cause immense hardship to many of these public servants just a few months ago. The right to strike actually promotes negotiation. I've been a union member all my life (and a Union Rep for many years). Including the extremely powerful Public sector unions, both federal and state. We've never had to call a strike...we negotiated. If armies had the right to strike.....what a lovely idea.
  16. Shortforbob

    I still call Australia home

    Tim Fischer's gone.
  17. Forourselves

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Noticed you put in bold the "ETNZ" part, but not the "several teams" part lol
  18. Major Tom

    Eliminating the traveler on the Capri 14.2

    The optimum length for a tiller is normally far longer than you would expect, unless there are constraints on class rules, lack of cockpit space or similar. The closer you can get the angle of the tiller extension and tiller to 90 degrees when hiking in your normal upwind position, the better the feel on the tiller.
  19. jack_sparrow

    How about a The Ocean Race thread?

    One week left.
  20. Today
  21. jack_sparrow

    The Ocean Race 2021

    Or they come up with a schedule swap :-) 3 TOR threads now. What a great idea.
  22. Are we going to have enough money left over to buy Greenland? That should be the top priority, well, after the wall of course.
  23. Major Tom

    Eliminating the traveler on the Capri 14.2

    You could tie a thin piece of shockcord from one side of the bridle/traveler to the other about 100mm above the tiller with enough tension so it pulls any slack in the leeward side to weather, don’t make it too tight or you will be sheeting against the elastic in light airs.
  24. How about a profile just for the hell of it? The client had a very tricked out SW 42 but wanted Hinckley to take it to the next level and talked Bob and I into doing this 'dream boat' or 'lotto ticket' version with all the latest tech innovations that had become available. Still a viable idea and Bob and I would love to take it to the next level. Imagine this design built to the standards of Bob's Carbon Cutters, it would be the toast of the town on the New England yachting circuit!
  25. jo forthan

    boy is this girl in for a surprise..

    Thanks, I did not know my post was from the heartland inst. I don't agree with them Jhc do you know of a similar scenario that was well known some years ago, thank you
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