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  2. Recidivist

    Australian Sailing

    I'm pretty sure I posted in the now deleted thread, to the effect that I failed to see how a protest committee of reasonable persons could come to the conclusion that the protest committee in question did. I'm not sure that I used the word "muppet", but there may have been some other term of similar effect. "Entitlement" probably featured. PM me and I'll give you my details so you can ban me as well. No need for a rule 69 hearing - you can just allude to it without bothering with a hearing - a time honoured practice known as "making shit up".
  3. charisma94

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Not sure of the exact draft... But I'm told by those who should know, that she can't be lifted in Sydney without a crane... YMMV
  4. SloopJonB

    Should There Be A Woodworking Anarchy?

    They sell meth to schoolchildren in Floriduh?
  5. uflux

    Team NYYC

    It’s a hand held 3D seriously it is. It allows 3D modelling to be done with a physical object.
  6. The thing I hate most is how the world of singlehanded sailing seems to be in pause mode nobody seems to be selling any new ( established or new design) singlehanded toys right now. My club has over 500 boats onntge property. I don’t think we have had five brand new toys launched in the last two years. I am sure of an inflatable powerboat this week, a couple WASPs, two AEROS, an OK Dinghy, and A 20+_ foot catamaran since January 2018. I think one family bought one of the banned club 420 That is not a sustainable number for a five hundred boat fleet.
  7. cosmicsedso

    Aussie 18 movie

    Try the film "18 footer people". Shot by my Father in law!
  8. Mike G

    Occupy Impeachment Depositions

    Area any of these lawyers in danger of losing their law license? Barr by not recusing? I heard NY Bar told/suggested? Giuliani? Whittaker? "Abuse of power is not a crime" The guys that today argued that Trump can't be investigated? I get that they can go on T.V. and spew, but aren't they held to a slightly higher standard for truth and honesty?
  9. cosmicsedso

    Mr. Fahrenheit

    Fantastic video! It's still gybing not tacking.. I have seen lots of spills in racing and as Meatwad said, never seen anybody hurt. What hurts is when you get hit by another Kart! As a lifetime sailor and a retired motorcycle racer I have to say that Blokarts really do it for me. So Cheapest? Tick Fastest? Tick Funnest? Tick My top speed so far is 85kph, near enough to 53mph. Just F****** amazing!!
  10. Rat's ass

    Occupy Impeachment Depositions

    Yes and personally delivered by the podesta brothers.
  11. duncan (the other one)

    Saving Sailing (Really)

    btw - all you people bitching about costs.. go and join your local dinghy fleet.
  12. duncan (the other one)

    Saving Sailing (Really)

    tits and beer. .. someone had to say it.
  13. Check out the trailer for the WASZP Documentary - TAKING FLIGHT! Showing the essence of the class and how it has evolved since production began in 2016 - The Sailors, the events, the culture and the future! FULL DOCUMENTARY LAUNCH - 30th October 8:00pm AEDST PREMIERED ON FACEBOOK - YOUTUBE -
  14. Boybland

    Team NYYC

    Or the Terminator's optical sensors
  15. Turkey Slapper

    Australian Sailing

    Ahhhhh interesting comment! Especially the "gunshot" reference! Its all starting to come together after the threat now! Mmmmmm And if these above mentioned protests were allowed to be heard, I'm sure there would of been interesting outcomes, but someone/s went to very high expense to make sure they didn't, and still waiting if this aledged personal vandetta was self funded, or just added to the overdraft, or maybe even added to their club account? And as another poster above mentioned being easily offended by the use of the word "Muppet", if I'm correct in reading into some of the posts here by you miss octo, but there was banter, or jokes for those hill people who don't stoop to sand people lower class of banter, made on the club in questions social media page, renaming a boat, and even the leader of the packs comments supporting of the name change and using the morbidly offensive word in the comments section! Am I following this correctly? Because "hypocrisy" keeps showing in my auto correct feature!
  16. huey 2

    2019 Middle Sea Race

    Fiji nailed it....... It is not just the design, Gery works with the designers and develops a plan then goes to the sailmakers with a plan which changes after his blue printing the keel /rudders /hull, toe in of rudders and hull optimisation at measurement points ....he sometimes changes the rig , no. of spreaders then maybe a couple of recuts of sails then races with them all the whole time looking at the rating measurements of the hull/ rig balance [take a hit with sail area for better numbers... and will sometimes make new sails..he has a size of boats he likes working with . ...Go up a size and you will see Eric and the Teasing Machine/s .....these guys are doing with production/semi production boats what others with much bigger budget do with brand new designs for full blown brand new formula race boats ...these two Gery and Eric have people working / sailing with them for years...they are the optimum project managers who like people and the challenge at a cost...and i bet they hardly ever go over budget....But you will never know as they play poker with a poker face on.. although Eric has had the newer/bigger Teasing boats custom built in recent times but all to the optimisation plan.. and They see the numbers ....maybe synaesthesia .
  17. Gouvernail

    Pool noodles vs. cubitainers

    If It is the upper edge, how would it get in the water?? And why would water that “infiltrates the rubrail” make it into the boat?? And isn’t this a Lark?? Sooo confusing
  18. VWAP

    Illegal C420 at Nationals

    10,000 in Delaware $5,000 is better than $0
  19. SCANAS

    Australian Sailing

    The promoter for the Mundine - Wayne Parr fight apparently lost their gov money, so the government has $1m spare to but on a fight. Maybe AS can approach & tell them they can get an offshore yacht race, reception & a 5 on 5 fight (& a used bridge) and still have change to spring for a TP52 main!
  20. Horn Rock

    Team NYYC

    Some sort of curing lamp?
  21. Left Shift

    Gybe Ho

    I launched my sister like that when I was 17 and she was 19. It was hilarious back then. still is.
  22. Turkey Slapper

    Australian Sailing

    Ahhhhh, didn't a little while ago a member who moors his craft there get some installed?
  23. Horn Rock

    Team NZ

    Would a trailing edge flap be able to impart that much nose up trim? I kinda thought it was lift gained through speed.
  24. Ncik

    Illegal C420 at Nationals

    Clearly the worst possible outcome has transpired. Dealer bust, noone restituted. It's too late to go the SENSIBLE route and work with the class and dealer to figure out how to allow the boats to sail. Those banging on about weight need to get a clue and stop repeating such nonsense. If the boats are weighed at every major regatta and shown to be above minimum weight, then this argument is dead. If the class isn't weighing boats regularly, then the idea that the class is one-design is dead.
  25. Ease the sheet.

    Founder's Brewing - Disgusting Show of Racism

    I don't do it. And I expect others not to do it as well. Getting to the truth involves telling the truth, not contorting it.
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