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  2. sailwriter

    Craigslist Finds

    Hey, I remember the Southeaster. Several used to come from the Miami area to our regatta in Gulfport, Florida. My dad and I easily won sailing the Suicide, also with a wishbone rig.
  3. sosoomii

    Brexit, WTF

  4. mikewof

    Mex. Army disarms US troops

    While I do get your point about how annoying some of the militia members can be, I can't agree with you here. We really need to avoid militarization of that border. The militias don't cause a lot of problems, they're mostly just a bunch of Westerners who don't have the stomach to hunt and gut animals, but they still like guns and hanging with the other militia guys at the biker's bar. (Do we even know if the uniformed, unofficial vehicle soldiers of this story were in any kind of official mission? For all we know they were just some Texans enjoying time off from their soldier jobs with a little militia fun?) But when you militarize a border, you send a terrible message to the inhabitants of both sides. You're saying "we don't trust our neighbors." The apparent reality is that the border between Mexico and the USA is becoming increasingly militerized. It just is. When I was a kid, that border was even less "secure" than the current Canadian border. And now a bunch of sailors are in this thread discussing Posse Comitatas. When folks in public forums start to discuss Posse Comitatas, you can be reasonably sure that all those involved do not see calm seas on the horizon. We cannot allow our Southern border to be militarized because we need Mexico as a deep and eager alli in our fight against terrorism. And terrorism IS the reason were originally sold this expanded wall. The reality of the Mexican Army and the Mexican Police is that they are pretty much the baddest motherfuckers on the planet. The Aztecs have unstoppably kicked global ass for 5000 years, and only lost one time, and that loss was to smallpox. Oh, and they lost to the USA back in 1843 and to Woodrow Wilson, but their population was still rebounding from the smallpox. The Mexican Army and the Mexican Police have to be the baddest good guys on the planet because they fight the baddest bad guys on the planet. The Mexican cartels are so tough that if an Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorist even thinks about having to get into the USA through Mexico, they would be immediately filled with fear, because the Cartels don't fuck around with that bullshit. Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico ... these places are THEIR turf and they uphold the Aztec tradition as fervently as their ancestors. Aztecs fight for family, honor and ground, but they don't fight for politics and they never even cared that much about gold. Gold was for the Aztec man who couldn't manage himself in battle. Even today, you find a beautiful Aztec woman in a bar, she won't give you the time of day if you aren't a little battle scarred. Danny Trejo could probably pull a lot of trim if he wanted. If a Cartel caught a terrorist, I can't imagine that they would have any patience for the guy. The best the terrorist could hope for is that the Cartel would kill him quick, because if they traded him to the Mexican Army or the Police, that poor fellow would soon think of Midnight Express as a day at the amusement park in comparison. The USA needs to stay tight with Mexico. They are our close friend, we make a shit-ton of money on the land that we took from them. A Mexico that isn't our friend, will become a lethal and economically-powerful enemy. And you can ask most any boxer or wrestler in the world if they want to end up in combat against an Aztec. The answer will usually be something along the lines of "not if I can avoid it."
  5. dg_sailingfan

    Team UK

    If these AC 75 are really as unstable as they're saying you can bet that we will see a lot of hairy moments.
  6. floating dutchman

    Which is more?

    Mell, way to personal...
  7. jzk

    Reparations for Slavery

    I wasn't there for any of that. Thank you for making shit up. In fact, to the best of my knowledge, no one alive in the US owned any slaves nor was a slave. However, if you can find someone that was enslaved by someone still living I would agree that person has a strong case for damages against their captor, among other things.
  8. phillysailor

    Reparations for Slavery

    So your argument is that because of the civil war, because hundreds of thousands of Americans had to die to decide whether to enforce the Emancipation Proclamation, the debt America owes blacks has been paid? So any degree of racism during Reconstruction, Jim Crow, lynchings, refusal to allow Blacks to vote for myriad reasons for centuries (now making a comeback), race-based policing and environmental racism are ok because of Sherman's March? This is why we won't quickly escape racism in America. jzk sees himself as a great white hero, emancipating the darkies.
  9. martin.langhoff

    "Mala Conducta"-the best Gunboat never built

    NiMH is stable. All Li chemistries are unstable and require particular charging rates at different charge levels, life points and temperatures. This means charging is controlled by software, and bugs often result in, um, expansive situations.
  10. Waynemarlow

    Brexit, WTF

    But without Jack the thread would wither and die, where would I get my “guilty pleasure “ from each day ? But then I guess the threads just recorgitated “ we lost but we”re not going to let you win this democratic vote “ crap.
  11. dew

    Wyntje Good stuff! I am sure there are a many a picture and a story out there.
  12. When she's done beating intruders with a bat, Grannie can make a sandwich and bake a cake. Your AK or 1911 won't do that.
  13. KC375

    Keel Failure

    your right she is too far out of the water to be floating
  14. J28

    Since we know the Russians are here

    Lazy, shiftless and drunk is no way to go through life girl.
  15. Tornado-Cat

    Team UK

    I don't think they scrapped it. I'm pretty anxious to watch the first AC75 sailing and how long it will take before the first crash.
  16. phillysailor

    The Dishonesty of Mr. Barr

    I think one of the most interesting Mueller quote was: Vol. II, Page 2: Second, while the O.L.C. opinion concludes that a sitting president may not be prosecuted, it recognizes that a criminal investigation during the president’s term is permissible. The O.L.C. opinion also recognizes that a president does not have immunity after he leaves office. And if individuals other than the president committed an obstruction offense, they may be prosecuted at this time. Given those considerations, the facts known to us, and the strong public interest in safeguarding the integrity of the criminal justice system, we conducted a thorough factual investigation in order to preserve the evidence when memories were fresh and documentary materials were available.
  17. Jackett

    Keel Failure

    Not the same thing. Look how low Cheeki Radio is floating. With no weight of keel to support, she's sunk down until the buoyancy of the materials she's made of (plus possibly a few pockets of air trapped in lockers etc) is enough to keep her afloat. For typical yacht construction that results in the hull being almost fully submerged, if not sunk. The yacht in the opening post would need to be constructed off nothing denser than balsa to be floating that high with a hole that size in her bottom.
  18. Mark K

    Drip Drip Drip

  19. KC375

    Keel Failure

    Actually with the keel gone no reasons to not keep floating (remember Cheeki Rafiki). However it does seem to be floating surprisingly high at the bow – either air trapped at the front of the boat or vestige of the rig stuck in the bottom.
  20. Saorsa

    The Redacted Mueller Report

    Keep hoping. But, she does play a mean guitar.
  21. You are just pissed that I keep catching you posting imaginary “exact” word quotes. You have a rich fantasy life..... probably a good thing -DSK
  22. onepointfivethumbs

    Il Mostro no longer on the Great Lakes??

    DeVos entered a TP52 this year, I think there will be 4(?) 52's on the line (HeartBreaker, Natalie J, Windquest, and a KP boat chartered out) plus Vincitore is back from...Europe? Wonder how well Denali Cubed is going to rate against them.
  23. On the obstruction front, I read it that he did find enough evidence to prove a crime but punted to Congress because of the ridiculous DOJ guidelines that say he can’t indict a sitting President.
  24. BillDBastard

    Reparations for Slavery

    perhaps you need to read what I posted beyond the first line...……...
  25. B.J. Porter

    The Dishonesty of Mr. Barr

    Here's an excellent overview of the quotes that Barr took out of context from the Mueller report to create that steaming pile of bullshit summary he sent to context. The selective quotes and out of context abuses are stunning.
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