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  2. Snatch Block

    Bubbles Off Of The Keel

    What would cause a stream or line of bubbles coming off the keel? Heeling may even make it worse. Bulb/torpedo keel is what's below.
  3. The Senate Intel Committee tends to have normal people on it. I wonder how they will handle this selection.
  4. Very true, but the lockstep will be noticeable forever.
  5. You need to get away from your Fake News... are you not upset you have been lied to and played the fool... facts Jack
  6. They’ll all still be here, albeit with new names and a rediscovered principled desire for fiscal responsibility.
  7. This incompetent Grenell's main accomplishments recently has been to piss off the government of Germany while ambassador there & get threatened with expulsion. Prior to this he was a spokesman for Mitt Romney's 2016 election Campaign. Federal law states quite clearly, “Any individual nominated for appointment as Director of National Intelligence shall have extensive national security expertise.” Ambassador to Germany does not qualify. Grenell previously has served as the spokesperson for the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. He has run a public affairs consultancy, has been a Fox News contributor, and for a few days was presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s national security spokesperson, but was forced to step down after conservatives blasted the former governor over Grenell’s sexual orientation.
  8. Years from now, when all the dirty facts come out about Trump, people who supported him will be running from the stink, they won't be able to wash the smell off, this is going to stick with them forever.
  9. I suspect the numbers will change with a builder. Plus - what is much more significant (especially for us grass roots guys) is the number of sailors who bought used Lasers and are getting active! No sense in comparing to Aeros - I hope they keep growing.
  10. You sound like an Italian in the ‘30s. “The train is running on time, what’re you so angry about?”
  11. Tornado-Cat

    Team NYYC

    Before the deck sweeper ?
  12. What on earth could you be unhappy with? Trump has kick started the traditional American economy and it is a wonderful thing to behold. Millennials are getting their first taste of it and they are looking around and seeing it works. Why are liberals and progressives always so unhappy? Everyone that wants a job has or can get. Don’t need the government promising to fix what isn’t broken... life is good!
  13. Tornado-Cat

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    It must be very slow for boink boink, high, dry, no bow down attitude and no windward heel.
  14. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    Help Abolish nuclear weapons

    I understand what you are saying, but at least for the US the knowledge of how isn’t being transferred.... I mean, they were desperate to hire a c grader like me. The US labs are barely on life support. I haven’t seen much evidence the rest of th west either , and Russia are getting the good peeps because there’s so much more money available elsewhere
  15. weta27

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    "High and dry." - Emirates Team New Zealand Facebook.
  16. Bentley the Badger

    How about a The Ocean Race thread?

    SS - interesting post. I disagree with your comments relating to the entries of private teams (in fact I respectfully disagree with your post in its entirety), I think you'll find several teams have been funded with private money under the guise of a corporate entity. In the last edition alone two teams were funded in part by private foundations. This year the race itself is being funded by private backers (the same backers as the teams). Now here's the interesting thing - or interesting to me anyway. What builds a sustainable race (I don't mean solving the worlds many issues although The Ocean Race's attempt it cute, horse shit but cute)? Sponsors or Teams? Who comes first? The way I see it every thing must come from the teams. The race is not your platform, the stakeholders are and in this case the key stakeholders are those putting teams together and investing time into bringing the race to life. What I cannot understand is that we're here, in this situation because a race founded on competition and teams has seen the only way to evolve/survive is to seek money from host cities in locations that do not suit themselves to an around the world yacht race. Whilst the race seeks to make money from these host city agreements what they seem to forget is that for those competing an additional stopover is just another kick in the metophorical budgetollocks. The Ocean Race and those within TOR seem intent on taking money wherever they possibly can from any municipality that'll take them and their somewhat phoney green credentials. The Ocean Race themselves don't seem to understand the self-fulfilling prophecy that additional cities adds additional infrastructure, the need to leapfrog 140 containers, the need to employ additional staff for longer periods of time, additional air miles and so on and so on. They also don't understand that this is not what the sailing community or their competitors wants (let's not get into the argument about taking sailing to the masses - that gets me going even more than most things). I'm afraid that to me the whole system is broken, it's totally back to front. They've misunderstood what it is their doing - they've misunderstood what they have and what worries me the most is that the company that now owns the race comes from a team management background... This year we'll see 6/7 VOR65s and 3 IMOCAs. It's embarrassing. I'd have loved to see them return to some form of a traditional racetrack - if only to see a reduction in budget required to race. For the record i'd loved them to have left the foiling 60s at home and opened it to non-foiling 60s and 65s only. Then press the reset button for foiling 60s only during the next iteration once the technology is better understood thus resulting in budgets decreasing. Anyway, without teams you have no race (fully aware i'm leaving the door open for you to reply with 'ahh but without sponsors you have no teams'. That i'll answer over a beer - seems more fun than an anonymous forum).
  17. Mr Moab

    Movies that messed you up as a kid

    The original Aliens. Was 16, bumming around Newport with a buddy. We met two girls that day. Found some beers and some weed, then went to the 9pm show. I was seriously frightened the entire movie. When the alien exploded out of the guys stomach I think I nearly broke her hand. Could barely look at the screen after that. No sleep that night, no second date.
  18. Example ONE of Russia helping Trump get elected....
  19. I was holding my breathe for @A guy in the Chesapeake, but I didn’t really want to hear that Hillary did it too
  20. Sol Rosenberg

    GOP Voter suppression

    “After they complete all terms of their sentence” If that isn’t the case, we need to vote again.
  21. I'd have to check my old ignore list, Coors Light or Moderate? Who's particularly attached to the Like/Dislike thing? Doesn't matter.
  22. Plenipotentiary Tom

    GOP Voter suppression

    Whether someone does something wrong is not dependent on their ability to pay. The argument is specious. I think Sol's right about that in a couple of different areas that come to mind. Rich guy speeds, poor guy speeds, both have to pay a fine. It doesn't affect (not effect) the rich guy as much but that's the fine for speeding. Rich guy causes the court system to incur expenses and poor guy does the same. It still probably cost more or less the same and the court fees that fund our courts are more about what it cost to run the court than what the person could pay. Also, income is a poor metric for ability to pay. A low wage worker with kids to support and a retiree with a sailboat in his back yard might have a pretty similar income because one is not working any more. The ability to pay can still be very different. Your last question goes to the thread topic. In the examples I mentioned, the financial consequences may be different but deprivation of a protected right goes beyond a financial consequence, especially if it lasts for life.
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