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  2. Figment

    nhl '19

    Gotta be a tough morning for Fleury.
  3. Knut Grotzki

    Happy Easter

  4. Ishmael

    Floriduh Man

    Man gets punched out by the Easter Bunny. In Orlando, of course.
  5. lindy911

    2019 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    We just finished our Spring Series around the cans PHRF races over the weekend. My crew and I had a tally of 1-1-1, 3-2-1 and 1-1-2. We collectively won by 6 points, almost. We sailed the FS in one regatta and the Capri 22 in the other two. We were told that we can't sail two different boats in a series. We sailed the Scot in the second regatta. I asked where it states that in our rules and was told that it's PHRF thing. Anyone know where to find this mysterious rule? All boats have a rating. What difference would it make is you sailed two different boats in a series if they all are handicapped?
  6. Wow, someone commenting that races Lasers and supports the class on a regular basis. There are a few of us around
  7. Did some digging in the f-boat archives and answered my own question... Catamaran Pros and Cons Catamarans over 35' begin to offer many advantages and become the cruising multihull of choice over 40', with considerably more room and better interior layouts being possible. With only two hulls versus three, they are also less complex and easier to build than a trimaran, and thus offer the most room for the least amount of effort and cost. There is some extra work required with the need for two rudders and daggerboards, and two engine installations, but the savings overall easily offset this. A cruising catamaran will not perform or handle as well as the equivalent cruising trimaran, but once large enough to offer full standing headroom on the bridgedeck, without a high windage boxy cabin, their performance can be quite acceptable, and even impressive. However, they do need to be designed correctly, with a modern rig and systems, and be built with advanced methods to achieve the very necessary light weight.
  8. bridhb

    Trump's answers to Mueller's Questions

    And everyone needs to remember, it was a take home test with lots of help around.
  9. Surveyor recommendations? 40' racer/cruiser. If it makes any difference an expert in finding wet core, not because I suspect it but because anything else I'll find myself Boat is presently in the water at Port Annapolis Marina-is that as good a place as any to hang it in slings during the survey? If I go through with this, what yard to park it on the hard for some period while road transport is arranged. Ideally the same place where the rig would get pulled and packed, etc. Thanks!
  10. Agreed monolithic glass is sturdy! Its a masterpiece of industrial design and 40y ago it would have been state of the art. Its a good little sailing boat in its own right. But it is wildly overpriced for what it is. I wouldn't have an issue with this if I got the impression that some of the profit was being reinvested, rather than a long killing of the golden goose.
  11. Miffy

    Sir Francis vs. Dame Ellen

    Why even compare the two? They're not even in the same era or category of sailing. It is like comparing Captain Cook and Magellan and trying to say "ohhhh who is more accomplished" when their own accomplishments are worthy enough on its own without being pedantic.
  12. Swimsailor

    Sri Lanka next on the Hit list

    Just gonna leave this here... And... One more just for fun...
  13. 10thTonner

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Looks like it went tits-up already.
  14. Amati

    Xi and the new consumer in China

    The idea I’m grappling with is the idea of dynastic cleansing, which gets China scholars going round and round- wasn’t Halliday flirting with the idea that Mao was the last Confucian? Have to read the book- I think I remember Reisch getting bent out of shape about that, at least at one point..".
  15. Bristol-Cruiser

    Xi and the new consumer in China

    Fairbanks did outstanding work in the field but he died in 1991 so, even with later add-ons it is hardly a contemporary view of the country. Have a look at the Mao biography I mentioned in the previous message. It is wonderful piece of work.
  16. Forourselves

    Team UK

    You've seen one sailing I assume? Because if not...
  17. bridhb

    The worst ideas on old boats:

    Oh, and the way Morgan 27's were constructed. One of my favorite boats, but the stock inboard chain plates were just through bolted to the deck with some small backing plates. The boat would seem to fold up in the middle with big puckers on each side of the hull. The cabin sole was a nice teak and holly plywood but laminated onto a weird fiberglass mesh and marble dust / polyester filler assuring it would get water saturated and rot out. A lot of work to fix those issues. Getting the floor up was like an archeological dig. Sweet sailing boat though!
  18. Bristol-Cruiser

    Xi and the new consumer in China

    Mao on the money is pretty much the same as the Mao statues you see in many places. People don't care about him for the most part at this point in history but no one wants to start a stink about taking down the statues or putting someone else on the money with them in the middle since they don't much care. When you think about it, China has a definite shortage of iconic figures to put on the money. Anyone from imperial times is not going to happen, it has been barely a century since the end of empire and that is a mere blink in Chinese history. The men who followed Mao were often placeholders or represent ideas not favoured by the current bunch. Mao becomes an easy and safe choice. I think that Mao's image and history is being restored to some extent by Xi who is moving toward a more authoritarian style of government with him as the authoritarian or Neo-Mao in a way. A final thought, I am hardly a Mao apologist since I have a family connection with the Cultural Revolution. My in-laws were both university profs during the CR. This meant they were suspect. People in China at that time had their jobs classified by number. Intellectuals were in Group 9, what Mao referred to as the 'Smelly nines'. He thought they were a necessary evil at best. During the CR there was a certain amount of fighting on the campus between factions. MY FIL was in the more revolutionary group supporting Mao. Even so he and his wife were sent to the countryside for a year each to learn from the peasants. My wife had very little education in a traditional sense in elementary and into high school because students spent all their time singing revolutionary songs, watching the same seven movies over and over, and making wall posters. Each year she went twice to the countryside to help with the harvest. She also helped to build air raid shelters on campus that are still there. The shelters were mainly for protection from Russian rather than American bombing interestingly enough. She received her real education at home from her parents. She wanted to go into psychology but her father thought that could become (again) a politically suspect field. Instead she went into engineering physics because the country needed that. She eventually got a doctorate on corrosion protection for aluminum. She could tell me what was happening to metal on the boat. What she could do to stop it was another matter. I highly recommend a biography about Mao called Mao: The Unknown Story by June Chang and Jon Halliday. It is a wonderful, detailed and quite critical examination of the man. Chang was the first Chinese person to get a PhD in Britain after the end of the Cultural Revolution (my wife followed a few years later).
  19. PaulK

    Sir Francis vs. Dame Ellen

    Seemed to me when I read his book that FC spent the entire time complaining about how tough it was and how bad he felt. What did he do before or afterwards?
  20. nolatom

    The Redacted Mueller Report

    Rumor is Trump is coming up with a new web group to urge the country to move on from a likely unsuccessful impeachment try to other things instead of more sturm und drang. And are close enough that they need only a catchy name to get it launched. And after little research, they have found one: Oops... Damn. Never mind.
  21. phillysailor

    Sri Lanka next on the Hit list

    But it seems those bombing were the result of many different people at many sites. Several died in the explosions and 24 were arrested, let’s presume half are actually guilty. So each terrorist could only be held morally responsible for the deaths of 15-20.... Do you see where this is going? It’s a wicked morass of moral judgments based on incomplete information of heinous crimes. Sorry, but state-sponsored racially or religious motivated killings are, and always will be, the worse in terms of moral offense to society.
  22. Alan Crawford

    Craigslist Finds

    Another 110 in CT, this time in glass. $2500
  23. Shortforbob

    Sri Lanka next on the Hit list

    I win
  24. bridhb

    The worst ideas on old boats:

    Not sure if all, but some Cape Dorys used glassed in steel rebar to reinforce their chain plate areas. Seemed like saving pennies on an expensive and otherwise well put together boat.
  25. The Joker

    Sri Lanka next on the Hit list

    Fuck you , you disingenuous loser. I do not project any sadistic or cruel behavior I simply called you out on your double standard. I did not condone what happened under sheriff Joe I just see a poor comparison of those actions over 15 years to terroristic bombings of innocent church goers and tourists You really are a spiteful hater.
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