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  2. dogwatch

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Thank you, I am not sure I have a rhinoceros hide or a massive ego, yet I have at times been willing to serve and have my comments and votes on the public record. I haven't found abuse much of a problem. More the sheer boredom of sitting on committees.
  3. jack_sparrow


    Part 3 is out but offers no more information about the course and stopovers than the RO has already said before. Looks as though they want keep it a secret for a while longer.
  4. duncan (the other one)

    Backstay w/ Tylaska?

    Hydraulic with a dyneema backstay - is that a thing ? Doesn't creep render it a bit useless?
  5. Groucho Marx


    Power of 2 is moored in Mahurangi. Or up that way opposite Kawau Island.
  6. Cal20sailor

    Trump Gets Pennsylvania Rally to Boo Fox News

    That group would fight over the kernels of wisdom in his shit. Of course it is summer, maybe they'll just be happy with reruns.
  7. Gouvernail


    I couid support a Biden / Boot-edge-edge ticket. I would prefer to simply elect Mayor Pete, hand government over to his generation, and send all the old farts out sailing
  8. bushsailor


    What hppened to the Tennant power of one?
  9. Gouvernail

    A GOP Congressman Finally Reads The Report

    As the above may be the last post by that author for a while I decided to correct it and repost it for posterity ... which around here is a few hours.
  10. Chimp too

    New imoca boats read first column on page 3. It is fairly well documented. HB pushes for it to happen
  11. Navig8tor

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Given how much money the country is spending on his golf game, would that be a good investment if it prevents him getting actively involved in further fuckups? Win Win
  12. Groucho Marx


    Some more information from Light Brigade: An early 32 foot trimaran Atria was designed by Jim Young for Dooley Wilson and launched in 1964. This yacht had classical sheer in the main hull and because of this low freeboard amidships, placed the beams too close to the water surface, an early multihull design mistake, for the beams slowed the boat when driving through waves – a common problem with trimarans at that time. Wilson raced Atria in Tauranga for some years and then sailed it to Wellington where it was sold. Then in the mid 1970’s Young designed Wilson a 40 foot open wing deck trimaran named Blaydon Racer; called a sketch for it was neither ketch nor schooner because both masts and mainsails were the same height and carried the same sail area in two roached, fully battened mainsails. “This was a low sail plan which kept the centre of effort down and reduced the tipping moment,” said Young. Although Young drew water ballast to be carried in the windward float to provide extra power, this was not fitted by Wilson. In the clever drawing, tanks which were linked to the centre board cases, could fill or empty to produce either buoyancy or lever arm weight.
  13. dash34

    Electric Planes?

    Ssssssh! We don't want them all moving here.....
  14. morepower

    Polars and VPP

    Hi Guy's I'm hoping someone here maybe able to help... I'm wanting to build polars for my yacht to try and improve our racing performances.... The boat has a full system of Raymarine instruments (Speed, Depth, Wind including Close haul and Fluxgate compass with Smart Heading System output). I have a seatalk1 to nema wifi output module which I believe outputs everything from the network.... What I'm wanting to know is are there any programs available (either PC or Ipad) that I can use to record the boats performance and then either automatically output a polar or enable me to build one after... Thanks In advance
  15. jack_sparrow

    Brexit, WTF

    Yes...I'm starting a crowdfunding campaign to buy the Gunpowder.
  16. Groucho Marx


    Yes - and here is Blaydon Racer for sale, 69 grand NZ
  17. crashdog

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    be sure to keep your skin dry. if you get wet feet, fingers, then dry them and put on dry socks and glove liners before your watch. Know where your towel is, and bring changes of socks and glove liners. There is also this penguin theory of staying warm, which is to boost your metabolic rate, and eat salty snacks to elevate blood pressure. But that is a bit more complex.
  18. yl75

    New imoca boats

    That would mean him finding a major sponsor, I doubt his current ones for the figaro 3 season would be enough (and he said he is looking for a VG sponsor). On the other hand as he finished the previous one, he comes with an automatic qualification in the proposal.
  19. I’d like to see more pictures and show them to the local steamboat guys.
  20. sosoomii

    Brexit, WTF

    Have you considered whether the hundreds (thousands?) of posts you have made on the subject (did you even qualify to vote?) makes you a radical?
  21. Navig8tor

    Trump Gets Pennsylvania Rally to Boo Fox News

    Tweedle de is tweedle dumb.....colour me shocked.
  22. jack_sparrow

    Brexit, WTF

    You can see in this post milkshake Tweet Farage's use of the term "losers consent". In this vid at 0.40 Farage uses the term "Losers Consent" again and describing it as a breakdown in democracy because "declared losers refuse to concede defeat". In other words Remainers should just shutup and accept Brexit. Not suprisingly he has actually got this term back the front. It is where "losers are given some say or acknowledgement" and therefore it helps losers contribute towards a positive outcome. Rees Mogg who follows him takes exactly the same line of marginalising Remainers. This January Twitter feed is from Richard Wyn Jones, a professor of Welsh politics where his Wales 1997 reference is about Welsh devolution being successful because, after a very narrow vote in 1997, Labour made an effort to obtain "losers’ consent" to ensure wide support for the assembly. His posts indicate that the May government just like Farage and Rees Mogg have failed to make an effort to accommodate the concerns of Remainers. It could be argued May now finally accepts this fundamental application of "losers consent" with the possible introduction of a confirming referendum who knows? Farage however has now gone one step further towards further marginalising Remainers by indicating his milkshake incident is proof that Remainers are becoming "radicalised". That is a move into very dangerous territory and proof his idea of democracy is not what he is spruiking. A party that doesn't have "members" but "non-voting supporters" is further proof in his democracy pudding.
  23. mad

    Brexit, WTF

    Well he’ll like the eu investigation even less.
  24. Gouvernail

    Trump Gets Pennsylvania Rally to Boo Fox News

    If Gropenfuhrer didn’t Tweedle it, it isn’t real news
  25. Today
  26. Gouvernail

    Are All NMT Threads Really Gone?

    Speaking of Downvotes Hillary Jack to Malarkey holds first and second on the all time list and needs only 73 to break 10,000 NMT has 7300 HJ has 2627
  27. SloopJonB

    Trump Gets Pennsylvania Rally to Boo Fox News

    If Trump turns on Fox or vice versa, where will his idiot followers get their "news"?
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