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  2. Sleep Are the skippers getting less sleep as the boats get faster? Now that they will partially fly, I'm guessing sleep will be even harder to actually, physically get! How much more trimming needs to happen on a foiler, at speed for days on end? HB's choices are coming into sharper view: He can sleep, eat and nav in a chair in the pit, bone dry!!!
  3. ablutions we have covered. Hadn't considered the parents hanging and chatting. Great point. Will adjust a practice to keep it to voice calls or zoom meetings with director after sailing.
  4. mad

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Bullshit your way out of this one @Waynemarlow
  5. Sol Rosenberg

    On This Season of Riots

  6. Huggy Bear Brown

    Comfort zone: air draft/bridge clearance

    The one in your area that's problematic is the Wilkerson Bridge (US-264) mile marker 125.9. It is now listed as 64'. We were able to get underneath at low tide on our way down and our VHF bent hard as we were getting chased north when Florence made her left hand turn......
  7. Sol Rosenberg

    Shameful, inexcusable behavior

    What in the hell do you have to lose? life? civil rights? job? health care? quite a bit?
  8. roundthebuoys

    On This Season of Riots

    If Dog can produce a stub from one check that anyone has received for being a paid protester from George Soros I will match the amount to any charity he deems appropriate.
  9. jack_sparrow

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    WTF is this???? 3 hours apart same journalist one pro UK one pro EU from the Express....yes pro EU from the Express!!! Are they having a two way bet now on Brexit??? Published 0300 30 May 2020 Published 0500 30 May 2020
  10. bhyde

    Antifa begin to show it's colors

    Tiki torches are much better for promoting civil discourse than a bow and arrow. Oh, and Happy Tulsa Massacre Day! Just 300 dead and 35 square blocks burned to the ground because white people never riot.
  11. DDW

    J24 wet core replacement material

    Yeah, I'd like to see that. If the skins are as thick as in your pictures, it probably makes little difference. An additional tip: the West Six10 is an excellent product for this as it will not run out of the hole, even if it is overhead.
  12. revintage

    Joining cut down carbon mast

    The time has come and everything is prepared for joining the two pieces from a broken Flying Phantom Elite 9,6m mast. The section is 180x76mm. The mast is quite stiff and made for a main and jib of 23.5sqm+asymmetric. I will use it with 15-16sqm on a trimaran foiler I am building. From FP: ”FP Elite masts is built of a mix of T700 high resistance pre preg carbon for the strength and softness fore and aft, it is reinforced with M40J high modulus carbon for additional stiffness sideways. It is cured in autoclave with 6 bars of pressure.The tube is tapered in the top to save weight, reduce drag and improve the trimming of the main sail.” The top is 2m and the lower part is 6m. Managed to get a 60cm sleeve out of the cut away pieces around the break. My idea is to only go for the inner sleeve and a bag with a low 15psi when epoxying. Maybe adding a narrow outer sleeve of something like 1” over the joint. Instead of an inside spreader reinforcement, I added it on the outside using G/Flex, 3rd image. Talked to Wests UK branch Wessex and they agreed G/Flex 655 would be an option, but PRO-SET ADV-175/ADV-276 would be better as it could cope better with high temperatures. Still wonder if 105/206 thickened with 406 Colloidal Silica would be a better choice?
  13. LenP

    Shameful, inexcusable behavior

    Trumps comments of late may just lose him some of the gains he made in winning over Latino and African American voters.
  14. We are not a banana dictatorship. No better way to destroy our grand experiment than encouraging this sort of malevolent street justice. sorry, CH, but you earned a downvote
  15. Fakenews

    Shameful, inexcusable behavior

    I wish someone would just stand up and tell him to fuck off. I get why they can’t but the pussy footing around him needs to stop.
  16. DDW

    flattening Perfection paint

    If you do the search on rather than you will find them. Available on or It is easy enough to have the trans shipped to the USA if the vendor is unwilling to do it. (It is actually Friess, not Fries).
  17. Vaeredil

    Dinghys on very small keelboats

    I was interested in how the speed/size/sail cost math worked out, so I did the calculations with a few assumptions. Checked quite a few websites for an amount of hours that a sail would last, a few had upper limits of 4000 hours, but closer to 2000 or 3000 seemed more common. Settled on 2750 for a median. Took the white sails area (jib and main as designed) from sailboat data, and used a cost I found online for dacron per square foot ($6.5) to find the price per set of sails. Labour is a factor, but hoping that it would scale linearly and not having a way to find that costs easily, I omitted that. I compared a Flicka 20, C&C 25, Yankee 30, and Peterson 34. I used 75% of the hull speed of each boat as an average for what each of them would travel. Multiply the 2750 hr life of a sail by the speed factor to find out how many miles a set of sails would give you on each boat, and then divide the cost of the sail set for each boat by that boat's miles/sail factor, and you get the cost/mile for each boat. I have the math here on paper but I'll just post the final numbers. I then multiplied that number by 30,000 miles for a "typical" circumnavigation number found online. Boat | cost/mile | circumnavigation sail cost Flicka 20 | $0.1374 /Mile | $4122 C&C 25 | $0.1567/Mile |$4701 Yankee 30 | $0.2117/Mile |$6351 Peterson 34 | 0.2489/Mile |$7467 Feel free to check my math on this one. The circumnavigation number isn't meant to represent me circumnavigating, per say, just an arbitrary large amount of sailing miles. It's interesting in that the smallest boat, even with slower travel, is still cheaper. It makes sense, I suppose, since the average (or hull, for that matter) speed increases much more slowly than the amount of sail you fly on a larger boat. I guess it's more related to displacement than length, which someone mentioned upthread. A $3300 (theoretical) difference in price may not seem like much, but I'm pretty sure a similar relationship exists for standing rigging, running rigging, bottom paint..... It adds up.
  18. sailm8

    Christo DTS

    I saw a documentary that pointed out that it was the problem solving and engineering that was the biggest part of his "art". The actual finished installation was a bonus.
  19. Canadian Author and Yachtsman Silver Donald Cameron has died at the age of 82 in Halifax NS. Among his works were "Sniffing the Coast", "Wind, Whales and Whisky" and "Sailing Away from Winter". Fair winds Don. You will be missed.
  20. billy backstay

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Julie Annee
  21. d'ranger

    Antifa begin to show it's colors

    Ted Cruz Control. as Eva Dent.
  22. Sol Rosenberg

    Shameful, inexcusable behavior

    I'd love to be on that call. "Could you repeat that, Mr. President, you're voice did not come through very well? Perhaps the thickness of the walls in your bunker is messing up your communication."
  23. Saorsa

    Antifa begin to show it's colors

    Must be the port. The otner one is from Portugal. I don't see the chubbies with ar-15s actually rioting.
  24. Keel Joy

    Buying a crown 34?

    My primary that it has a 2 cylinder 16 HP Yanmar...does 5.5 Knots. Is this going to be a problem sailing in gulf island waters?
  25. fastyacht

    Dinghys on very small keelboats

    If you want the most speed and space for the least maintenance the only big solution is a multihull. But for some that is simply not going to happen and they have their downsides too. When you remove 40% of the displacement, it tends to make all those parts lighter and less expensive...
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