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  2. SloopJonB

    Getting Away From The Rat Race

    A friend recently told me that his group's Hunter 38 averages $19K per year. That's just the boat costs. Expensive moorage is a big chunk of that but marina hopping will cost as much as annual rate at a pricey marina. I can't see a couple living on $3K a month these days unless they are kids doing the minimalism thing.
  3. Don Jr. might last a couple of minutes if his bone spurs don't act up. Eric would fall over the ropes getting in and knock himself out. Edit: I would pay to watch a Hunter Biden-Ivanka matchup.
  4. Left Shift

    That letter .... Hey Trumpists your boy is bonkers

    Not a "ceasefire", a "pause" in place, stabilizing their gains after a successful incursion into another sovereign country. You know, kind of what college kids do to Fort Lauderdale every Spring Break.
  5. barfy


    Maybe #foilForASecond
  6. Ishmael

    Cease fire announced

    Because he's the thuggiest.
  7. Norse Horse

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    This might make you think of Disneyland instead of rain, moss and mould, they used these on their Disney lake. Rubbermaid was the builder with a 2 year production.
  8. The left hates what America has become, with good reason.
  9. Remember the time that all the Trump supporters defenders were hailing the genius of Trump deciding to meet with Lil Kim? Remember how Trump was going to negotiate a deal to get North K to denuclearize? Remember all that? Yah, we do too. That's why we aren't so excited about this apparent ceasefire.
  10. Mark K

    Kurds and Syria

    "Unsustainable" needs explaining. The Kurds have been around and in Turkey all along. WTF is it referring to there?? You found someone who would like to drive the bus that Trump just threw the Kurds under there. He's pretending the Turks fought ISIL just as much by ignoring the Kurds lost over 10,000 fighting ISIL. How many did the Turks lose?
  11. animeproblem

    Cease fire announced

    Why is the guy in the dusty fedora & cracking the bullwhip in this re-make portrayed by Putin?
  12. SloopJonB

    New SWAN 48 and sweet dreams

    They were always for the very rich. When the first S&S 38 appeared here around '74 it cost as much as a waterfront house.
  13. Zonker

    Getting Away From The Rat Race

    Or " The cat puked on the carpet again light brown". The guy who works for the paint company naming paints got fired for that name apparently. I actually painted a paint sample on our living room of a shade of yellow called " Nacho Cheese ". It was the exact colour of the stuff sold at stadiums. Wife was not impressed. Maybe put together a budget that is similar to your current lifestyle but without a car. Think things like cell phone bill, restaurants, and add boat related things like coin laundry, fuel, trips to see friends? etc etc. Then see where you are. 3k/month seems way more believable.
  14. He's saying things he knows he can get away with because of his target audience. He laughs at them every time.
  15. Boink

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    A combination of tubular booms (square, round or deep section rectangular) morphing into Batten style booms which would give smooth sail shape towards the leeches is highly probable. This is old but highly transferable........ I have mentioned this group before here.
  16. Mike G


    Does Rudy have a security clearance if he's representing the U.S. interests abroad? Doesn't he need one? I dont hear much about this, but as a personal lawyer, as he claims he is, what right does he have regarding official policy?
  17. LB 15

    Australian Sailing

    Maybe that's why they could only get 68 of their claimed 4000 members to attend the Ball. Still it was very special apparently.
  18. Looks like the boys should get the gloves on and settle this in the ring......
  19. LB 15

    Australian Sailing

    From the Sail pass on line brochure... As a first step, we have surveyed 360 clubs re the Sail Pass and 240 responded – very positively! Or in other words 120 clubs (1/3) either didn't respond or told them to put it where the sun don't shine. Communicate the Sail Pass concept and its benefits to all Clubs Except the 1/3 of clubs who told them to stick it presumably. Development of a “How to Kit” They did that to sell YATL as well I recall. How did that go for them? Creation of marketing collateral for Clubs to present it to their stakeholders. Another long lunch for some crows nest Ad agency. Develop a communications campaign The long lunch morphs into dinner. Pilot the Sail Pass with a cross section of Clubs Give it to a chosen few Develop supporting technology The Ad agency ring from the restaurant -'Get the IT guys up here and call the caterers - could be a long night' Make the Sail Pass accessible for clubs to adapt and use as appropriate Like Sandringham have...' if nonmembers ignore the Sail Pass offer, non-compliance is now a boat / skipper / crew issue and there are penalty provisions for non-compliance'.
  20. SloopJonB

    How can I tell if my bottom has been faired?

    Some people say just buy the stuff pre-made - Awl-Fair is one - but I prefer to mix my own - talc mixed into epoxy to the famed "peanut butter consistency". Some people will say no to talc because it's hygroscopic when mixed with polyester resin (that's what Bondo is) but my experience is that mixing your own with epoxy prevents it. It sands beautifully and leaves your skin feeling nice to boot. I mix a final skim coat thinner (less talc) to eliminate any pinholes. Then put on the barrier coat.
  21. phill_nz

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    " whaa you forgot the front thingie bit sail !! " ... "mama mia !! "
  22. SCANAS

    Sturgis Boat Works unreachable?

    Not yet! Post 32 set me straight. That’s why I liked his post. As I said in post 31. I assumed FE built these in the hundreds for export all over the world in consultation with the class rather than a dealer deciding to order a class boat to a different spec.
  23. Boink

    Team NYYC

    DOG challenges result from long and expensive legal challenges..... and the apetite for that shit is currently supressed (thankfully). The current AC cycle has more in common with the Lipton/Sopwith/Vanderbilt/Morgan era than you might think..... Bleeding edge technology, dick waving contests amongst a very few individuals who can afford to breathe in the rarified and expensive air that this competition exists within. It will never be mass market sport for regular consumption, and the quicker that marketeers realise that and play to its strengths the quicker we can get back to appreciating this contest for what it does represent.
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