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  2. Grrr...

    Comfort zone: air draft/bridge clearance

    I have touched bridge as well. I also watched the boat in front of me smash the large half globe mirror that the bridge master was using to see under the bridge with their mast as they shot through the draw bridge while it was closing. I will not name names of the sail maker aboard that boat.
  3. Puget Sound ballast

    Clear way to manage self-timed race starts/finishes

    The technical part of your plan seems logical. The trick will be to get people to accept that this isn't the America's Cup Race. Change your SI's so there is no protest on finishes and allow for ties. And ensure massive social mocking of anyone who takes the race too seriously.
  4. No...The prosecution considered the exculpatory evidence and dropped the case, the prosecution and the defense are now in agreement. The onus is now on Judge Sullivan to demonstrate to the Court of Appeals how he has the authority to go shopping for an alternate prosecution.
  5. Mrleft8

    We're out of the WHO

    Smart... Very smart...
  6. AJ Oliver

    “I can’t breathe” Part 2

    Unless you are a cop . .
  7. One thing I have figured out is that if everyone who posted here actually went out and sailed a Laser the sport would be a lot better off.
  8. Max Rockatansky

    Comfort zone: air draft/bridge clearance

    What is your contemplated sailing ground? Choose your boat with that in mind. I figure as long as I don’t hit, I’m good, but I wouldn’t be wanting to have to worry about a tide every time I wanted to take the boat out
  9. AJ Oliver

    We're out of the WHO

    Biden and the Dems need to jump on this . . Our "l'état, c'est moi" Lidder thinks he can take the "global" out of "global pandemic". This is where extremist nationalism takes you. Reason number (n = 1) why Reich is an appropriate label for that Elk
  10. jack_sparrow

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Bump...come on you pricks get your thinking caps on
  11. Stingray~

    Team NYYC

    I’m guessing the boat will be stowed in such a way as to have those foil arms well-supported. Saw on (think it was) Instagram where an AM guy answered the ‘Why?’ with something like ‘So they can get out on the water ASAP after landing in Auckland.’
  12. El Boracho

    Comfort zone: air draft/bridge clearance

    I know my height exactly. I measured it with a tape. Two heights, actually. The unforgiving TriColor and the floppy VHF antenna. Kinda cool when the antenna goes bing-bing on the bridge steel. One needs to give some margin depending on all the variables at the time. Is it a river or possibly unreliably predictable tidal basin? Age of charts? Was the bridge replaced since the chart was published 20 years ago? Powerboat wake at an inopportune moment? Etc. etc. With a known bridge and tides a miss is as good as a mile.
  13. Grande Mastere Dreade

    Rocket Launch!

  14. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    US ranked #1 to best deal with a disease outbreak

    Yeah, the UK, doing good fuck, there are islands at all 3 corners.
  15. bgytr


    ya at 3+ times the cost. will they last 3 times as long? jury's still out on that one, plus the 3 times sunk cost over a decade seems like a likely loser financially, and as long as you check the old flooded style and replace when needed, at the very least you are gonna come out even.
  16. Alaris

    Comfort zone: air draft/bridge clearance

    I’ve pulled sailboats that have touched bridge out from under it with my powerboat. I don’t recommend it either.
  17. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    Flynn exonerated, apologies from the left?

    we know it’s ok because years of conservative justices have ruleD it so. Much like “exculpatory” evidence. If you want to change that for all, let’s go. Otherwise, fuck off.
  18. Nice graphic - looks like you want to be an island! That site does have some interesting graphics.
  19. Yeah, we know, prosecutors lying in court is acceptable when the target is part of an incoming (R) admin.
  20. bgytr


    Ya I ordered a new guest switch, just a bit ago, make before break with alternator field disconnect as well. \ Chasing down electrical gremlins: my batteries were not charging on the boat, brought em home to put on the charger in my basement and will check em with the battery hydrometer. They're 3 year old batteries, which seems kinda young to fail. I got the boat last summer, last season the batteries seemed fine. Kept em in my basement all winter, alternating the trickle charger on all 3. Had some instrument work done shortly after putting the batteries back on the boat in March. Boat is hauled out, the boat's electrical has been plugged in with the battery charger on, batteries not getting charged back up. I'm thinking either the batteries are toast, the boat battery charger is toast, or the instrument dudes fucked something up. 1st step is checking the batteries at home.
  21. Parma


    Floodeds are crap. I have 3 Northstar NSB_AGM 24Ms. 2 house, 1 starter. They are the best you can get
  22. maxstaylock

    what was it?

  23. Olsonist

    Flynn exonerated, apologies from the left?

    Yawn. Done and done.
  24. smackdaddy

    SailGP 2020

    I thought I'd already posted this - but looks like it's gone. I'll try again... A great part of the discussion where BA is asked to evaluate the F50... Straight from the best sailor on the planet who knows exactly what he's talking about. So I guess that debate is over.
  25. Bristol-Cruiser

    US ranked #1 to best deal with a disease outbreak

    An interesting graph. For many of our right wing colleagues, if you don't understand it we can provide help.
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