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  2. A daredevil and “flat earther” was killed Saturday while trying to launch himself 5,000 into the air on steam-powered, homemade rocket in the California desert. The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department confirmed that a man had died in Barstow after a “rocket crashed in the open desert during a rocket launch event” but but did not identify the victim. But the Science Channel, which was filming the launch for its new series Homemade Astronauts confirmed that well-known amateur rocket-maker “Mad” Mike Hughes had been killed. Our thoughts & prayers go out to his family & friends during this difficult time. It was always his dream to do this launch & Science Channel was there to chronicle his journey,” the channel said in a tweet. Video of the launch posted online showed the flight going awry from the start, with parachutes meant to carry Hughes safely back to the ground ripping away right after blast-off. The limo driver had been vowing since 2017 to ride his rocket into the air, in part to get high enough to confirm his totally incorrect belief that the earth is flat..
  3. hasher

    Russia Helping Bernie?

    Like the debt? Like incredibly ridiculous medical costs? Like income stratification not seen since 1920s? Oh boy, let's see a real populist who's policies favor people. How is your take on that?
  4. When and where can that happen? Who is going to pay for these boats? So we are going to have seven or even 10 licensed builders. The ICLA have been proven by LP to be unable to control the process of manufacture allowing some dodgy Lasers to be classed. What chance will they have to control a multiplicity of builders without loading the cost with measurement checks. Inevitably one or two builders will be favoured for producing fast boats. Surely the best way to develop and sustain s true one design class equal and fair is to have one builder. I can't see RS licensing out the Aero to other builders, why would they? Obviously a single builder has control of price and market, even by restricting supply. But they are in competition with other one designs and so have to be careful. The elephant in the room is the five ring circus which forces sailors into one class and guarantees the builder a captive audience. A solution should be possible. Rather than massive payouts to lawyers surely some form of agreement can be made to allow both transparency and fair profit between the class and a single manufacturer. I can't see the solution engineered by the ICLA will ensure the one design equality that the class need to create a platform for sailors to race fairly. Equally with all the hoops the various manufacturers have to go through plus ongoing buold and measurement monitoring and control the price will be higher than a solo builder. Though I predict in three or four years there will be dumping of cheaper and poor quality boats as the various builders realise that the five ring circus is not a guaranteed pot of gold. Was this all really necessary?
  5. Shortforbob

    Russia Helping Bernie?

    was it a secret?
  6. JL92S

    Is this the Figaro III?

    Jeez that F3 is hauling. I’d add that’s a very cold and dense 30-40kts of breeze in western France. I’ll add that the UK and France are currently getting battered by storms, and just about the most French thing someone can do is take their Figaro for a sail!
  7. trt131

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Priscilla, you are right its just a game the world moves on. Some of the comments on this forum make me laugh when they say look how good we (NZ) are and we have only a small population. Using that theory the Jafas should win all the sporting contests in NZ as you have the biggest population. Clarkey when a NZ team wins you gain nothing out of it as you wern't playing. The win does not make you any better, the win doesn't enhance your reputation, you are only a spectator, learn to live with the losses and cheer the wins but it is not life or death.
  8. JL92S

    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    That’s a little unfair to the boats that are good but rate well! Infinity in the middle sea race finished last under irc and was beaten on the water by several hours by J109s, a now 16 year old design and the same length but a ton heavier. The Sunfast 3600 is a fantastic boat to sail and it’s likely that with the exception of breezy reaching or downwind a Pogo 36 is unlikely to gain much over a SF3600 and upwind the pogo wouldn’t see where the SF went. I can pretty much back up this because in the Fastnet on a 3600 we held off a 12.50 for over a day with them only starting 10 minutes behind us and they only caught us on a blast reach, a few hours later upwind we overtook them once again to round the rock ahead of them. On the 20-25kt reach from the rock they took 3 hours out of us which was to be expected, I’d also add they had a crew and we were 2 handed. Having said all of this I still love the Pogo’s and I consider myself as part of the niche that they appeal to, very light, nicely built boats for fast cruising. They’re not racing boats but if you try to race one you just have to accept that you’re likely to get a very poor result and be beaten on the water by older boats of a similar size but much heavier with smaller sails. Unless it’s a 25kt downwind leg of course.
  9. jocal505

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    So is MLK a person. So is Dred Scott a person. So is Rev. Mosteller a person. So is Frederick Douglass a person. For Adam Winkler, the same. If you want to drop their names, frequently, then do them honor. To use fine people as wayward toolz only brings dishonor to yourself, IMHO.
  10. Hugh Janus

    Bernie for Candidate?

    this race is far from over....but bernie did well with minorities, which is huge.....biden was supposed to be strong with minorites, and bernie rolled him.... the sleeper is how mike does on super tuesday, and whether pete can finish strong that day... amy is finished, and warren is close to done the tennessee debate is going to be another shitshow of dems attacking each other in a shouting match....going to be very ugly to watch, and trump will be grinning ear to ear watching it
  11. cmilliken

    Russia Helping Bernie?

    I know it wasn't addressed to be but .. To me, the difference is degree, scope, and justification. --------------------------- A hawk wants a drone strike. A neocon want a drone campaign. A hawk wants a strong military. A neocon wants a strong military AND police force. A hawk want a 'strong homeland'. A neocon wants a 'strong homeland so that they can shape the world into a better place'. One is more reactive and fearful. The other is more proactive and determined. One is a vegetarian, the other is a vegan. One is more conservative, the other is more authoritarian. As Mark said, there's a 'self-righteous ideology' built into the neocon argument that's absent from a hawk. -- I can agree to disagree with a hawk. I understand their fears. I have a much harder time finding common ground with a neocon. Fundamentally, I find the 'force for good' and 'force for evil' argument too subjective. I'd rather minimize force. To your specific question - the hawk will sell more weapons to Germany or Poland and try and arm other allies around Crimea to contain expansion. They MIGHT have even considered selling weapons to Ukraine before the little green men landed. The Neocons will do all of the above AND foment unrest by starting up protest groups AND supplying weapons and arms to counter insurgencies AND and and and ...Hawks and Neocons have a lot in common until they dont.
  12. I think the saying goes " a fish stinks from the head down" I think for years ( both parties ) have throwing money at the Military complex, More bigger very expensive Ships , planes and the like, with not accountably of what we're getting for our buck, we spent more then the next 13 nations combined and 10 times more then russia, and 4 times more then china , yet we haven't won a war since WWII? 2020 edition of "The Military Balance" from the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) Rank Country Spending (US$ bn) 1 United States of America 684.6 2 China 181.1 3 Saudi Arabia 78.4 4 Russia 61.6 5 India 60.5 6 United Kingdom 54.8 7 France 52.3 8 Japan 48.6 9 Germany 48.5 10 South Korea 39.8 11 Brazil 27.5 12 Italy 27.1 13 Australia 25.5 14 Israel 22.6 15 Iraq 20.5
  13. Fundamental Christianity arose in the 1920s. It has a relationship to the study of life as a vulture does to a carcass.
  14. Fiji Bitter

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    Sorry KC375, I've been a kind of busy this week with a refit and some family matters, and since you are an eloquent poster in the Brexit thread, I feel I owe you a decent answer. When I said "plenty were tested to failure", I really meant, a bit tongue in cheek, just all keel failures. I thought I made that clear when I joked about the float test. Nevertheless, your question remains a valid one, but my experience is limited to nonscientific "field tests", some quite spectacular, but personaly I never concluded one with a float test, and the only collected "data" was in the form of damaged keels, keel structures, bolts, or crew. One example of a proper keel test is this one by SP/Gurit. Don't remember where I came across it, may have been in the Hugo Boss thread. And it may well be that they have done something similar with the new one, but they are not telling us yet, naturally. There must be plenty more, but most of it will be held privately, I suppose. Anyone knows of similar tests? As for your last question, I don't think you can expect any of those modern high performance keels to last a couple of decades, not without overbuilding them and/or proper inspection. And proper inspection of any of those keels, periodically or after an adverse event, is a subject I would like to hear more about myself.
  15. he's not spending enough......and not with the right people in the right places
  16. floating dutchman

    Can't cure Stupid .................

    Ah, I was going to ask, was he trying to prove that vaccination would not save his life or that the earth was flat. Thanks for summing that up for me.
  17. onepointfivethumbs

    RS500 Single-hand?

    There was a Vago for sale within spitting distance of my house (on the other side of the bridge from you) a couple months ago, can't seem to find the craigslist ad now so might have sold. What are you trying to do? Laser and Aero are one-design, singlehanded hiking dinghies, Vago you can singlehand with 1-3 sails, RS500 might be "singlehandable" but looks like it was designed for two with one on the wire. What do you weigh, and what do you reckon your fitness and skill level is? RS700 is the singlehander you can trap off of, RS100 is a singlehander with a kite (and there are some more options in that vein:VX Evo, Devoti One, CL Stealth, MX Ray) and trapeze singlehanders (Contender, Musto Skiff). If you like having weird sliding-seat-things you could get an IC, or you can get a boat that people tend to doublehand and try to sail it by yourself (some successes with Laser II's, V15's, 5o5's, RS Fevas, 29ers), someone will come in and suggest a boat that's only sailed on specific inland lakes in the UK, there are some out-of-production craigslist beauties, and there's always the dark side...
  18. Today
  19. Mais78

    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    Ideally I would have it for summer 2021 but I think you need to have been waiting for a year or two before you get offered an earlier slot. When I booked, it was a end 2022 delivery but told them I was not willing to lose also summer 2022 so they soft committed for Easter 2022. They do have cancellations, or people trading up or down to 12.5 or 30, so have some flexibility. Congrats on your 36! Care to share your configuration?
  20. George Hackett

    81 year old new oldest solo nonstop RTW sailor

    He should be knighted.
  21. El Boracho

    Can't cure Stupid .................

    Can cure stupid. Mad Mike, a flat-earther, became a splat-earther.
  22. atyourcervix

    Russia Helping Bernie?

    Dont be a dipshit and answer my question. The post article claimed that both trump and sanders were informed of russian tampering. WHO informed them and worse....WHO leaked to the press that they were informed?
  23. shanghaisailor

    How about a The Ocean Race thread?

    Must be quiet on the island today Fiji. Talking shite like you so often do considering there have only been 13 There are those that do, those that observe and praise, then those who try and look good by bringing others down. 1st two are worthwhile, the 3rd is only worth laughing at, and eventually sits in the corner of the bar being listened to by no-one. Bitter right enough!!! It's so sad!
  24. Priscilla

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Try being a Jaffa where winning is not everything it’s the participating that counts. Crikey we had a win over the weekend so there is must be hope for S&S after all.
  25. kenergy

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    If you're not pushing the boundaries you're not an openside flanker. And it's only the sheep shagging, one eyed, inbred, flat lander cantabrians who give a fuck when they lose a game.
  26. Bill E Goat

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Richie McCaw geometry lesson - 45 degrees = 0 degrees and cost the Crusaders the Super 15 title The turning point in the game was a penalty at the 79th minute by the famous New Zealand flanker, Richie McCaw 45 meters out. Bernard Foley’s penalty 45m out right in front of the post gave the Waratahs’ a lead 33-32. Maintaining possession till the siren sounded and the ball is placed out of bounds.
  27. kenergy

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    "An obviously accidental knee" To quote a famous advert ... "Aussies, no surprises there"
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