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  2. astro

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    The NRA is fucked. Gun sales can go up but membership will be going down. I hope they stop paying you soon.
  3. Revolution.....take your pick from these "stick into Nixon" hits from 1969 and both played at Woodstock that year. Thunderclap Newman's - Something in the Air, ** which cried "Hand out the arms and ammo … because the revolution's here," or Jefferson Airplane whooping, "Got a revolution, got to revolution" on their hit Volunteers. ** Used in countless commercials and over 20 artists have done cover versions and still being recorded today.
  4. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    Antifa begin to show it's colors

    Portland riots show the same MO happening with current violent riots in the US.Did they riot because they didn't accept the election result in a democracy?,_Oregon_riots Why did Antifa bash this gay Asian reporter listening to their propaganda they should be supporting him. Lots of other evidence out there try looking for it Boomer. I would never support anything without investigating what they're about. Is the son of this guy in Antifa?
  5. LeoV

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    And another Brilliant mind on which the UK government relies on; Shanker Singham, so much bullshit in 3 sentences... Agricultire EU, control pesticides, no growth hormones in beef, and no gen mod crops. And are Spain, Netherlands and even Ukraine in the agri sector not competitive or innovative on a world scale ? UK has to accept that from the US otherwise it is mean; This guy is really living in the early 1900's. If WTO in his thoughts can not introduce standards in its TA, it is his mind is outdated and fucked. But the UK government likes him, and the US government.
  6. alphafb552

    Random PicThread

    He's getting good at that
  7. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    When seconds count the police are...… too busy help yourself. Gun sales are going up I reckon NRA memberships will increase.
  8. LeoV

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    From an actual professor in the UK, a brexity type; Professor of International Economic Law at City, University of London and Brexit Central Author; Yep lets get a deal on UK terms or start a trade war, and stop recognizing the Euro as a valid currency. Really, that is a professor ? And all it says aside from a lot of BS is that the UK must be afraid of the Euro/EU after an exit, and he forgets to mention the reason why the Pound dropped so much.
  9. Well 3% of population can't wear pointy hats and string people up anymore with no consequences....... actually I might put that one on hold

    it'sa pizza anarchy

    Take cookie sheet, turn upside-down, and you get a fairly thin, peel-substitute. I want a peel too.
  11. 7111

    505 Covid Project

    Amazing work ! Out of curiosity: what is the weight of the stripped down hull ?
  12. Gissie

    Battle for Hong Kong

    FIFY. Makes more sense now.
  13. dachopper

    First Effective Treatment Imminent

    ... Mesoblast has a theropy as mentioned by the POTUS camp, and in my post? ...Second I could not care less what the share price does between now and when the results are revealled that will either show it works or not. For your info - the share price is up since I started this thread..... that is not a " pump and dump" my friend. your posts arguments are also amusing Jack
  14. PJB

    Team NYYC

    Great work team. 6 reasoned responses adding to the discussion Thanks Any bets on how many We can get before normal service returns . Does seem odd to me having got sailing so early that AM have had such an extended time off the actual water. Simulator or no simulator.
  15. jack_sparrow

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    1. ^^^^^ "Gaslighting" on the eve of EU negotiation round this week starting today. "UK want a Deal," No Deal is bad," "we have always wanted a Deal" BUT "if we end up with No Deal" it is the EU's fault because the EU won't "change its stance." 2. ^^^^^ Why would Tory associated YouGov do a poll like this? It sends the Economy to the "top floor" and Brexit to the "basement" on issues thatost concern the British people? The only possible explanation is to weaponise the virus so that the Tory/Brexit inclined conclude the only solution to getting Brexit out of the basement is for the economy to perform. The only way to do that is to accept the pain associated with lifting lockdown early. 3. ^^^^^^ Mirrors using two articles Goves "gaslight" above. That is "UK need/want a deal" OR if it doesn't occur "it is the EU's fault" NOT the Government's. 4. ^^^^^ Are they really worried about No Deal? Bloody hard to tell. The only way I think is to look at No Deal preperations under way outlined in extracts from last Wednesday's Committee hearing attended by Gove and Frost. See below. 5. ^^^^^ Conspiracy theory? "Long winding" unfortunately yes as hard to do in short form and not "conspiracy" as "Gaslighting/Framing" is a recognised political campaigning tool. In fact @mad "dead cat" is a term attributed to Lynton Crosby the Tories long term political strategist, (who screwed up May's 2017 campaign but came back with his 2019 election input) where his operatives are back inside Downing Street today. 6. Yep. 7. No two letter option, two messages for one gaslight. See 3. above. "4. ^^^^^ Are they really worried about No Deal? " Look at No Deal preperations under way outlined in following extracts from last Wednesday's "Future Relationship with the European Union Committee" - Hearing - 27 May attended by Gove and Frost. 13.07.35 - 13.22.56: Gove denies there are business concerns over Brexit when there is. 13.48.20 - 13.52.30: Admit additional Border Control requirements are unknown yet say they have had business input into those needs?? How can that be?? A tariff schedule was only released two weeks ago?? Any business input is scant and only that involving a Deal. 13.54.50 - 13.58.15: Frost says they still prefer and hope for a Zero Tariff Schedule but in the same breath as good as admits it is a "negotiaton ploy" to attack the EUs' LPF demands. In other words outcome is UK accept LPF OR accept No Deal. 14.34.20 - 14.37.00: Business involvement is a bare faced lie as confirmed by questioning MP. 14.37.00 - 14.40.10: They confirm there is no 'implementation period". They admit No Deal is a 31 December cliff. 13.58.15 - 14.02.00: They admit to having no idea what the economic impact of a No Deal Brexit is. In short from their own mouths there are no preperations in place for a No Deal. Therefore they are either ignorant to its impact OR are deathly afraid of it BECAUSE the voting public are deathly afraid of it for economic reasons. Draw your own conclusions, however to me it looks like they are hanging their hat on; a) An 11th hour miracle Deal like last October but this time requiring a lot of generosity from the EU. OR b) Brexit Transition Period extended in December with the agreement of both parties requiring an amendment to the Withdrawal Agreement for 31 June extension cutoff. That could be very troublesome for all 27 EU states to agree upon. Buckle up for a lot of Gambling and Gaslighting coming up.
  16. LenP

    Antifa begin to show it's colors

    You can't really believe that, right? There were plenty of folks on the right that jumped when Trump said Liberate and spent days protesting that they could not get a haircut. Do you believe that perpetuating this type of nonsensical stereotype helps anything at all? In my county the liberals have a higher level of education, a lower rate of unemployment, lower rates of incarceration, and higher incomes. That is not an reflection of the value of the lives of the conservatives here, it is a reflection of their history, just like the poor folks in cities you demean. History does not need to be the future. The question for us as a nation is whether we are willing to set aside our hatred for each other, and instead turn our focus to helping one another and building each other up.
  17. Today
  18. Snaggletooth

    SA Swag

    the ecquinoxe is coupelle weekes awaye, itelle be rite by then............
  19. JonRowe

    Team NYYC

    Probably a combination several reasons: The COVID situation in America. Hurricane season on its way in Pensacola. All the Kiwi's in the team are in NZ, this includes the currently designated helm. They have a two boat simulator for racing practise The Mule is for sale and TH makes it sound like it is no longer userful compare to B1 / the simulators. The boat/base was packed up for an earlier ship and missed it. (TH said this in a recent interview).
  20. mikewof

    Battle for Hong Kong

    You minimize that to your peril. Chinese prisons and organ-harvesting vans are full of Chinese who even very simple ways, like a single line of poetry. 2 million HKers is not breaking the law, 2 million IS the law. He's not worse than Reagan or Shrub, also not worse than Truman, also not Harding. He's worse than the others though. I'll vote in November, unless the polling places are shut down so that Boomers can yet to live forever.
  21. Uber Nangs

    Design Project - Seeking Input

    Any decent one has take up systems for every thing expect jib and main sheets
  22. breezie

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    pssst they filming avatar location stuff in there
  23. Merrill Levi

    Random PicThread

    Thanks Snag's - Hobot confounded google image search with this one - thinks the island is an aircraft carrier !
  24. astro

    On This Season of Riots

    Just saw the news, the Orange fuckwit said that the riots were "a crime against God" How fucked up is that.
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