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  2. shanghaisailor

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    I doubt if many of the sailors would agree - try asking them!!! You ever been in seas like some they met? Besides, have you ever heard the expression "he who pays the piper calls the tune"? Like I just said above - these are commercial enterprises. Why not you brass up then you can decide the route. I love to stir the pot :-) SS
  3. B.J. Porter

    The blight of generators

    Not the one I had for a while when my old generator was failing. That thing was loud AF. At least compared to the inboard genset with the in-water exhaust muffler. We've almost left it running once or twice it's so quiet above decks.
  4. PIL66 - XL2

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    But I really mean it this time The boat is totally capable but it's too stressful for me so won't happen
  5. shanghaisailor

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Oh dear - out of the mouths of babes ;-) Actually what I said was a perfect example. Abu Dhabi was a commercial sponsor not only of the team but also of the race and a condition of DFRT entry was a home stopover which they also sponsored in the last race. To the best of my knowledge DFRT was the only fully funded team in the last race. In case you are unaware the VOR, and now the TOR are commercial events as is, ultimately, SailGP once Larry stops underwriting it. In addition to DFRT also take a look at the other team sponsors. Vestas: has production capacity in China (Shandong Province) and China is the leading generator of electricity using wind power; AkzoNobel with their Dulux brand naturally wants to maintain or increase their share of the housing market in China; Mapfre has just signed an MOU with China regarding investments linked to the Road & Belt initiative (if you doubt the size of that opportunity, Google it ) and so on. Sponsors don't DO the Volvo for fun, they do it for ROI. So bearing in mind the fact that the whole VOR/TOR is a commercial enterprise, having a market that is attractive to sponsors is hardly a "disaster" and it is still a love to do/must do for the serious pros. If any of these events depended on sailors interest rather than the general (buying) public they would be dead in the water before they started. They have to at least try to go where sponsors want to go. Ignore the money and they might as well pack up their tents. Just sayin' SS
  6. B.J. Porter

    Anchor Advice Needed

    That's like the rock slot on the Manson Supreme. If you know there is snaggy shit on the bottom you can use it and maybe get unsnagged if you catch something. Otherwise use the little hole.
  7. Left Shift

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Eager beaver retriever.
  8. B.J. Porter

    We've done it, we sailed Taleisin across an ocean

    I'm not sure which of our bitter right-wing spleen chewers this twat is, and I really don't care. A few of them enjoyed pointing to my inexperience and how I had no idea what I was doing. They can get fucked; I've been cruising and living aboard for seven years now and I've sailed from New England to Australia, so I don't really need to listen to their shit any more. While I know I will always have more to learn, I also know that I know more now about living aboard and cruising than any of the angry know-it-alls that rarely leave the WLIS except to race OPBs. Trogs here is a bigger idiot than most, and I have no idea of his sailing creds. They don't matter, as he will never have anything of use to add to any discussion.
  9. pusslicker

    Foil Arms

    Please stick to regulation yellow for any lines drawn on a screenshot here.
  10. pusslicker

    Foil Arms

    What did I make up?
  11. Bruce Hudson

    ISAF Antitrust Regulation?

    Indeed. (Actually, there are revelations to come in the legal saga - at least to you and others here). Same reasons as Texans I expect. Plus rugby. (This NZder gave up rugby at an early age and took up sailing which he loves. Never seen the All Blacks play live. Does that mean I have to give up my citizenship?)
  12. Indio

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Totally agree - the last VOR looked like a P&O cruise backwards and forwards between ports.
  13. Sol Rosenberg

    Don't Waste Your Time Trying to Convince Trump Supporters

    Hold onto your seat for a second because this is going to blow you away. ready? The top dems ain't poor because the divide in this country, as I said, isn't between right and left. It's between the very top and all the rest. Using Medicare for all as a scare tactic belies the fact that Medicare for seniors is accepted, yet all it does is to remove a liability from the books of... wait for it. Are you ready? Sitting down? From the books of the Best Americans. They can't make money selling insurance to old farts. They get to socialize their costs, while maximizing their profits by limiting access to health care for everyone else. I gave you a centrist democRAT.
  14. Ncik

    Foil Arms

    Have you been hiding under a rock? This is far more modern...ignoring all connotations of "modern" that relate to being "better"... For those that fear the AC75s are a death trap, I present exhibit A. Edit...It looks like the previous post had the original design of this thing.
  15. B.J. Porter

    We've done it, we sailed Taleisin across an ocean

    Don't let this place scare you off. You do you, with your own choices. Others have different ideas, and those neither invalidate or validate yours, any more than yours do for us. You are right that "Richer" may have been a prickly word choice, as it includes an implicit value judgement you probably weren't intending to make about those of us who approach things in different fashion than you. I would contend that my experience has also been quite rich, if different than yours. I come from an IT/Software development background too. I've installed (and fixed...and re-installed in some cases) all our electronics, and even rolled my own LiFePO4 bank a couple of years back. My reaction to technology is quite different than yours; I view it as a means to take me away from what I view as unpleasant parts of the lifestyle (e.g schlepping water jugs and living off canned food) rather than any sort of burden. Horses for courses. Anyway, I certainly didn't intend to give offense. There are by and large good people here (except Troglydarium, he's an epic twat) and your stories would be generally appreciated. And the offer still stands, if you see us on the water come say hi, and I will do the same. I'm always happy to meet fellow cruisers.
  16. Left Shift

    why 3 telltales behind each other?

    Before Arvel Gentry, the hot sailors of the day tied yard to their shrouds and used those as their telltales. They referred to them as "the fly". LIS sailing advice back then was "Keep your eye on the fly." Really.
  17. Ain’t got one that I know of. No one wants to stick their head up. See previous post also
  18. No there isn’t as big of a divide as you think, Top Dems ain’t poor. What has happened is the Dems and Reps have lost track of the people. Forgiving everyone’s college debt is stupid. Forcing a health care plan like Medicare for all while keeping the Fed plan for Congress is BS. Once again, what we need is a centrist Dem, or Donnie to get such a low approval rating he decides not to run (not likely but we can hope
  19. Back in the old days before rigid vangs: lash a small ferrule to the bachstay about a third of the span down from the top. Run a piece of shock cord from deck up thru ferrule then attach to topping lift. Tension cord at deck. This will keep the lift clear of and to weather of the leach at all times. Only downside is shock cord doesn't last very long in sunlight.
  20. Steam Flyer

    Craigslist Finds

    Yep, a Comet. Fun boat if in good sailing condition. That one is a bit too much of a project, even for free. Make a nice garden planter though. FB- Doug
  21. Sol Rosenberg

    Don't Waste Your Time Trying to Convince Trump Supporters

    You told us you voted for Trump in 2016. Tim Ryan. Who is the middle of the road Republican?
  22. Left Shift

    What's your preferred wind app for iPhone?

    Throw you're phone directly up wind. If it comes back and hits you in the legs, it;s blowing about 60. If it comes back and hits you in the face, its blowing over 70. If it doesn't come back, you're probably better off. As long as you have paper charts on board.
  23. Can’t you f’n read. I specifically did not discuss the 2016 choice. What I was looking for was someone who is not a buffoon to give a straight answer on a middle of the road Dem.
  24. Left Shift

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    No, that would be the Johnsons, who made theatrical films of their visits to ports around the world. Back in the 50's Or Gardner McKay, who had his TV show, Adventures in Paradise. Also in the 50s early 60's
  25. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    Don't Waste Your Time Trying to Convince Trump Supporters

    Those people in "the middle" are really open to new ideas and change their opinions with new information.
  26. CruiserJim

    We've done it, we sailed Taleisin across an ocean

    Some of the ones I recall from my friends’ boat, in addition to your list: we counted engine/gen set raw water as they have impellers that need replacing their fresh water system had a built in back up pump Galley sink sump pump (sink bottom was at waterline) Two electric heads, two pumps 2 holding tank discharge pumps AP is hydraulic drive, that’s a pump isn’t it? separate aft bilge with pump. I think there were two AC raw water pumps. Also may a raw water anchor wash down pump I’m sure I’m forgetting a few.
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