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  2. Bill Gibbs

    N2E changes

    2.5 hours... there is a NOSA bus, and public buses, cheaper than a Taxi. Also a hotel van for small groups and uber.
  3. Happy

    Drip Drip Drip

    Great photo. Germany and France are checking him out like a dangerous gangster, Donnie is showing his expensive dentistry in a submissive shit-eating grin, Melania seems to be checking out his package. It's good to be the Tsar.....
  4. B.J. Porter

    Hearing aids

    This is a thing a LOT of people don't get. Hearing aids aren't like glasses. When you see, for the most part something is in focus, or it isn't. When you wear a proper corrective lens, you can see pretty much fully, though of course variations exist like the need for bifocals, etc. But you aren't half-blind, sometimes, when you are wearing the right lenses. And since your brain only processes and focuses on a tiny slice of what your eyes take in at any moment, the variety and vaguary of the data is a lot lower. And you can point your eyes precisely at what you want to look at. The quality of your hearing is much, much more fuzzy. Your brain does a lot of background processing and filtering on noise. And differentiating and discriminating the sounds you want to hear vs. those you actually hear is quite difficult for an electronic gizmo to sort. I like to joke that I always "sit like a gunfighter" because in restaurants I always take the seat with my back to the wall, and will request a table against the wall instead of the middle of the wall if possible. Why? Because with my back to the wall I get a HUGE reduction in spurious noises being picked up by the back facing microphones on my aids. 99% of the time you don't care what is being said behind you, after all. You really want to head things coming at you from behind (trucks, bicycles on the sidewalk, etc.) but conversation is mostly in front of you. So in a crowded restaurant, you want to do everything you can to cut out noises from behind you. One of my aids - the backup pair - has a button I can push which lowers the sensitivity of the back microphones for loud situations. It works reasonably well. The primayr pair is a little smarter, but in either case...sit against a wall. If if you have a large table full of women on their second round of wine in front of you, you're pretty screwed anyway. There's always that one lady with the laugh that pierces through and drowns out the person in front of you. And the increased noise volume from loud, drunk people trying to talk over loud background music...brutal. Some restaurants you just can't go to if you aren't by yourself. I've also had to pretty much cut background music out of my life if people are around and you are expected to interact with them. If you are playing tunes in the background on a social occasion it completely fucks with my ability to conduct a conversation. To much audio confusion. Your brain also filters out a lot of bullshit sounds it doesn't need, and you don't notice this because of how your brain works. Your aids can not do this. When I first got them, I heard this weird zipping noise when I was walking. WTF? Turns out it was my jeans rubbing together when I walked. I hadn't heard that sound in years, so when the aids magnified it my brain treated it as new and important. Now it no longer is and it's blocked out as background, I just don't hear it the way everyone else doesn't any more. I also distinctly remember listening music for them for the first time with the aids (I Was Wrong by Social Distortion) and realizing there was a harmony line I wasn't even aware existed. My loss is primarily mid-range - women and children's voices are the hardest to hear - and there's a woman singing harmony in that song that I had never noticed. Anyway, it's not as simple as getting glasses or Lasik surgery. You get a vast improvement in your hearing, but it absolutely is not a correction. People still need to speak up and face you if they don't feel like being asked to repeat themselves all the time.
  5. phillysailor

    Since we know the Russians are here

    Talking to yourself again? Have no fear. You’re plenty shifty
  6. RV64

    new trimaran under 20

    hello Patzefran and every one 2 square is on a boy in the golfe du morbihan and i have been out 4 times for the last 2 weeks. today was best with 16 kn up to 23. my wife and I did a coville planté ; she got a bit scared but all was fine: 2 square put itself up again on its own . still no video or photo but soon I will get an droite phone with sailfreegps apps so I will be able to report on speed and other things. help to improve? and well done french do it better (by the way i am not so sure that 's true, being an ex OZ boy) hope to see you soon around Arradon for a ride ...
  7. KC375

    Brexit, WTF

    Leo would keep it going
  8. Trump is apparently glum and looking to cash in on his presidency with tell all book after he gets the boot. No word if crayons will be included for his readers.
  9. Tornado-Cat

    Team UK

    Yes, some must already be afraid of "I told ya"
  10. I was thinking of the cranking required for the gears. BTW there still is part of a B-17 autopilot for sale ...
  11. Mark K

    Reparations for Slavery

    Getting lost in semantics there. The sort of slavery being discussed is the kind where one person has a legal, Constitutional right (see Supreme Court/Dred Scott) of absolute authority by ownership of another person. This peculiar institution accepts that in order to maintain that control the powers of the master over the slave must be absolute. This included not only the person but that person's children. IOW, if you were my slave in order to maintain my control over you I have the right to beat, torture, even ass rape you with a red hot iron, and I could do the same to your kids. Or perhaps sell the lot of you to separate owners. You will never see your kids again. No buyers? I can kill the lot of you, tis the land of the free and the home of the brave and a man can do with his personal property whatever he wishes. To lump substance addiction into this category is downright silly.
  12. Parma

    3DI (Raw) and roller furler storage longevity

    wait a someone suggesting that removing and then flaking a 3di headsail puts enough tension on the leech such that the sail will deform?
  13. BobBill

    Craigslist Finds

    Lost me..."suicide...wishbone...on that boat? Muttly says,
  14. oldgoatroper

    Jason Momoa has shaved off his beard

    Ha!... and then there is the opposite... This guy I worked with met and married his wife - all the while sporting a full, thick beard. Twelve years on, early one Sunday morning, he got up and shaved it all off, then crawled back into bed behind her and rubbed his chin over her shoulder. After the blood-curdling scream, he said it only took her a few seconds to whip around and eject him out of bed with her flailing feet. He also said, though, that she took it in good stride once she was over the initial shock...
  15. 1sailor

    Il Mostro no longer on the Great Lakes??

    indeed that’ll be fun to watch. hopefully more 52’s migrate here to the point we could have a 52 box rule class would be amazing! the KP boat you speak of — is this the Mockingbird (ex: heartbreaker) boat? and what became of Imedi which is not on your list?
  16. Robsi524

    Team UK

    Video won’t embed but can watch on Facebook, about 48minutes in talking about the AC, the capsize video and how both teams with surrogates are capsizing regularly
  17. Hitchhiker

    N2E changes

    So, what is the drive time by taxi or similar from Hotel Coral to the border? Asking for a friend..........
  18. modern boards for beginners are huge - wide and floaty.., you almost can't fall off unless there are waves or chop. it makes learning much easier than it was back in the day...
  19. Parma


    buy it an re-name it "Fake News"
  20. jzk

    Reparations for Slavery

    Yeah, you are making shit up. You made up the shit about how I emancipated anyone. The country as a whole sacrificed greatly to free the slaves. But it wasn't me. That being said, there is nothing that I support more than human flourishing. Remove the governmental barriers that lock people into poverty and despair. People are quite capable and it is insulting to them that you think they can't flourish without your handouts.
  21. Out West

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    What's the going rate for stainless steel by the pound? Schooner, 50 ft - $10000 50 foot stainless steel schooner, available to first buyer. Designed by Wong associates in San Diego. I have the original plans. The boat is in as is condition, very rough but because its stainless steel there are no signs of rust. We do not have rigging, masts or sails, it was originally designed to be a Chinese lug rig as a schooner. There is a Yanmar diesel that looks fairly new but we have not had it running. This is a project boat but with tremendous value due to the Stainless steel. It is hard to see as we have anchored it off to repair our docks. This is a great opportunity and must be paid for in cash and owner will receive a bill of sale and the original plans. We will not accept lower offers.
  22. mikewof

    Reparations for Slavery

    I read your post. It bored me. I gave your post wings that I now see it didn't earn.
  23. Diarmuid

    Learning to windsurf this weekend (Sanibel, FL)

    Definitely a steep learning curve. Tho understanding points of sail beforehand helps, so you can concentrate on balance. Nice to learn on a floater, so you don't have to water-start.
  24. mikewof

    Reparations for Slavery

    I admire your optimism, but I don't see slavery as being something in the past. It's here now. Peaceful and harmless people are imprisoned and enslaved for things like alcohol, weed, political dissent or even reading the wrong kind of poetry. Are those people in North Korea slaves or prisoners? Are those people in China slaves or prisoners? Are those people in the USA slaves or prisoners? We tend to say "they are prisoners" because we say "there is no economic incentive to keep them as slaves." But in reality, though we may not profit from the sweat of their brows, we do profit from the existence of their bodies. Enslaving people in prisons is undeniably good business. So the answer is more accurately, "some of them are prisoners and some of them are slaves." If you're in prison for raping a milk maiden and then raping the milk maiden's cow, then yeah, you're a fucking prisoner. Deal with it homey. But if you're in prison for selling someone a little crack rock or an ounce of weed, then yeah, you're a slave. It sucks, but that's what the United States of America did when we passed.the Thirteenth Amendment. We reserved the right to ensalve your sorry ass if you are too poor to afford pharmaceuticals and instead self medicate with weed or crack rock. And if you're too poor to afford to be able to break into pharmaceutical industry sales, and instead break into the street drug industry sales, then we're going to catch your ass running through the forest and we're going to release our robotic flying bloodhounds on you, and we're going to lock you in chains and we're going to sell your Black ass in court to the highest bidder. Your daddy may have given his life for this country in the line of duty, your grandmother may have given her life in public service working for the Federal Government, your great-grandaddy may have invented the peanut butter on General Eisenhower's sandwich, but now you're a slave. Sometimes I wonder what people thought when they first saw the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, and read this little gem ... ... except as a punishment for crime ... I can imagine some guy standing in front of the Woolworth when he read that. "So, slavery is illegal now, but it's still okay to sell someone in chains to the highest bidder if they get caught loitering or drinking from the wrong water fountain? Uh, is this actually an improvement?" And that's the single biggest reason that I oppose reparations. How can we have reparations when we still have slavery? Let's first get rid of slavery, then we can give the children of U.S. citizens who were enslaved by the prison industry, some reparations. They deserve it. The enslaved citizen gets to choose 1 or more beneficiary each, depending on size of family. Each beneficiary receives $20,000, half of which has to be donated to the 501(c)3 of their choice.
  25. you might ask on the forum
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