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  2. European Bloke

    Tokyo 2020

    I don't think I clearly made my point. The RYA in the UK would not believe that pissing around in some college/school programme, however poncy and corrupt the teacher/coach in charge is, is any way to prepare an Olympian sailor. I disagree with the RYA on many points, but I'd struggle in this case. What do the Kiwis and the Aussies do?
  3. I find it a problem if you try to market your product as a commercial seller in a post from an other design like this
  4. Groucho Marx

    Team NZ

    Irrelevant now that we sort of know the boom setup on the big Kiwi ... but Frog has some carbon reinforcing where the boom attaches to back of the D mast, also with angled down boom mainsheet loads don't feel excessive.
  5. HFC Hunter

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    Regina af Vindo. Classy discrete cruisers.
  6. eric1207

    H-Boat Renovation Project

    Bull, I realize you are there already, I hope you survived. FWIW, my wife and I, this go around, decided to heed the sage advice: "Would you rather your kids fly first class or you". So when we were told the up grade was "only" $560 we took about 5 seconds, and for the first time ever said "yes"! Man did that make a yuge difference.
  7. Salty Seacock

    Team NYYC

    Bear? I didn't realise he was gay. I'm kinda used to the effeminate gay types though in New Zealand we dont really get the classic hairy truck driver or steel worker gay men so much. I wonder if he likes amel nitrate.
  8. captainRCC

    OpenCPN for a tablet? Other option?

    Aqua Map implementation of AIS is far superior... I use Navionics only for sonarchart
  9. Salty Seacock

    Team NYYC

    175 years of excellence. Without fear of contradiction, the NYYC entry with American Magic brings additional credibility back to the Americas Cup. Emirates Team New Zealand winning AC35 brought a good amount of credibility back to this regatta after a period of foolish cooperation and bullying by Larry and his purchased buddies. So. What've we got? Prada are the party animals dressed impeccably. Ineos are a bunch of sad soap dodgers who take things a bit too serious. Still hurting from getting the BD from BDA. ETNZ are the innovative hosts who want a fair regatta but will always have something special. NYYC offer history and prestige. Their only tarnish is in their choice of Deano. Stars & Stripes are likely to be arrogant, slow and an also ran.
  10. random

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Fuck that, not going near that fucker. There are reasons we are being made to use it, and I don't like them.
  11. 3to1

    My Christmas Shopping list ( or how to get rid of AGITC)

    hideous. looks like a carnival amusement park ride from the 70's.
  12. European Bloke

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    I know we're only dreaming, but when I'm looking at those things I see the state of the sails, think about the replacement cost and wake up. That's before you get to the partially disassembled engine and the watermaker that's 'currently out of the boat'.
  13. d'ranger


    I find it sad that so many sailors could give a shit about the environment, if anyone should be aware of the changes that have already occurred it is us, in my many decades on the water I have seen some of these. If you think the coming changes will be good for you and your area you are either extremely fortunate or just kidding yourself. Of course since the average age of most posters is such we will be dead before the shit really hits the fan so not my problem.
  14. jack_sparrow

    Brexit, WTF

    The heat is being turned up. Give us Brexit plan in 12 days or ‘it’s over’: EU gives Boris Johnson ultimatum Immaculate timing as 12 days is the 30th and the 2nd day of Tory 4 day Conference in Manchester. Might throw a spanner into this No Deal gob fest.
  15. d'ranger

    Country Music Documentary

    So, watched episode 4 (going to pay for it later today) and was most impressed. Lots of music and interesting background I never knew, that Johnny Cash was never in prison and when he sang at San Quentin in the audience was Merle Haggard who was so moved he determined if he ever got out was going to be a country singer. Well done, may have to revisit the earlier episodes, but give this one 1953-1963 a big thumbs up.
  16. rh3000

    Team NYYC

    Yes yes! I was poking the bear that is stingers :-)
  17. d'ranger

    Climate news

    @toecutter aka LBwhatever: Congratulations on those well thought out snippets of wisdom. I must wonder just how much Koch you have swallowed, you know since 1991 they put something on the order of $127 million into funding "grass roots" denier groups, hijacked the TEA party to stop any legislation dealing with climate change, this after the 1989 speech by then VP HW Bush saying we can and we will do something to combat these changes. In the good ole USA the Republican party has toed the line about denying climate change, if they didn't the Koch brothers sent them home. You may be a thinker, a critical thinker you are not.
  18. ITA602

    Team NZ

    The sail just sweeps on the deck to enhance the boundary effect. The batten use is for that.
  19. Upp3


    Should link to this thread be removed from the front page also?
  20. Upp3

    Brexit, WTF

    No, they predicted 53-47 for remain. That is not a landslide imho.
  21. Indio

    Team NYYC

    Whenever and wherever the initials NYYC pop up, they are never an "unknown quantity". The Defender and CoR would have sat up and paid close attention when they received the Challenge from NYYC, appreciating the depth of resources, AC-history and sheer passion and commitment to returning the Cup to it's home for 132 years. The NYYC commands a lot of respect..
  22. Lakrass

    Team NYYC

    AM has done pretty well thus far. They were seen as the unknown quantity at first but I have been impressed by their operation and what they have come up with. Difficult to really label them as outsiders or lesser team longer. S&S is the only less than lesser team left. The other 3 challengers and the defender all have shown some positive at some stage to make their supporters cheer. Not enough boats and footage yet to pick a winning design/package at this stage, eagerly waiting for more.
  23. Today
  24. eric1207

    The Zombie Fleet

    Boeing used to test hydro foils on Lake Washington in the 1950s and early 60's. The huge "hull" was powered by a jet engine on a gantry structure 10 or 20 feet above the deck. Made a lot of noise and drew a lot of us kids to the water to marvel at it as it "flew" by at who knows how many knots, 50 maybe??? That wreck on the Columbia would be cool to poke around in sometime.
  25. Salty Seacock

    Team NZ

    I've got near 5 decades of sailing in Auckland waters behind me. March can be a mixed bag but let's assume that the average afternoon breeze is 12 knots gusting 16. These boats should foil easily in 12 knots of wind. They should be able to foil unwind and perform foiling tacks by then. The transition to foiling and displacement speed are married as the time to get up on the foils is dependent on the acceleration. With both arms in the water these things look like they're dragging sea anchors behind them. Yee who can transition fast and sail fast will be fast overall and take the Cup home for themselves. Let's just hope we dont have to watch these boats struggle unwind and fall off tacks constantly.
  26. The Q

    Show your boat sailing thread

    For the UK Blue= drinking standard water Green= Petrol (gas) ( older cans, still in use, Red) for a while Red was leaded, green was unleaded. Black = diesel
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