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  2. SF Woody Sailor

    Dip Pole Gybing Whisker Pole

    Excellent thoughts, thank you. That is our plan. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on one’s perspective) the reliable sea breeze here often means that we go from water-ski quality glass water to 14 knots from 225 magnetic in approximately 30 seconds at 12:03. The R/C knows this, obviously, which means the first gun is reliably at 12:15 with the drop marks already in position. Great, right?! In many respects yes. Efficient use of racing time. No competitors aimlessly motoring around bitching Except it leaves zero time, in prevailing breeze, to: check draft position in headsail, verify lead position, double check rig, including rake and back stay setup, starting line bias, etc. Forget about a half hour to do practice novel boat handling procedures. I do not expect that I shall gather enormous amounts of sympathy for having reliable weather and a crack R/C team in my venue.
  3. Bent Sailor

    Paul Krugman - Republican Abdication

    So you consider briefing McConnell to be on no impediment to Russian interference in the election... wow, we agree on something - Mitch would never have acted on that intelligence.
  4. jzk

    US dilutes UN rape-in-war resolution

    By that reasoning you should send all of your money to the UN. There are no shortage of horrible problems in this world, not the least of which is starving children. But you won't. Don't you care about the starving children?
  5. Alan Crawford

    Craigslist Finds

    It sure looks like a Lightning. I checked on the class website and, yes, 1938 was the first “strike”. Looks like quite the rebuild / restoration project. There may be some value IF the hull is really old, ie built in 1938 (assume the 1935 is a mistake). Some wooden Lightning expert could answer that question easily.
  6. 50 knots is very rare ? Not in the channels it isn't.
  7. WCB

    Craigslist Finds

    Agreed on the trailer, maybe the only good part.
  8. hoom

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    That definitely got pretty scary
  9. thereefgeek

    (Not) ugly dodger anarchy T-37

    Holy shit, 200 views and not a single response? Guess it's easier to talk shit on the dodgers you hate as opposed to the ones you like? Ok, wait. I'm in the midst of typing up a shit-talking thread about some blind old man who has delusions of sailing around the world that will surely garner the attention of the cubicle bound internet surfer whose charging his boss for time spent on on a specific project, when in reality, he's just sitting at his desk tugging it to SA. 'preciate the help...
  10. Mismoyled Jiblet.


    when I see a conservative railing against "liberal Stanford" or "liberal Berkeley" as many do here it's just stereotypes.
  11. Saorsa


    If you trust people why must you pass laws to force them to do things they don't want to do? Surely, a simple explanation of what is right should be sufficient.
  12. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    Paul Krugman - Republican Abdication

    Here's an example a zombie trust that soldiered on for a century (also a great puzzle for people who believe in efficient markets). The very very rich man who founded that trust and a bunch of other stuffs greatgrandchildren and greatgreatgrandchildren mostly still don't have to work.
  13. Fiji Bitter

    Annapolis Q's-survey etc.

    Right, a thread by a stinkpotter, no need to study that. At least he knew to post it in the correct forum. Move over there for more info, I would say.
  14. SVArcturus

    main sheet arch construction

    I think those are both things that can be accomplished with a rigid vang and a mainsheet to a central lead. While one can't really move the boom above the centerline, frankly, though I used to do that in my racing days, that's not a maneuver cruisers generally need.
  15. Windward

    What to do with old fiberglass boats?

    Mike, you are on a tear tonight. That Ginger Mary-Anne thing was gold. A+ And those produce boxes you get sent home with make for terrible moving boxes. Don't ask how I know... Best to spread them out as a weed barrier, wax and all.
  16. Russell Brown

    Gunboat 68

    I think that machined bearings are common at the points that take the loads. I have seen and used Delrin and UHMWP for these and they were simple CNC machined rectangular blocks (to fit inside a rectangular trunk) with the foil shape machined into it. Holding it into the trunk can be a challenge, but making the bearings fit the foil and trunk isn't hard. I don't know how it is done on the Gunboats, but the size and loads on those foils is pretty massive as it would be on any type of foils on any multihull of that size.
  17. jzk

    Xi and the new consumer in China

    Wow Bent, you are getting a little obsessed given that you claim to be ignoring me. A little disturbing really. You aren't going to start stalking me again, are you?
  18. Blitz

    what is it?

    Hey now I'm not in that bad a shape.
  19. fucket

    J Class Weight limits

    Not me. Learn to sail with five, get a junior sailor into keelboat racing or lose some fucking weight.
  20. mikewof


    There is something to this though, it's more than stereotypes. At the core of liberalism is trust. We trust people because we tend to have the intelligence to derive impure motives to basic needs, which are pure. At the core of Conservatism is doubt. They doubt because they tend to have the intelligence to see ulterior motives, even if the basic needs that create these ulterior motives are the same basic needs that the lefty sees. Christians carry the annoying holiness because they have faith that they are correct. We carry the annoying holiness because we have faith that we are correct. But the intersection is a really strange place. At least Conservative Christians get to live in a world of faith where they have the intelligence to see ulterior motive. And at least irreligious Lefties get to live in a world where we have the intelligence to reduce motive to basic need. We're different animals, but we have a symbiotic existence in this patch of water. But that intersection ... Liberal Christians and irreligious Conservatives ... those two groups have it really tough. The liberal Christians try to be like Jesus, but their faith requires some level of them ignoring scientific data. These people make fantastic neighbors, but it ain't easy to spend your life around Mary Poppins. And irreligious Conservatives, I can't even wrap my head around those guys. They're insanely intelligent, they tend not to like to spend too much time around people, they live their lives by a strict code that is usually so complex that they're the only ones who understand it.
  21. Gouvernail

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    @Otterbox if you were to re-title this thread, what would it be??
  22. You can click on the triangle next to “options “ below your post. Then click on “hide”
  23. SVArcturus

    main sheet arch construction

    I'm guessing you mean, for instance, effects of things like cored versus uncored on calculations. Yup. Thanks for the good wishes. Painting hull at the moment. Awlgrip can be a drag...but it lasts so well.
  24. sail(plane)

    SeaRail 19 Year 2 VLog

    Good story. The 2:1 halyard you mention is the mainsail halyard?
  25. mikewof

    What to do with old fiberglass boats?

    Glassphalt!!! I've heard that it's not really all that profitable either way, but I read an article where Donald Trump liked glassphalt because the road surface glitters so he had it installed around his hotels. It is really pretty when you see a glittery road like that, it makes you never want to see the regular unglittery road again.
  26. chinabald

    NFL 2018

    One of our Florida fans here was quite sure that Michigan would not have 2 guys drafted in the top 10. And he was right. It was 2 in the top 12. 18 picks in and no U of Florida players picked yet.
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