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  2. Gouvernail

    2019 Texas Centerboard Circuit!!!

    I asked the moderators to merge the threads... maybe. If I git it right
  3. Interesting thought. Frank Beathwaite wrote that boats are either looking for wind or have too much wind, seldom is the wind just right. Certainly that is the case in Eastern Long Island Sound where the summer wind is less than 7 knots. The kind of optimizing you suggest only works were the wind is just right. As far as boats "should be" correctly rated for small sail area, that is not how PHRF handicappers think. They are concerned with racers trying to game the system with oversized sails not smaller sails. They give credit for small jibs but the credit they give is half of what they penalize for larger jibs. Also, check with your local handicapper, not all PHRF regions allow staysails, and many have restrictions on their use. Another factor is that members of the handicap committee have been on the committee for 20 -30 years, at least in Eastern Long Island Sound. They sail boats, if they still sail, that are 20 -30 years old. They don't much like any boat that is newer than 20 years, especially those pesky sport boats and they are pretty sure that multi hulls are not really boats.
  4. I really, really hope that the Man U. and Chelsea Royal, and Crystal Palace teams all line up and moon the motherfucker in unison from both sides of the road.
  5. warbird

    Climate news

    ….and you are in a good position to explain to those however many billions that they can't have air conditioning or heat while you enjoy yours?
  6. Who are “the liberals??” Do you mean those who wouid like to consider new abortion restrictions? are you referring to the liberals who want to try changing Obamacare? are you referring to liberals who wouid like to try building some walls? liberalscwho want to try out new restrictions on Muslim immigration? To which group of people who would consider changing the status quo arevyou teferring??
  7. warbird

    Climate news

    97% of what scientists?
  8. Mrleft8

    Muslim victims vs Christian victims

    "Easter"? What does the name "Easter" mean to the truly informed Christian? "Easter" is a derivation of the festival of "Estrus". The festival of fertility. It has nothing to do with the crucifixion of Jesus, except that it's convenient. "Easter" is always on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Vernal Equinox..... It has nothing to do with Jesus. Fake Christians, with their fake indignity about fake offenses that were supposedly foisted upon them remind me of the Israelites, who, as they were being delivered from bondage, complained that god hadn't given them enough, so god gave them more, and still they complained, and so god said, fine, you will wander the deserts for the rest of your lives, except for the sons who did not complain, but they will suffer with you until the rest of you are dead. And still Christians, and Jews complain.... And they wonder why god allows this shit to happen..... Stop bitching, and be human.
  9. warbird

    Climate news

    You really have to rethink that statement. Water density and or gravity is different local to those islands?
  10. ryley

    Modified Columbia 30 info?

    yeah that displacement is suspect. I thought the lightest one was eXigent, which was Tim's personal boat and came in at something like 4800. I've always declared mine as 5500 and about 1650 for the ballast, but I have the iron keel, not the carbon and I've never had any of it weighed.
  11. Amati

    Sri Lanka next on the Hit list

    Fucking blaming! I fucking apologize!
  12. Bristol-Cruiser

    Xi and the new consumer in China

    The younger generation have the advantage of being younger. The history of China is a very long one and they tend to look in terms of generations or even centuries. There are so many unknowns in China's future - the impact of demographics, climate change and other environmental issues, what happens to the economy, impact of technological change.
  13. d'ranger

    Climate news

    I would rather and be more successful teaching my cat to sing than educate you. That goes for warbird also.
  14. warbird

    Climate news

    Your fucking "coastal cities" have had the increasing sea level data for fifty fucking years. Measurements started in the 1880s showed rising sea levels by about 1940 and through the fifties. DO NOT fall prey to the cities whining, they knew about rising sea levels even before global cooling.
  15. jzk

    Climate news

    $ 70 Trillion in 11 years, my climate clown friend. How do you think it is going to play out?
  16. wade hough

    cleaning vinyl rubrails?

    Thanks for the advice on 3M Vinyl conditioner and protector. Will pick some up next visit to the boat store.
  17. thereefgeek

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Vasectomy: Mic drop...
  18. Fiji Bitter

    Around the Americas with a chicken - Monique

    Strange doc, I always lay 2-3 eggs per week. And minimal 1 hen per week too, love it.
  19. I'll back that bet, and double it, whatever it was.
  20. Ohhhh The big cheese roll thing.....
  21. Navig8tor

    Drip Drip Drip

    So good to know he still shows such a keen sense of his priorities, given he has a nation to run.
  22. Cal20sailor

    Getting into solo/shorthanded racing

    Still cold. I appreciate you know boating and navigation. Still curious why Chicago? I have some stuff that might be helpful. PM me.
  23. Mrleft8

    Drip Drip Drip

    What would be really funny is if Trump actually showed up, and tried to fake his way through it..... That would be worth a mint!
  24. I want to see Putin vs Trump racing Palominos down the Suicide Race hill...... good stuff ~ 1:52 seconds
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