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  2. BobBill

    Craigslist Finds

    WCB, Was only referring to the 110. I really know nada re 210s, cept Hunt rigs and likely very similar and Hunt rigs were lightning fast, as I surmised the rest via my 110 times. Not surprised the keels are perm on 210s, either works for me but know the 110 was easier to launch and haul with lower boat...and I think they lost the classic bridge deck, when changed. The deck was very handy for me. When I first wetted my woody, after replacing the center 8' and the oak keel frames in tiny garage, (stern hung out the rear window,), Boat had snubber on bridge deck, which I replaced with a Clamcleat and Harken Hexes on port and starboard decks and later added trap wires (which was then pooh-poohed by the "Class" in Saginaw as "not in One-Design spirit etc, then later adopted....should have kept the bronze snubber. But I foolishly let it stay with boat.) I have a few stories about that rig. Pics on this sire somewhere... "First boat blues" hovers always. Alas, always wanted to sail a 210, but never really got close. Hunt boats were so keen. Only rig as simple, that I knew then was that of Luders 16s... Your duped numbers are fun...cannot recall the numbers on Rosi...maybe in the 500s?
  3. Ajax

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    As a former Coronado owner, I found this humorous and interesting.
  4. Jud - s/v Sputnik

    Jeanne Socrates - nonstop solo RTW 2018

    Someone else will have more detailed info to add, but I believe at least one source might be a ham operator in NZ (Peter) - Northland Radio. Have you checked her site? She might say there. I’d be curious to know too.
  5. I hardly go to the doctor as well. I also have never had my house burn down. I suspect that we both are subsidizing the repairs of someone's house that did burn down. Because no one should have to go bankrupt if their house burns down. That is why they should buy insurance. I notice that homeowners insurance and car insurance has gotten very affordable. I wonder why that is.
  6. Ajax

    The worst ideas on old boats:

    Early Sabres had their chainplates encapsulated in glass. That's one reason I steered clear of them.
  7. Steam Flyer

    Do you trust Barr?

    When he said Mueller said that there was "no evidence." What makes this especially stupid is that he said it right after quoting Mueller as saying "did not establish." There's an awful lotta smoke for not being a fire -DSK
  8. Put it this way..I've been paying a health care levy all of my working life..and for most of that working life I earned more than the average salary..Now,at 60, I'm a healthy woman..never had any hospitalisation or expensive tests..apart from two births. someone on a higher income than I, pays the same percentage of their income in health care..they on the other hand at 60, have had a hysterectomy, a triple bypass, three deliveries, a fractured femur and now sadly has liver cancer...who's subsidizing their health care?
  9. lostmydetailsagain

    Bella Mente Broke Their Rig......Again

    That picture from the boat captain up the rig is from before the race crew showed up and broke his toy... With regards to deflectors, especially top mast deflectors: they do carry a rating penalty, adjustment and maximum "in" varies from rig to rig, biggest gain is that modern sails do not allow for the mast bend range you were used to (so with a deflector you won't have to put checkstays on and/or add significant amount of stiffening laminate. The Bella rig had 2 sets of deflectors so that they could also oppose a staysail without requiring separate checkstays. Same rating impact as separate checks but should be less windage. Still, topmast breaking off is strange after what has been claimed with regards to trials etcetera but no 2 days are ever alike. Tube failures themselves are however very rare so one would expect some kind of rigging or fitting failure as the root cause. That said when they broke a rig on the JV72 (April 2014, also at St Barths...) there was an extensive investigation with a lot of people involved and the broken rig fully recovered and investigated. Conclusion then was "operating outside design limits": basically designed and built too far on the limit to allow for enough reserve when a lot of things happen at the same time on board.
  10. Israel Hands

    The worst ideas on old boats:

    What a beauty! Thanks for sharing
  11. If a group of shareholders wants to pool their own money and overpay a CEO, how does it hurt you? It is their loss. If it really bothers you, start a company, hire yourself as CEO, and drive them out of business.
  12. Then if you and your kids used an average amount of health care, you would be even. Your premise that they would be ahead is false. Now, if only there were "free" education, you wouldn't have to worry about that student loan either.
  13. Bus Driver

    Do you trust Barr?

    President Trump's team is preparing a rebuttal to a report that "totally exonerates" him.
  14. You are a fool. Spin that line as much as you like but it's a lie. Most universal health care systems work like a lottery system. Everyone pays in, some pay more in than others, but like a rather grim lottery the amount you "win" is up to fate.
  15. Ed Lada

    Internet Routers

    The modern world sucks. Even the top shelf pro tools cut a corner here and there (no pun intended). Back in the day, even a mid grade power tool could last a lifetime of normal use. Jesus, I am sounding old. "They just don't make things like they used to sonny."
  16. Almost on que Trumps next distraction to the Mueller drop. North Korea has demanded the removal of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo from nuclear talks, accusing him of "talking nonsense" and being "reckless". A senior foreign ministry official said that further talks would be "lousy" if Mr Pompeo was involved, asking that he be replaced by someone "more careful". It comes after North Korea said it had tested a new "tactical guided weapon". The test is the first since a February summit in Hanoi between the countries' leaders ended without an agreement. Mr Pompeo visited North Korea four times last year - including for a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Why is Pompeo so controversial? Last week, during a US Senate subcommittee hearing, Mr Pompeo was asked if he would agree with descriptions of Mr Kim as a "tyrant", he then responded: "Sure, I'm sure I've said that." This was met with a strong reaction from North Korean foreign ministry official Kwon Jong-gun, who said that Mr Pompeo "spouted reckless remarks, hurting the dignity of our supreme leadership... to unveil his mean character". Mr Kwon also blamed Mr Pompeo for the abrupt ending to the Hanoi summit. What to make of the Hanoi summit collapse? On Thursday, he said that if Mr Pompeo were to be involved in further talks, "the table will be lousy once again and the talks will become entangled". "Even in the case of possible resumption of dialogue with the US, I wish our dialogue counterpart would not be Pompeo but... [another] person who is more careful and mature in communicating with us," Mr Kwon said, according to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA). During discussions in Pyongyang in July, Mr Pompeo was condemned for his "gangster-like" insistence that the country move towards denuclearisation. Testing a 'new weapon' State media has given few details on Thursday's reported test of a new "tactical guided weapon", but analysts say it is unlikely to be a return to the long-range missile tests seen as a threat to the US. According to KCNA, the test was overseen by Mr Kim himself. It said the test was "conducted in various modes of firing at different targets", which analysts believe means the weapon could be launched from land, sea or air. Most timely, contrived, probably. Nothing to see here, oh look a squirrel !
  17. Lets not forget about entertainer pay. I think we need to cancel the Ellen show and retire LeBron. They have already made as much money as anyone should be allowed to make.
  18. Ed Lada

    Notre Dame is burning to the ground

    Good luck in Venice, it is almost impossible to avoid crowds there, the city is just too small for the amount of visitors. Especially in the summer. Those who have never been there until recent years will never know how truly magical that city was when not overwhelmed by the unwashed hordes. It is still magical but extremely annoying which takes a lot of the magic out of it. By the way, just spend the money and ride on a gondola. Usually they offer to take you down the Grand Canal or on the smaller quieter small canals. I think the smaller canals is a better trip and viewing the city from water level is an entirely different experience. And you largely avoid people contact although of course there will be other boats in the canals.
  19. If only you could have gotten someone else to pay your bills, you would be so much better off now.
  20. Plenty of places sell expensive food if it makes you feel better to spend more.
  21. jzk

    Reparations for Slavery

    This one is fresh water. Zincs are fine. But very good point. The zincs on my boat in Florida go quickly. Especially the engine zincs.
  22. he b gb

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2019

    Thanks, nice preview Pete. Is Rontadjuju actually doing the race? Anybody doing any video of the start?
  23. he b gb

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2019

    Wow, so Crusies gone overboard in 2 Gladies, what a legend!
  24. Ed Lada

    Notre Dame is burning to the ground

    Poland has very sandy soil so Pine trees are the most common tree here, I am quite tired of seeing them actually, I have 5 of them in my back yard. Birch trees appear here and there and groves of Beech trees aren't unusual. The Beech trees here are quite straight and tall and don't branch until a ways up. Acacia, Oak and a few Maples round out the majority of the trees here but Pine by far is the most common. We had a local carpenter here make the stairs, he did a great job. After 9 years they are solid and not a squeak to be heard. I love the opposing, subtle curves on the stringers.
  25. lostmydetailsagain

    Brexit, WTF interesting viewpoint, I found, of how the backstop was introduced and how the UK had almost as a whole underestimated what all would be required. I mean the Irish started prep for Brexit in 2014 including the "No Deal" that is about 4 years ahead of UK itself... And haven't fact-checked Having skimmed the link from @Waynemarlow of the ERG document (thanks, hadn't seen it pop-up in my news feeds back when issued), it actually advocates checks outside of N.I. (something that is also proposed in W.A.), alignment in rules and regulations (again, the way I read it, in the W.A.). Globally, ERG and EU-UK want the same just in different words. Feels a bit like two people in the car and there is a bend in the road coming up with 1 option: "turn right" and "not go straight" but because the words are different for the same result ERG won't agree to the "turn right" because whilst you would stay on the road and be able to continue on it is not in your words... Happy for you to show where I'm wrong in that @Waynemarlow (honestly) as that is what this thread has been like for 90% (best guess) of the time: multiple sources and viewpoints that break the bubble from the free "news"-websites that fit within my surrounding. Note, because Guardian and Independent are free sources they have much more links than for instance the Times or Sun where there are paywalls. This, I admit, of course colours the viewpoint from an outsider. And to restate my position: Have lived in UK, now back in continental EU Still have professional and personal connections with UK Understand unhappiness with EU (not even close to perfect) But like a democracy, I'm struggling for a better alternative so I would have never been able (if I was allowed) to vote leave Euro is not EU & EU is not Euro Struggling to understand why parlement would be so unprepared and dishonest Always was clear EU required "divorce" to be settled first, no point worrying about future (and yes, that should not have been that hard as per "leavers" catchphrases Future relationship is like most other international treaties: damn hard work and would have required minimum 18 months I would have thought UK has always been instrumental in achieving the EU international deals meaning that EU will never get a worse deal than anyone else 52% of less than 100% of voters does not constitute "a clear mandate", it does send a clear signal about unhappiness with the status quo. Therefore I don't understand the "clear mandate"-claim and/or why a second poll (intermittent elections was still well before the impact was known) is such a sticking point. The Japanese carmakers reducing (or not investing) in further production of their models in UK is not just because of Brexit, I agree: fewer diesel sales contribute significantly as does the Japen-EU trade deal. And that deal itself (thanks to UK negotiators) means EU will always have a better deal for them than any third party with Japan. I cannot believe Brexit in itself is costing the UK all the money and influence. US and EU have plenty of interaction on an economic level or with holiday makers. THe uncertainty however...
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